• Top 5 Women’s Sports Injuries

    Women’s sports participation, as in men, produces numerous health advantages including improved cardiovascular fitness, better weight control, increased self esteem and improved bone density. However just like sporting males, there is a risk of sports injury in sporting females. Female U.S college athletes have been reported to have twice the rate of injury in soccer … Read more

    Common Rugby Injuries | Rugby Injury Treatments

    Rugby Injuries PhysioRoom rugby injuries channel is an excellent free resource to help you prevent and recover from rugby injuries. Our sports medicine experts present the latest research based evidence into the changing profile of injury in rugby to help you understand more about your injury and how to return to fitness.

    Running Injuries | Running Injury Prevention & Treatment

    Running Injuries Running is a relatively low injury risk sport, but there is a danger of overuse injuries in distance runners who follow a high mileage training programme. PhysioRoom Running Injuries channel explains the latest advances in sports injury treatment for common running injuries such as runners knee (ilio tibial band friction syndrome), shin splints … Read more

    Badminton Injuries Introduction

    Recover From Common Sports Injuries in Badminton PhysioRoom are proud to regularly supply badminton players with a wide selection of products that can help them in both healing and preventing badminton-related injuries. Whether you have sprained your ankle whilst twisting and turning on the court, or have developed tennis elbow over playing badminton for a … Read more

    Common Boxing Injuries | Injury Treatments & Supplies

    Common Boxing Injuries Although many perceive Boxing to be quite a brutal and dangerous sport medical evidence has shown that compared to other contact sports boxing is relatively safe. Indeed in 1996 the National Safety Council accident report ranked amateur boxing 23rd on its list of injury-producing sports and rated it the safest of all … Read more

    What is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

    Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in basic terms is pain in the knee cap and lower part of the thigh and this is a result of too much stress being placed on these areas of the body. This stress causes the knee cap to become misaligned; it should slide against a specific track on the thigh known … Read more