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Factors Affecting Subsequent ACL Injury After ACL Reconstruction, Conclusions

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Factors Affecting Subsequent ACL Injury After ACL Reconstruction


1 Introduction >
2 Introduction to ACL injury and Intercondylar Notch Width >
3 Intercondylar Notch Width and Ligament Size >
4 Intercondylar Notch Width and Height, Weight and Sex >
5 Current Data Regarding Subsequent ACL injury after ACL Reconstruction >
6 Conclusions
7 References >

The incidence of ACL tears is related to ACL size, which can be predicted by measuring the intercondylar notch width. On average, women have narrower intercondylar notches than men, even when they are of equal body size. People with narrow notches have a higher incidence of tearing the ACL in the contralateral normal knee after ACL reconstruction than people with wide notches.

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