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wayne rooneyBoth Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney have worn Warm Pants to relieve the symptoms of groin problems.

Groin problems are common in football, due to the extensive range of hip movement and large shearing forces that are placed across the pelvis when striking the ball. A range of conditions can affect the groin and pelvic region and the symptoms of some of them can be alleviated by wearing 'warm pants'.

What are they?

Photo of warm pantsWarm pants are tight fitting, long neoprene shorts with a lycra crotch for extra comfort. They provide a comfortable amount of compression without restricting mobility.

They help with a range of groin and pelvic conditions by providing physical restraint and therapeutic heat. This can be beneficial in the prevention of muscle injuries, as well as in the treatment of conditions such as Gilmore’s Groin, Osteitis Pubis and Sports Hernias.

Who uses them?

Photo of Thierry Henry Many elite athletes such as professional football players, rugby players, AFL players and Gaelic Football players use warm pants to relieve the symptoms of a range of groin and pelvic conditions.

Warm pants are effective in the prevention of hamstring and groin injuries by keeping the vulnerable muscles warm, which makes the tissue more extensible. They can also be used for the symptomatic relief of Gilmore's Groin, Osteitis Pubis and Sport's Hernias.

In these conditions there is a degree of instability around the groin and pelvis. The physical re-assurance and support provided by warm pants can effectively counteract this instability and allow a higher level of function.

When to use them

The approach used by top Premiership players is certainly effective. Whatever your sport or skill level - whether you play Australian Rules Football, Gaelic Football or are involved in martial arts or dance - a pair of warm pants may be appropriate to aid treatment of a groin or pelvic problem and keep you in your game.

What Conditions are they Commonly used for?

Thigh muscle strain
Groin (adductor) muscle strain
Hamstring muscle strain
Hip flexor muscle strain
Gilmore's Groin
Osteitis Pubis
Adductor Tendinopathy
Ischial Bursitis

Buy Warm Pants

Ultra thin 0.5mm thick warm pants and thicker 1.5mm warm pants for extra warmth and support are available. Use the links for the products shown below to view our product guide for each one, designed to help you decide which one is best suited to your needs.