• Jack McIntosh on Diet

    As part of our series following World’s Strongest Man competitor Jack McIntosh we decide to get our teeth around that all important diet.

    The stats on Jack





    Kendal, Lake District




    23 Stone







    Diet Special


    As a strength athlete how important is your diet?

    It? very important. It helps with recovery and development during training. It? also gives me fuel and energy. I have carb days and low carb days which is good for all round balance.

    Remind us how many calories you eat a day?


    What? your typical daily diet plan?

    Meal 1 – 7am

    Fillet steak, 2 eggs, 50g mixed nuts.

    Meal 2 – 10am

    250g chicken breast, green beans with 200g sweet potato or an avocado.

    Meal 3 – 1pm

    250g steak burger, green beans, 200g rice or mixed nuts.

    Meal 4 – 3.30pm

    Same as Meal 2.

    Meal 5 – 6pm

    Salmon fillet, broccoli, 200g rice or mixed nuts

    Meal 6 – 10pm

    Same as Meal 3.

    Meal 7 – 10pm – 10.30pm

    Kasein, protein shake, two teaspoons of peanut butter and green powder.

    Do you ever feel hungry?

    My body’s used to the routine so after a few hours I? ready to eat again. It? usually about three hours.

    How often do you go food shopping?

    When I go to the butchers I buy in bulk so I get around 70-80 chicken breasts at a time, 10 steaks for a week and 40-50 steak burgers – and that? just the butchers! I go to the supermarket about twice a week.

    What do you eat when you’re not training? Does your diet change?

    Not really no. It stays the same as my body needs it. It does get more relaxed or stricter towards competitions. I? a bit OCD about it in general!

    Do you ever get bored of eating the same meals?

    I do get bored but you can change the cooking method and seasoning as well as your sources of protein like salmon or chicken.

    Do you have a favourite place to eat out?

    I love Nandos!

    Today’s Recommended Product


    Tens machine

    I use a tens machine for tendonitis in my hamstring to boost the blood flow to this area to help quicken recovery.

    Today’s Weight Lifting Fact

    Contrary to the myth muscle does not turn into fat if you stop lifting weights.

    Today’s Food Fact

    Jack buys up to 80 chicken breasts at a time from the butcher. If he ate this quantity every week for an entire year that would amount to the consumption of 4,160 chicken breasts (Nandos will be pleased!)

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