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1. Introduction
2. What is blood doping?
3. How does it work?
4. Respiratory physiology
5. The physiology of endurance sports
6. Ventilation during endurance sports
7. Cardiac output during endurance sports
8. Aerobic metabolism during endurance sports
9. Blood doping kills
10. References

Apart from the fact that it is an unfair and unethical practice, EPO use can also be extremely dangerous. The exact effect and rate of erythropoiesis mediated by recombinant EPO is unknown. Large increases in haematocrit can lead to dangerous increases in blood viscosity. This greatly increases the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack, heart failure and pulmonary oedema. For this reason the Internationl Olympic Comittee (IOC) have placed recombinant EPO on the banned substance list. However, because it is a naturally occurring substance it's detection is very difficult.

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Article published: 10th June 2003