Sports Injury Case Studies

Find out how high profile elite athletes have overcome the adversity of injury and successfully returned to their physically demanding sports, and what you can do to help your own recovery from injury.

Get Ready For Winter Sports With medi

Get Ready For Winter Sports With medi

Knowing your risks is the best way to get prepared
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Introducing: The medi Winter Sports Range

Medi Winter Sports Range

Injury proof your winter sports holiday with medi.
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Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie

The secret to Robin van Persie's injury-free success?
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Andy Murray's A60 Ankle Support

Andy Murray

Ankle Injury?
Find out how Andy Murray copes with chronic ankle problems.

Paul Karabardak's Wrist Arthritis

Paul Karabardak

Do you suffer from arthritis?
Find out how Paul Karabardak is looking after his injury and what others with arthritis should do to treat the complaint.

Anthony Ogogo's Dislocated Shoulder Injury

Anthony Ogogo

Have you had surgery for a dislocated shoulder?
Find out how Anthony Ogogo is looking after this injury and what others with a dislocated shoulder should do to quicken the recovery process.

Wayne Rooney's Metatarsal Injury

Wayne Rooney

Are you suffering from a foot fracture?
Find out how Wayne Rooney overcame this injury and used a removable plastic cast to speed his recovery.

John Terry's Herniated Disc Injury

John Terry

Have you had surgery for a disc problem?
Find out how John Terry overcame this injury and what those with disc problems can do to aid recovery.

Thierry Henry's Sciatica Injury

Thierry Henry

Are you suffering from Sciatica?
Find out how Thierry Henry overcame this injury and how back exercises enhance rehabilitation.

Olly Barkley's Sprained Thumb Injury

Olly Barkley's Thumb Injury

Have you hurt your thumb playing rugby?
Find out how Olly Barkley overcame this injury and how to protect the thumb from injury.

Freddie Ljungberg's Calf Muscle Strain Injury

Freddie Ljungberg

Are you suffering from a Calf muscle injury?
Find out how Freddie Ljungberg overcame this injury and how calf supports aid prevention and rehabilitation.

Lydia Ierodiaconou's ACL Knee Injury

Lydia Ierodiaconou's Knee Injury

Have you damaged your knee while skiing?
Find out how Australian Freestyle Skier Lydia Ierodiaconou overcame two ACL ruptures and how knee braces can protect against injury.