• Dr Mark Myerson Biography – Orthopedic & Medical Director

    Mark S. Myerson, M.D. is the renowned Orthopedic and Medical Director for The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland. Dr Myerson is one of the world’s foremost experts on foot and ankle reconstruction and injury. He has pioneered surgical techniques that have revolutionised the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of … Read more

    Surgery and Rehabilitation issues for ACL injuries

    Introduction Factors that contribute to arthrofibrosis Grafting techniques Rehab following contralateral patellar tendon grafting ACL rupture incidence in females ACL rehabilitation program Factors that Contribute to Arthrofibrosis What are the factors that contribute to arthrofibrosis following ACL reconstruction and which measures can counteract this? “We define arthrofibrosis as any symptomatic loss of extension or flexion … Read more

    An Update on Tendinopathies

    Professor Maffulli has had more than 300 articles published in peer reviewed journals on various aspects of trauma and orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine and sports traumatology. One of his clinical specialties is the treatment of overuse tendon conditions. Here he brings clarity to an historically confusing condition and in doing so explains logical treatment plans … Read more

    A Career as a Chartered Physiotherapist

    If you have an interest in a career in physiotherapy, it is important to be aware that professional sport is only one area that chartered physiotherapists practice. Most chartered physiotherapists work as part of a healthcare team in different situations, such as: Care of the Elderly Usually in a hospital setting, working to maintain mobility … Read more

    Factors Affecting Subsequent ACL Injury After Reconstruction

      Dr Donald Shelbourne pioneered the contralateral ACL reconstruction for torn anterior cruciate ligaments (using the Patella tendon of the ‘good’ knee as the ACL graft) and developed the accelerated ACL reconstruction rehabilitation protocol. Here he outlines the most recent data regarding ACL injuries to either knee (the ‘good’ and operated knees) after ACL reconstruction … Read more

    Articular Cartilage Paste Grafting – Expert Treatments

    During the last ten years Dr Stone and his colleagues, at The Stone Foundation for Sports Medicine and Arthritis Research, have been using a pioneering technique for Articular Cartilage Transplantation. This procedure is appropriate for patients who have focal areas of damage to the articular cartilage of the knee joints. Often, this damage represents the … Read more

    Introduction: Australian Cricket Team Injuries on Tour

    John Orchard is a sports physician and sports injury researcher based in Sydney, Australia. He is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Dr Orchard is Medical Director for the Sydney Roosters Rugby League Football Club. He is Injury Survey Co-ordinator for … Read more

    Hip Arthroscopy & Acetabular Labrum Tears: Expert Treatment

    Richard N Villar MB BS BSc(Hons) MA MS FRCS, is a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hip and knee conditions. Mr Villar works at Adenbrookes Hospital and The Cambridge Lea Hospital, Cambridge, UK. He has played a major role in the development of hip arthroscopy. His world renowned expertise in this new technique has … Read more