• Broken Wrist (Colles Fracture) Injury Guide


    What is a Colles Fracture? A broken wrist is common following a fall on an outstretched hand. A Colles fracture is a fracture of the radius bone of the forearm, just above the wrist (a Scaphoid fracture is the other common type of wrist fracture). Symptoms include a great deal of wrist pain, a “dinner … Read more

    Paul Karabardak’s Wrist Arthritis

    Do you suffer from arthritis? Find out how Paul Karabardak is looking after his injury and what others with arthritis should do to treat the complaint. The Injury British Paralympic Table Tennis player Paul Karabardak developed progressive wrist arthritis after a series of falls while training for the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Describing the injury, Karabardak … Read more