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What is the Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace?

Football ankle brace with a high cut front and narrow bottom - ideal for use in your football boot or trainer. Perfect to protect your ankle from a sprained ankle.

When can I use it?

  • To protect you from a sprained ankle and to increase ankle stability.
  • Improves stability while allowing mobility for football activities.
  • Also appropriate for racquet sports, dance, cheerleading and gymnastics.

Which size do I need?

Based on UK shoe size. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size.

  • Small mens 6-8 (ladies 6.5-8.5)
  • Medium mens 8-10 (ladies 8.5-10.5)
  • Large mens 10-11 (ladies 10.5-12.5)
  • X-Large mens 12-14 (ladies 12.5-14.5)

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

How does it work?

This lace up ankle brace can be tightened to individual needs. Each side of the brace is reinforced by light weight flexible steel springs. These help to support ankle ligaments and provide physical restraint which greatly reduces the possibility of rolling the ankle.

The high cut of the Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace means it fits into a football boot or trainer and allows freedom to manipulate the ball.


Average Customer Rating Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (24 reviews)

“Excellent brace for football”

Reviewed by Mickey Moo

Injured my ankle 3 years ago (ligament damage) This ankle brace is excellent and very supportive. I tried once not to wear it and was very sorry at the end of the game. This is my 2nd brace and would highly recommend the Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace.

“Brilliant product, provides stability for a weak ankle”

Reviewed by Sean Cullen

Excellent product. I Rolled my ankle playing football which resulted in a badly sprained ankle. This ankle brace provides the right amount stiffness for stability, yet loose enough to allow quick movement in walking. I haven't tried playing football in this yet, but i imagine it will be a comfortable experience. I just wish i had of bought one of these sooner!

Get price at £25, i think i will be purchasing another.

P.S. the only complaint i have is the sizing. If you are a 12 UK like myself, you'll want to go for the XL size, not the Large.

“excellent support”

Reviewed by gerome

Best ankle support i have bought and has helped me play football again.

“Excellent support”

Reviewed by Tammy25

Ankle brace supports my unsteady ankle. This now allows me to go long walks, sport etc. Wonderful I have got my life back!!


Reviewed by Avril

My son has torn ligaments twice in right ankle and once in left ankle and we were advices by the physio to purchase supports for his ankles while playing football. We have had 3 of these supports which he wears all the time while playing football and have really helped. The ankle brace can be tightened so you can get an individual fit and are very supportive. The ankle brace also gave him confidence to return back to palying football. I would highly recommend. Also very good quick service from the PhysioRoom.

“Good pease of kit ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

My daughter uses these to play hockey and they have given her her confidence back after a bad ankle sprain.The only down side is they don't last very long when used 2 or 3 times a week and we are on our second set in 12 mths.
Very comfy to wear. Fit in trainers well and under shin pads.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Since getting ankle brace have played football and had no problem with going over on my ankle which I was doing nearly every week. Feel much more confident with it on.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by DairyLee

I had rolled my ankle the week before and needed to buy something that would support me at 5-a-aside the following week. Once the product arrived, I was a bit sceptical about the lacing system. However, I played the whole game, and didn't have any after effects, pain, discomfort and was thoroughly protected from my ankle giving way. A must buy if you need ankle support during football.

“Worth every Penny....”

Reviewed by Simon

After 20 years of football with no injuries ( Yes, NO Injuries) Jan 2011 saw me turn my ankle and spend the next 10 months wondering if I would play again. Numerous phsyio sessions later I felt the ankle would withstand the pressures of football but it failed and I decided the gym was the only place to get/stay fit. Over the next few months I felt the ankle was healing and started to do some running but still had pain striking a ball. This recovery was taking too long. I started to look for an "expensive" ankle support as the cheaper ones just didn't do much and following some extensive research decided to try the Mueller Ankle Brace. It arrived really quick and I tried it out the following day. Cant believe how effective it was. Striking the ball was now easier and whilst there was a liny pain I felt more confident and enjoyed football for the 1st time in over a year. Maybe the injury was healing but having the confidence to play the game again was without doubt the best thing about this support. Took some getting used to with the laces but it fits perfectly round the ankle and is a real must for those with similar injuries. It took me a few games to forget I was wearing it and I found that when I took the support off my foot felt lighter - You need to have the same experience to understand what I mean by that. Really pleased with the purchase and just glad that at the ripe old age of 38 I can still play football. Worth the money I spent and highly recommended.


