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Damage to the Ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb, or 'Skier's Thumb' as it is more commonly known, accounts for 10% of all skiing injuries. Skier's Thumb is usually caused during a fall when the ski pole is held in the hand, catches in the snow and acts as a lever against the inside of the base of the thumb. This injury is also common in rugby players and soccer goalkeepers.

Severe cases of Skier's Thumb where there is a ligament rupture can cause joint instability and require surgery, but even a ligament sprain can ruin your winter sports holiday. As ever, it is better to prevent injury if possible and that is where the Thumb Stabiliser can be useful.

What are they?

Photo of thumb stabiliser The Thumb Stabiliser helps to protect the MetaCarpo-Phalangeal (MCP) joint at the base of the thumb, without limiting hand movement and function. It is the self help alternative, for those who don't have a sports physiotherapist to regularly tape their thumb. The Thumb Stabiliser fits snugly around the base of the thumb and can be custom fitted using the velcro straps around the wrist and thumb. Enclosed lightweight metal side stays provide complete support and protection.

Who uses them?

Anyone with a thumb sprain or dislocation of the thumb joint will be advised to wear a Thumb Stabiliser for protective support.

The Thumb Stabiliser can also be worn by skiers, under their gloves to help reduce the risk of thumb damage during a fall.

Rugby players, American footballers, handball players, soccer goalkeepers and Australian Rules Football players can also benefit from the protection provided by the Thumb Stabiliser.

When to use them

Thumb Stabilisers are most often used by people who are undergoing rehabilitation for a thumb sprain or a rupture of the Ulna collateral ligament of the thumb – Skiers Thumb. Following injury the ligament is extremely vulnerable to re-injury and the Thumb Stabiliser provides support and re-assurance that prevents further damage.

The Thumb Stabiliser can also be used as a preventative measure by those individuals who are at risk of damaging the Ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb.

What Conditions are they Commonly used for?

Prevention of thumb injuries
Skier's thumb
Sprained thumb
Dislocated thumb
Following thumb surgery

The Mueller Thumb Stabiliser

The Mueller Thumb Stabiliser is a high quality, adjustable thumb brace that provides extra protection and support for the thumb and fits under skiing gloves. Use the product link below to view our product guide and find out more about the Mueller Thumb Stabiliser.

Buy the Mueller Thumb Stabiliser