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Taping & Strapping

Taping and strapping techniques are commonly used by physiotherapists, athletic trainers and sports therapists in the treatment, support and prevention of sports injuries. Tape jobs are used to give extra support and reassurance to injured joints and soft tissues. Various taping and strapping materials can be used depending on the type of tape job required.

For assisting lymphatic drainage, correcting joint problems, addressing muscle tension and more, Kinesiology Tape is ideal. Kinesiology tape at comes in a variety of different colours and sizes in rolls and pre cut stripes for all applications.

For maximum support zinc oxide trainers tape or elastic adhesive bandage (EAB) are applied directly to the skin to prevent tapes slipping. Tape adhesive can be used to further secure the tape job and adhesive remover is used for easy removal of tape jobs. Cohesive bandage adheres to itself, which means that it does not require underwrap or adhesive.

Ankle strapping, knee strapping and elbow strapping techniques are most often applied during sports for the prevention and protection of sports injuries. Taping and strapping techniques can be applied to injured joints to provide support and allow a return to sports.

Taping & Strapping

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