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Bad Knees asks: "I work as a firefighter and have chronic Patellar Tendonitis. I'm a 34 year old weekend warrior as well (basketball mostly, biking, running, etc). My knees hurt from just daily activities. I take NSAIDs and haved applied ice 1 - 2 times each day for about 2 weeks with no relief. I have not played any ball either. What can I do for cardio that will not worsen my knee condition and what type of silf-therapy/rehab can I do to strengthen my knees?"
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Sarah in Mirfield, England asks: "I have a condition called subluxing patella. I also have a torn meniscus cartilage. My problem is not due to an injury as I have been able to 'dislocate or sublux' my knee from an early age. Over the past five years this has got extremely worse (it also comes with a very loud cracking sound). My knee will dislocate anything from 15-30 times a day. I have Hypermobility syndrome although I have no other real problems but the knee. My knee is totally unstable, and restricts everything I do. I have some questions about this and was hoping you could help."
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Ashley in England asks: "I recently had an operation after breaking part of my Tibia in the ankle. I have had two pins placed into the bone. The injury was to the inside of my ankle and I have now had a cast on for 3 weeks. I am due to have another cast put on next week. I understand it is normal for a cast to stay on for about 8 weeks depending on how well the bone fuses. The doctor said the best physio would be to move my foot around myself and get the joint functional again. As a keen footballer I just wanted to know whether you have dealt with cases like this before and the time scale involved in building my ankle back to full strength and the best techniques for that."
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