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There is a vast array of different taping methods that can be used for problems with different anatomical locations. The exact application of each technique may be different depending on the reasoning process of the person who applied the tape. Because of the scant scientific evidence on this area and because each individual is different, there is no truly 'correct' method of applying tape, as each patient has a different problem.

If the tape is being applied by a Chartered Physiotherapist then a thorough examination of the problem would have been undertaken, with the clinician then applying the tape with the aim of limiting unwanted movement at a joint or offloading specific anatomical structures where a weakness has been identified. Because there are a huge number of structures that could require support there is no single definitive taping technique. Therefore, the taping featured in this guide provides an outline only, with a degree of improvisation necessary for each specific problem.

The guide reviews the published evidence on the effectiveness of taping in sports medicine, followed by a step-by-step practical guide to some of the taping techniques that are commonly used in soccer.

2 Effectiveness of Taping