• Donald Shelbourne Biography – Orthopedic Surgeon

    Dr K Donald Shelbourne, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon at The Shelbourne Clinic at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a pioneer of orthopaedic surgery and his techniques have revolutionized the treatment of ACL injuries. In years gone by, the ACL injury may have spelt the end of a soccer career but, today, those players who return to action after an ACL rupture will do so through the utilization of Shelbourne’s methods.

    His specialties include orthopaedic and arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, knee ligament reconstruction and rehabilitation. He also pioneered the contralateral ACL reconstruction for torn anterior cruciate ligaments and developed the accelerated ACL reconstruction rehabilitation protocol.

    Dr Shelbourne’s practice began in 1982 and includes clinic, surgery, therapy and a research department. He has focused his research towards advancing the surgical treatment and rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. He has performed more than 4000 ACL reconstructions and closely monitors his patients’ progress and results. This information is shared through the publication of over 150 journal articles and 40 book chapters.

    Through his ongoing research, Dr. Shelbourne is able to provide up-to-date treatment and rehabilitation methods for patients world-wide. In 1994, Dr. Shelbourne began performing ACL reconstruction using the patellar tendon graft from the non-injured (contralateral) knee. This advancement in treatment offers patients the ability to rehabilitate their knee faster with more predictable results. Over 2000 patients have undergone this procedure and most athletes return to their desired sport by 3 months after surgery.


    The Shelbourne Clinic at Methodist Hospital
    1815 N. Capitol Ave STE 530
    IN 46202
    Tel: + 1 888 349 5633

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