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Skiing InjuryKnee joint injuries account for almost 40% of all skiing injuries. The Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) of the knee has always been the most common knee injury during skiing, where an innocuous twist of the knee often leads to an MCL sprain.

Also, the technological advances in ski boots and bindings that have helped to reduce ankle and shin injuries appear to have contributed to the increase in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries. The forces that had previously affected the ankle and shin are now dissipated to the knee joint, which often results in an ACL injury.

A knee injury can ruin your skiing holiday. Expensive medical bills, time off work and months of rehabilitation are typical following a skiing injury.

What can you do?

Wear a knee brace during skiing to reduce the risk of a knee injury. Knee braces provide around 30% more resistance to stresses placed on the knee ligaments. The protection of a knee brace provides support to previously injured knees and helps to prevent knee ligament injuries.

Use 'Multi mode' release bindings if possible. Rear release boots can significantly reduce the risk of ACL injury. Bindings should be professionally serviced and adjusted every year. Previous research has shown that non-adjusted or poorly adjusted bindings lead to a significant increase in knee ligament injuries.

Self-test your bindings every day. Self testing of bindings is simple. Step into the binding and then twist to the side to release the toe-piece under the control mechanism. The heel can be tested by stepping into the binding and leaning forward, to release the heel-piece. Both the toe and heel should be able to release if properly adjusted.

How can knee braces help during skiing?

Albert Costa with a knee braceModern knee braces have many design features that provide sophisticated protection for your knees. Our knee brace range features metal hinges and flexible steel struts that are designed to increase the support and stability for the knee joint.

Our most advanced knee braces feature hi-tech hinges that help to reproduce normal knee movement, making the brace feel as natural as possible during skiing activities. The latest generation of knee braces don't just provide protection . they offer incredible comfort that allows you to ski all day and forget that wearing a brace.

Which knee brace is suitable for you?


Fits like a glove while providing good support for all knee ligaments.


Superb sports and skiing hinged knee brace for ACL knee ligament injuries and cartilage tears.


Ideal for moderate to severe ACL and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities . for protection during skiing

The ULTIMATE ACL protection - ideal for ACL rehabilitation and protection during skiing.