• Interview With Dave Fevre

    After working as the physiotherapist to the Great Britain Rugby League team for several years, Dave Fevre became the chief physiotherapist at Manchester United FC, during the club’s dominant period of the mid-nineties. After contributing to the success of United’s historic treble winning season in 1999, Dave’s highly sought after skills were secured by Blackburn Rovers.

    Name: Dave Fevre
    Born: 1963

    Where did you train and when?

    “Salford School of Physiotherapy, 1980 – 1983.”

    Have you completed any other courses that are relevant to treating sports injuries?

    “MSc in Sports Physiotherapy. Continuing Professional Development of 50 hours + each year, for the past ten years.”

    How long have you worked in professional football?

    “Twelve years.”

    Where did you work before getting a job in professional football?

    “Chartered Physiotherapist for Leigh, Wigan and the Great Britain Rugby League teams. Superintendent Physiotherapist at Fairfield Hospital, St Helens and Superintendent Physiotherapist at Beaumont Hospital, Bolton.”

    The pace of Premiership matches seems to get faster each season. Do you think this has had an effect on the frequency and type of injuries that you treat?

    “In both the acute and chronic injuries I feel that any increase is due to the demands of the modern game, both in the intensity of training and matches, as well as there still being a lack of coach education relating to causes of injury. “

    With international tournaments and competitions, like the Intertoto Cup, the top players are playing virtually all year. Do you think the Premiership should consist of fewer teams and incorporate a winter break like the rest of Europe?

    “Will this ever be possible due to the financial implications of fewer matches? Yes to the question in the ideal world.”

    New laws over the past few years have targetted dangerous play such as the tackle from behind. From a physios point of view what one thing about the game would you like to see changed?

    “The referees making decisions on when a medical person may enter the field of play when a player is injured.”

    What’s the worst injury you’ve had to deal with on the pitch?

    “Rugby league injury – total dislocation of the knee joint, with complete ruptures of MCL, ACL and PCL, with the patella sat in the popliteal fossa (that’s the knee cap round at the back of the knee – Ed).”

    And the funniest incident?

    Too many (and too many famous names involved!)”

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