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medi Patella Knee Brace Sleeve - Elasticated Knee Support - Patella Stabiliser

Product Code: MED619

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What is the Genumedi PT Knee Brace?

The PT Knee Brace by medi is a specially designed brace for the rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain syndrome and patella lateralisation. The silicone ring surrounds the patella and provides positioning support during use.

Please note: the product you receive may vary slightly from the image shown.

How does it work?

Zoned padding around the patella allows for effective stabilisation of the joint without becoming overbearing and uncomfortable. Comfort is of high priority in knee braces due to the constant movement and weight bearing factors. As such, the Genumedi Knee Brace utilises Clima-Comfort technology which is breathable and comfortable during use. To protect the joint laterally, a patella tension strap fits over the joint which encases the patella and prevents patella tilt which enhances stability.

Clima-Comfort Technology

Reliable wicking transfer system allows the skin to breath and evaporates moisture away from the skin to keep the user cool, dry and comfortable. The high evaporating knit creates a microclimate for the skin whilst allowing it to breath at all times. The integrated Clima-Fresh function features antibacterial properties to prevent bacteria from forming in the knit to maintain optimum hygiene. All medi supports have been tested to meet ko-Tex Standard 100 and are developed and produced in Germany.

TrP1 Trigger Point focus

The Genumedi Knee Support features a lateral pelotte positioned at the TrP1 trigger point which is responsible for the tension and shortening of the tonic vastus muscle. The TrP1 is a myofascial trigger point release point which the Genumedi Knee Support activates to alleviate tension in the area and help to relax and restore the muscle function. A laterally reinforced patella section allows the patella to slide properly and without hindrance, preventing patella tilt.

Size guide

Measure circumference of the thigh 15cm above the centre of the patella and 5cm below the centre of the patella.

  • 1: BELOW - 25-28cm ABOVE - 37-40cm
  • 2: BELOW - 28-31cm ABOVE - 40-43cm
  • 3: BELOW - 31-34cm ABOVE - 43-46cm
  • 4: BELOW - 34-37cm ABOVE - 46-49cm
  • 5: BELOW - 37-40cm ABOVE - 49-52cm
  • 6: BELOW - 40-43cm ABOVE - 52-55cm
  • 7: BELOW - 43-46cm ABOVE - 55-58cm

Product Features

  • Provides targeted support for misaligned patella, patellofemoral pain and weakened knee ligaments
  • Features adjustable tension strap, silicon patella ring and front of knee padding
  • Ideal for everyday use, recovering from knee surgery and can wear comfortably under clothing. Includes a medi resistance band
  • Made from latex free, knitted Clima-fabric that prevents build up of bacteria and keeps skin dry
  • Fits left leg. Machine washable, 30 degrees. Check product description for size guide

Product Spec

General Specs
OrientationLeft or Right
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseSupport / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Brace
Material CompositionPolyamide, Polyester, Elastane
Latex FreeYes
Indication (General)
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Improper positioning or improper control of the kneecap
  • Hypermobile kneecap
  • Instability of the kneecap
  • 2nd phase after kneecap stabilisation surgery
  • Damage to the bone cartilage junction
  • Cartilage damage
  • Synovitis
  • Insertiontendopathy / tendopathy of the muscle tension apparatus
  • Plica syndrome
Frame Specification (Braces & Support)
WashableYes (at 30°C)
Additional Information
  • For noticeable pain relief: the stabilisation of the knee-cap and the simultaneous massage of the thigh muscles guarantee enhanced comfort
  • For everyday stability: the compression knit support enhances knee joint stability
  • Effectively promoted treatment: the massage pads stimulate and relax the inner and outer anterior thigh muscles respectively. This promotes balance between the different muscles and thus has a positive impact on knee joint stability as a whole
  • Invisible under clothes, comfortable to wear: the ultra-smooth finish and the use of breathable, skin-friendly materials ensure optimum comfort

Availability & Delivery

medi Patella Knee Brace Sleeve - Elasticated Knee Support - Patella Stabiliser is available for immediate dispatch, direct from the manufacturer. Orders placed by 4pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) are dispatched the same day.

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