Yoga Accessories

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Yoga Mats

Start with the essentials with a padded yoga mat. Since yoga stretches are performed on the floor, it's almost required to use a mat. Failing to use one could cause soreness or damage to your joints. Our yoga and pilates equipment is non-slip, durable, and padded to ensure comfortable and safe yoga.

Yoga & Pilates Equipment

Taking up Yoga is a great way to relax the body, de-stress the mind and generally keep fit. You can use a whole variety of yoga equipment to improve stretching. They're all designed to increase the range of your stretch and improve your form when practising. Over time this will help improve your body strength and flexibility and improve your yoga! To tone and build strength, use an abdominal exercise roller wheel. Meanwhile, a yoga or pilates ring, or hula hoop can assist and aid with developing core muscle strength.

Yoga Straps and Blocks

Yoga blocks are great aids when it comes to exercises, as they allow you to perform a wider variety of stretches when you're not with a yoga instructor. Use the block as an aid to start the stretch, or as part of specific stretches. Facilitate a greater range of motion during your yoga practice with a block.

A yoga mat strap, meanwhile, provides you with the ability to easily transport your yoga mat to and from the yoga studio. It also enables easy and quick storage.

Yoga Wheels & Foam Rollers

Use these elements of yoga gear to help build and tone specific muscles. Roll the yoga wheel, massage ball, or foam roller over sore muscles or muscle groups to increase blood flow and aid recovery. This will encourage the muscles to become stronger, quicker.