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Muscle Stimulators

Discover the world of Compex, recommended by athletes and professional physiotherapists. Muscle stimulators use intelligent electro pulse technology to work the body during both exercise and rest. Made with athletes in mind products by Compex are designed to greaten the challenge of a training program, prevent injuries, quicken recovery from injury, provide pain management and more. Easy to use and compact, these personal fitness coaches can be taken with you whenever you exercise.

The Compex Wireless is the most advanced of our electro-muscle stimulators. Combining state of the art technology with designer looks, this hassle free wireless device allows for a limitless workout that will improve your resistance, strength, body tone, and also massage, treat muscle pulls, oxygenise and boost circulation. These are just some of the benefits of this incredible device which is fully customisable.

The Compex Energy gives sports enthusiasts the maximum benefits from their workouts by using muscle intellegence technology to actively train the areas of the body you desire. Use to build muscle, firm the body, improve blood circulation, as TENS pain management, massage and more.

Perform better than before with Compex Mi-Sport. This smart EMS product is ideal for walkers, cyclists and runners looking to take their fitness to the next level. From warming up to cooling down the body this electro muscle stimulator will be there to assist. Compex Mi-Sport can be used for a range of fitness and relaxation benefits including conditioning, toning, strengthening, aiding recovery, massage, cramp prevention and pain relief.

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