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Photo of tennis sensation Andrew Murray

"My injury will never go away. It's already become so chronic there's no chance to fix it so I can play without pain."

Andrew Murray wearing Aircast A60 ankle brace

Prevention is better than cure and World tennis Number Two* Andy Murray is a huge advocate of the former. Since turning professional in 2005 the Scot has battled chronic ankle problems to compete at the highest level and to maintain his reputation as one of the fittest players currently on the ATP circuit.

To celebrate the success of Andy Murray and very much in-keeping with Wimbledon tradition Aircast have created a UK exclusive, the White A60 Ankle Brace. This classy counterpart of the original A60 Ankle Brace offers all of the fundamental design features and benefits of its black predecessor but in a more refined colourway sticking to the understated fashion values of SW19. Described as an aggressive counter-puncher the fleet-footed Andy Murray can turn defence quickly into offence, combining conservative ground strokes with explosive point-winning volleys. A lightweight and breathable support is essential, which is why Andy Murray chooses the Aircast A60 Ankle Brace to provide the perfect combination of strength and protection. The merits of which can be attributed to the fact that Andy is yet to withdraw from a major ATP tournament since its introduction despite on-going ankle issues.

Photo of tennis sensation Andrew Murray

Research has shown that the use of a support product will help to reduce injury occurrence rates providing an ideal way to protect weak or injured joints. The use of an ankle support or brace will not only help to prevent injury keeping you fit and healthy but it will also serve as an excellent rehabilitation accessory during your recovery phase.

Offering increased levels of ankle stability, the Aircast A60™ and the Aircast AirSport™ enable you to have the confidence to return to sports quicker. Perfect for ankle sprains and instabilities these products help recreational and elite level athletes alike to remain in the game whether you play tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball, netball or are involved in cheerleading or dance.

Photo of Andrew Murray's ankle brace

The sleek minimalist design will fit comfortably into any boot or training shoe without compromise providing a secure physical restraint and a psychological reassurance during those all-important first steps when returning from injury. Once you have experienced ankle ligament damage, there will always be a slight weakness with an increased tendency to roll your ankle in the future. The Aircast range is the product of choice for top performing Elite sports stars worldwide, with fellow tennis professionals Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick choosing the slightly more robust Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace in their quest to remain strong and injury-free.

We are the only official supplier within the UK for the White Aircast A60 Ankle Brace.

*at the time of writing 06/2013

What's Special about the Aircast A60™ and Aircast AirSport™ Ankle Braces?

Aircast A60 ankle brace

Aircast A60™

The Aircast A60™ has been created with athletes in mind; it features a lightweight, breathable, minimal bulk design and protects both sides of the ankle. Its sleek design has already made it very popular with professional athletes. Choose the Aircast A60™ ankle brace for great support combined with a sleek minimalist design.

Aircast Airsport ankle brace

Aircast AirSport™

The Aircast AirSport™ ankle brace is slightly more restrictive that the A60 and incorporates the clinically proven Aircast AirStirrup™ ankle brace features, such as a semi-rigid shell and inflatable 'aircells', to provide comfort and support. Choose the Aircast AirSport for maximum unrivalled ankle support.