Reviewed by Anonymous

I have been using these playing football for over five years. They have done the trick in protecting my weakened ankles from further turns. I can recall many times playing football when I've felt a wobble (either in a tackle or just going over bumpy ground) and know that prior to using these braces, I would have turned my ankle at these points. However, the braces have kept them stronger and prevented me going over the ankle fully. I'd recommend these to anyone who is returning to football after having a bad ankle turn. Perfect for left or right - I wear them on both and continue to wear them as a (hopeful) preventive measure.

“Fantastic support and very comfortable.”

Reviewed by maags

After my neoprene slip-on support got a slight tear in it causing it to lose some elasticity, I found myself needing a new one. Initially I wanted another exactly the same, but of course they don't make them anymore! After trying a couple of other neoprene ones, I found that they were not tight enough (after trying multiple sizes) and just did not support my ankle properly. A lace up was the way forward.

My main use for it is indoor football which I play every week. In the interim period of having no support, surprise surprise, I went over on my ankle. I tried using the old one and it happened again so I bought this one designed specifically for football with it's high cut edges. The first time I put it on I felt instantly more confident.

I had to try lacing it a couple of times initially as it is difficult to work out how tight to do it until you start using it and adjust it during a game is a right faff. However, once I had it sorted I was away. I feels a little strange at first and I thought it was going to restrict my movement, but it didn't at all. I found I could turn, control the ball and shoot just as easily as I could before and yet my ankle didn't feel under the slightest bit of pressure. After the third time of using it I was completely used to the feeling and it no longer feels strange at all.

I have used it for 5 straight weeks now and I have not gone over on my ankle once (or even felt close to doing so). It feels much stronger now and I believe the support has actually helped it recover. I will be attempting to play without the support in the next week or two to see if that is actually the case. I do not believe these should be worn constantly unless absolutely necessary because otherwise a dependency on them may be formed.

I am incredibly impressed with the comfort and tremendous support this gives and will now be purchasing another as a present for my brother who also suffers in this respect. I would recommend it to anyone.

“excellent for the price!”

Reviewed by Tony

Slightly hard to put on at first then you get used to them. They work really well and support the ankle well.

“Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace”

Reviewed by Mouche

This is the best Ankle Brace I've bought well worth £30.

“Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace”

Reviewed by squash player

Really solid support. Perhaps the stitching under the ball of the ankle is a little daft, but once i got used to it i forgot about the slight discomfort. consider a smaller size if you have skinny ankles.

“Excellent support without hindering performance.”

Reviewed by P Smailes

Excellent product - have used these supports for a number of years to play 5-a-side. I suffered ankle ligament damage a few years back and this supports my weak ankle without being too bulky or hinder movement. Would thoroughly recommend this product.

“Fantastic product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This product is amazing. I broke my ankle and damaged the ligaments quite badly a few years ago and my ankle has never been the same since. Iv tried numerous supports and braces but nothing comes close to the confidence this brace will give you. I havent been able to play football like this in years, Its a if I has been given a new ankle im completely amazed. The brace is very comfortable, light, non-bulky and slips into your boot like its not even there. This is the best £26 iv ever spent, so much so that im going to order another one in case anything happens to this. 10/10

“Support at last!!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Goosed my ankle while playing basketball and the usual strappings weren't helping. This brace has been fantastic as it keeps your ankle in place and gives it support when making tight turns etc.
Bakc to playing basketball now and I have to say it thanks the the Brace. Would def reccommend.

