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Core Strengthening Programme Designed by Experts | Physio Room

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What is the Core Strengthening Programme?

The Core Strengthening Programme is an exercise programme that aims to improve stabilisation and support to the spine. This is achieved by re-training specific trunk muscles, which may be under used. Faulty movement patterns occur as larger muscles have to try and stabilise the core, compromising their functional role in movement.

Once these stabilising muscles have been re-trained the muscles of the arms and legs will have a more stable base to work from. This allows you to carry out arm and leg movements with more control and strength and is thought to improve the quality of your movement.

How will it help during sport?

  • It will provide more support for your back and may reduce the risk of back injuries.
  • It will provide a more stable base for arm and leg movements, improving the control and quality of your movements.
  • It will improve your muscular co-ordination during movement.
  • As the stabilising muscles gain more endurance you will be able to perform movements without your technique deteriorating excessively, due to fatigue, further reducing the risk of injury.
  • Your ability to hold off opponents in contact sports should improve.

Programme Overview

The programme is broken down into stages and must be completed step by step. You should not progress to the next stage until you have mastered the exercises of the previous stage. If the exercises feel too easy to begin with it is likely that the larger muscles are being used as compensation for the weaker deep muscles. It is vital to get the basics correct and feel the smaller muscles working so that faulty movement patterns are not adopted.

The stages are:

  • Stage 1
    Learn to contract the deep muscles which stabilise the spine. At first this takes quite a bit of concentration. Each individual will master this at their own pace. There is no set time, but perseverance is the key.
  • Stage 2
    Increase the endurance capacity of the deep stabilising muscles of the spine, by practicing to contract them in different situations for as long as you can and gradually adding larger movements whilst keeping the core strong. This will become easier with practice.
  • Stage 3
    Begin arm and leg movements whilst contracting the deep stabilising muscles of the spine. This will be slow and controlled at first to ensure the movement pattern is ingrained.
  • Stage 4
    Progress to the core strengthening exercises and more functional movements, while contracting the deep stabilising muscles.

    Stage 1: Contracting Deep Muscles