• How to Tape your Knees like Rafael Nadal

    Do you suffer from knee pain due to Patella Tendonitis? Champion Rafael Nadal has been plagued by Patella Tendonitis in the past and gets relief by using a Patella Tendon taping technique. How can Patella Tendon taping help Patella Tendonitis? Patella Tendon taping applies a compression force to the tendon which reduces its girth. This … Read more

    Patella Tendinopathy and Treatment

    Rest, Surgery or a Combination – What Cures Patella Tendon Problems? Dr Richard Steadman is the Colorado-based knee specialist who successfully treated Alan Shearer and Ronaldo when they were suffering from problems with their patella tendon. The American orthopaedic specialist has built a brilliant reputation by helping these high profile stars return from a condition … Read more