“Does what it says”

Reviewed by Graham H

I have a re-occuring ankle injury and whenever i play football, even striking the ball hurts and normally ruins my game. With this support on the first strike of the ball i felt a little bit of pain but not as much as normal and as the game went on my ankle held up with the assistance of the support and i was able to play much better and with no real pain.

I can see a dramatic improvment and would recommend this product. i am a size 8 shoe and ordered the medium (8 to 10) If you are an 8 get the medium as the size is perfect (the next size down would be a bit small i think). Fit's well in the boot but does take some getting used to.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product, offers excellent support and reassurance, with very weak ankle.

“Whats the point?”

Reviewed by James7

I have recently suffered an second ankle sprain twice in the same foot, within a year. So I needed some support to stop my ankle from rolling again. I bought two of these, I figured I would put one on my healthy ankle too, so I can effectively compare. On both ankles, I could very easily roll my ankle onto its side. If I can do that in a standing position - what hope do they have when I'm jumping / running full speed? (football!).

I am a size 8, and I bought small (sizes 6-8). They fit well, so thats not the issue.

I will be returning these.. and am very disappointed they're advertised for ankle sprains.

P.S. service / delivery speed was fine - just an awful product.

Additional comments from The Team

These supports are designed to give the ankle support but also to give you the flexibility in the ankle to maintain the same level of performance in a match.

“A great support!!”

Reviewed by Grant

I am a very keen footballer and having had problems with my ankle ligaments for years, sprain after sprain mean't I couldnt get properly fit and ended up struggling to hold down a place in any team. Reluctantly I gave up playing until I found out about these supports from a friend. I was very sceptical at the time, it almost seemed too good to be true that something would let me play again. So I gave things another go, at first the supports are a little uncomfortable and feel strange, but that feeling quickly passes. Virtually on my first 5 a side attempt at one stage I felt my ankle start to roll, but the supports stopped it from going too far and causing damage.

What can I say, I dont really get that excited about many things, but this is different. I have now been playing again for over a year and I couldnt be happier. My supports are a little tatty now and they dont support as well, I actually had a minor problem last week, but that was the first time in 1.5 years and it has just prompted me to order a new set.

As with anything they wont last forever, but mine lasted 1.5 years before I replaced them. Well worth the investment. If you have had a problem with your ligaments then its simply a must buy product.

“Couldn't play without them.”

Reviewed by Asif, 32, London

Over the years I've sprained both my ankles pretty bad, and not just from playing football. A few years ago I was turning one ankle or the other every month, due mainly to not having done sufficient physio to recover. I first brought the Mueller soccer brace in 2008 and quite simply I have not injured myself whilst playing a game since.

I wear them week in, week out and the worst I can say of them is that they go a little threadbare round the edges but they are well made where it counts. I used to get a blister from friction if i tied them too tight but a band-aid fixed that and it's no longer a problem.

The pair I'm replacing I've used for over a year and whilst perhaps I've recovered the ligament strength in my ankles (though perhaps not the proprioception) I remember this clearly: there are times, regularly, when I feel my ankle go over... and the brace catches it and i just kept on running. For me this thing is worth its weight in gold.

Just my opinion though :-)

“Very brace for agility”

Reviewed by Ad

I was looking for a brace that would sop me rolling my ankle. I covered a lot of research and found that others on the market where either too bulky or restricted movement. A brace is suppose to support you but not to the point of no movement giving you weak ankles. I found this brace gives great support but also allows the ankle strength giving maxium movement without rolling the ankle.

Would recommend to any sports person but mainly for quick football ankle movement.

“Good brace offering a varying degree of support”

Reviewed by NeilO

I bought this support after repeated ankle sprains, purely for use when playing football. At first i thought it was fiddly and annoying to lace up, but having used it for the past month it is second nature now. The support can provide vary degrees of support depending on how tight you do it. It isnt too bulky and can hardly feel it on your ankle after a few mins. It does give you a bit more confidence and time will tell if it stops me rolling my ankle, but so far it has been a good confidence booster and seems to add some support.

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