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A Career as a Chartered Physiotherapist

Studying to be a Chartered Physiotherapist

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Studying to be a Chartered Physiotherapist >
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How do I study to be a chartered physiotherapist?

There are three main routes:

  • Full Time Programmes
    It takes three or four years of full-time study to become a chartered and state registered physiotherapist. This includes a large amount of study in your own time, and lengthy clinical placements that may not necessarily be in your university area. The course is extremely demanding and requires a substantial commitment to study.

  • Part Time Programmes
    There are a number of part-time physiotherapy programmes in the UK. A few of these programmes have been set up primarily for physio assistants who would like to train as chartered physiotherapists.

  • Accelerated Programmes
    There are a number of accelerated physiotherapy programmes in the UK offering licence to practice physiotherapy. Applicants who have already obtained a degree in a relevant discipline such as a biological science, psychology or sports science, (first class or upper second class honours graduates), may be eligible to study for an accelerated Masters degree programme. Upon successful completion, graduates will be eligible to apply for state registration and membership of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Required Qualifications >