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british journal of sports medicine British Journal of Sports Medicine
An international journal featuring the latest advances in research and clinical practice.
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  the american journal of sports medicine The American Journal of Sports Medicine
The official publication of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.
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joint bone spine journal Joint Bone Spine
Joint Bone Spine gives priority to medical and basic science studies pertaining to the many facets of rheumatology.
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  elsevier physical therapy in sport journal Physical Therapy in Sport
A peer-reviewed journal for sports medicine professionals, covering topics dealing with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.
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Elsevier current orthopaedics sports injuries journal Current Orthopaedics
Presents a unique collection of international review articles summarizing the current state of knowledge and research in orthopaedics.
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  Elsevier the foot journal The Foot
An international peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of medical and surgical treatment of the foot.
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Elsevier bodywork and movement therapies journal Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
Brings you the latest therapeutic techniques and current professional debate.
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  Elsevier the knee journal for knee injuries The Knee
An international journal publishing studies on the clinical treatment and fundamental biomechanical characteristics of this joint.
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Elsevier manual therapy journal Manual Therapy
A valuable resource tool for all those engaged in the many diverse aspects of manual therapy.
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  Elsevier journal of injury Injury
An international journal dealing with all aspects of trauma care and accident surgery.
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Elsevier journal of science & sports Science & Sports
Updates on medical, scientific and applied technical research in the different fields of sports and physical activities.
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  Elsevier the spine journal The Spine
The official journal of The North American Spine Society - a multidisciplinary journal of spinal disorders.
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Elsevier journal of Clinical Biomechanics Clinical Biomechanics
An international multidisciplinary journal of musculoskeletal biomechanics.
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  Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
An international journal specialsing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
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Elsevier journal: Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine
The latest surgical advancements and developments.
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