• Rob Swire

    As the Chief Physiotherapist at Manchester United, Rob Swire is the man that the likes of Giggs, Beckham, Veron et al turn to when they have injury problems. Rob has been at United since the early nineties and during that time the team has dominated English football.

    Name: Rob Swire

    Born: 1965

    Where did you train and when?

    “Salford School of Physiotherapy, 1982-85.”

    Have you completed any other courses that are relevant to treating sports injuries?

    “Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Injury, Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunction and Manual Therapy and an MSc in Sports and Exercise Science.”

    How long have you worked in professional football?

    “Twelve years.”

    Where did you work before getting a job in professional football?

    “Private sports injury clinic.”

    With international tournaments and competitions, like the Intertoto Cup, the top players are playing virtually all year. Do you think the Premiership should consist of fewer teams and incorporate a winter break like the rest of Europe?

    “With our club regularly competing in Europe and with many international players it would be of benefit to have less Premiership games. Clubs in different circumstances would have different needs and may want more league games – we need to find a balance. It would help our clubs to perform better in Europe with less league games. If performing well in Europe is a priority this should lead to all clubs accepting less games. A winter break would be a definite advantage for our club.”

    How do you overcome the communication difficulties when treating some of the foreign players who don’t speak much English?

    “We would use interpreters where necessary.”

    New laws over the past few years have targetted dangerous play such as the tackle from behind. From a physios point of view what one thing about the game would you like to see changed?

    “A stricter interpretation of intent. A bad tackle that misses a player, or the player jumps out of the way, should be punished the same as if it contacted the player.”

    What’s the worst injury you’ve had to deal with on the pitch?

    “A knee injury that caused a rupture of three ligaments, the meniscus and one hamstring tendon. He is still playing now, seven years later.”

    And the funniest incident?

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