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Whiplash, wry neck and slipped discs in the neck are common neck injuries. Neck injury symptoms include neck pain, a stiffness, neck muscle spasm and referred pain to the arm and fingers. Physiotherapy treatment and advice is extremely effective in the treatment and prevention of such pain.

Whiplash, or to give it the correct medical term ‘Whiplash Associated Disorder’ (WAD), is often due to the trauma of a car accident, although it may occur as a sports injury in some cases. Many people with whiplash claim that they have no neck pain immediately after the traumatic incident, but neck pain and neck stiffness develop around 24 hours after the accident due to ligament damage, joint inflammation and muscle strains in the neck.

Most neck pain is due to poor posture and overuse during work related activities. Inadequate neck support while working at a computer workstation can lead to neck related headaches, slipped disc in the neck and eventually arthritis of the neck. Neck pain prevention strategies and workstation set up advice from a physiotherapist are featured at the bottom of this page in our content section. Physiotherapy treatment for neck pain includes massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, exercise therapy and advice on how to treat your own neck pain.

Common Signs & Symptoms
Condition Pain Swelling Stiffness Weakness Instability Locking
Broken Neck (Cervical Fracture)
Slipped Disc in Neck (Cervical Disc Prolapse)      
Stiff Neck (Wry Neck)
(Acute Torticollis)
Whiplash (Whiplash Associated Disorder - WAD)      

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