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Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walkers are used in the treatment of foot injuries or ankle injuries, such as a sprained ankle, ankle fracture, Metatarsal fracture, Fibula fracture, Lisfranc joint injury, Cuboid fracture and Talus fracture.

Players such as Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard have all used Aircast Walkers to help them rehabilitate from foot and ankle injuries.

What are they?

Wayne Rooney and Aircast SP WalkerThe Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker is a lightweight removable plastic cast featuring a durable, semi-rigid shell to provide as much protection as a conventional plaster cast. Lining the shell are four aircells for pneumatic support and increased comfort. The aircells can be custom inflated using the hand bulb for a 'total contact' fit. This provides compression for the swollen ankle and foot, which helps to reduce the swelling. This has been clinically proven to accelerate rehabilitation. For this reason, they are commonly used in the treatment of Metatarsal fractures and other conditions, such as sprained ankle, broken ankle and following ankle surgery.

The Aircast SP Walker is much lighter than a plaster cast and allows a greater level of mobility, making it much more comfortable and convenient to wear, allowing you to get on your feet and back to work. The shell's rocker sole helps reduce pressures through the sole of the foot, thus allowing earlier partial weight bearing. Controlled weight bearing as instructed by your doctor also greatly enhances healing and reduces rehabilitation time, allowing you to get back to your sport.

Removable plastic casts, such as the Aircast SP Walker, have a further distinct advantage over conventional plaster casting in that they can be taken off to allow the patient to undertake exercises and therapy. This helps prevent stiffness and muscle wastage, further reducing the injury healing time. A removable plastic cast also allows the user to wash their feet, making them a much more hygienic alternative to a conventional plaster cast.

Who uses them?

Photo of David Beckham wearing a pneumatic walker Many elite athletes such as such as Wayne Rooney and David Beckham use Aircast SP Walkers, and full length Aircast Pneumatic Walkers, in a bid to accelerate their return to action following a foot injury or ankle injury.

The Aircast SP Walker helps to prevent further damage and thus reduces injury time. All trainers and physiotherapists with professional teams carry Aircast SP Walkers, or ‘Rooney Boots' in the event of a player sustaining an ankle injury or foot injury.

When to use them

The Aircast SP Walker provides immobilisation and support for people who have suffered a severe ankle sprain, a foot fracture, or following foot surgery and ankle surgery. 

Aircast SP Walkers can be used right through the rehabilitation period, from the initial injury until you are ready to start walking normally. Once your doctor indicates that it is OK to resume partial weight bearing on the injured foot or ankle, then the rocker sole on the Aircast SP Walker allows safe walking while still providing protection and compression for the injury.

Mend it like Beckham! - Speed your recovery and enhance your quality of life if you have a foot injury or ankle injury by asking your doctor if you can use an Aircast SP Walker instead of being trapped in a plaster cast.

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