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Experts in Football Injuries

This practical guide to football (soccer) injury can help you stay injury free by providing a unique insight into the way football (soccer) injuries occur and how you can prevent them.

Expert Injury Treatment

Mark Myerson

Fifth Metatarsal Fractures

World renowned expert Dr Mark S. Myerson M.D, discusses the nations favourite - Fifth Metatarsal Fractures.

Expert Dr Ulrike Muschaweck

Hernia Repair Techniques

Dr Ulrike Muschaweck has pioneered techniques that are benefiting elite level athletes around the world.

Expert John Orchard

Back Related Hamstring Injuries

Dr Langran shares his expertise on the issues surrounding wrist injuries and their prevention during snowboarding.

Common Injuries Explained

Top 5 Football Injuries

Top 5 Football Injuries

Find out what the Top 5 Football Injuries are and how to treat and prevent them.

Rooney's Broken Metatarsal

Rooney's Broken Metatarsal

We take a look at Wayne Rooney's infamous metatarsal fracture injury and his remarkable recovery.

Core Strengthening Exercises

Core Strengthening Exercises

Follow our guide to improve your match performance and help prevent a football injury.

Football injury information

There is a wealth of specialist football injury content available for free. This information is written by expert physiotherapists who work with elite level football players in the English Premier League. we are the football injury specialists and we can help you to return to fitness following your football injury.

In addition we have the ultimate record of English Premier League football injuries in The English Premier League Injury Table which keeps track of every player injury in the EPL. This unique tool is a must for football injury researchers as well as fantasy football managers everywhere to make sure your team is injury free and performing at their best. is also the leading source of English Premier League injury data with our daily EPL injury updates providing statistics related number of injuries by team, by type, by month, by position and by player.

Expert Injury Treatment
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