• How to Relieve Knee Arthritis with Exercise

    Do you Suffer with Pain from Knee Arthritis? The symptoms of knee arthritis, such as knee joint pain, stiffness, restriction of movement and a creaking noise known as ‘Crepitus’ can severely affect everyday activities such as stair climbing and gardening. Knee Arthritis can severely reduce quality of life to such a degree that knee replacement … Read more

    Mike Banks

    We caught up with the man in the Physio Room at Chelsea FC. Mike Banks is one of the longest serving and most respected physios in football. He’s worked with the likes of Glenn Hoddle, Ruud Gullitt, Luca Vialli and now Claudio Ranier over the past few years, during Chelsea’s most successful period since their … Read more

    How to Tape your Knees like Rafael Nadal

    Complete Guide to Patella Tendon Taping How to Tape your Knees like Rafael Nadal Do you suffer from knee pain due to Patella Tendonitis? Champion Rafael Nadal has been plagued by Patella Tendonitis in the past and gets relief by using a Patella Tendon taping technique. How can Patella Tendon taping help Patella Tendonitis? Patella … Read more

    How to Treat Sprains Strains & Bruises

    Sports Injury Treatment The most common sports injuries are bruises, muscle strains and ligament sprains. This sports injury treatment guide is intended to provide information to help the injured recreational athlete understand the first of three stages in the process of healing sports injuries – inflammation – and the treatments available to minimise the time … Read more

    Complete Guide to Taping & Strapping

    Introduction There is a vast array of different taping methods that can be used for problems with different anatomical locations. The exact application of each technique may be different depending on the reasoning process of the person who applied the tape. Because of the scant scientific evidence on this area and because each individual is … Read more

    A Guide to Warming Up

    What is a warm up? A warm up is intended to raise body temperature and prepare a player physiologically and psychologically to compete. Research has suggested that the optimum duration of the warm up period, before flexibility or functional activities are undertaken, is between 15 and 20 minutes. The warm up should gradually increase in … Read more

    Prevent Injuries With Expert Stretching Advice

    Stretching Guide

    It has long been suggested that performing a warm up and a cool down before and after sporting activity can help reduce the incidence of injury and promote recovery following training and matches. Central to these practices is improving flexibility through stretching. Here, we guide you through the science of stretching, explain the various techniques … Read more