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                            ProCare                                  POL'AX 1 Thumb Wrap - Thumb Support for Prevention & Protection of Thumb Injuries


                            ProCare                                  POL'AX 1 Thumb Wrap - Thumb Support for Prevention & Protection of Thumb Injuries



ProCare POL'AX 1 Thumb Wrap - Thumb Support for Prevention & Protection of Thumb Injuries

Product Code: POL10

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What is the ProCare POL'AX 1 Thumb Wrap?

A thumb support that provides partial immobilisation following thumb injuries and thumb surgery.

When can I use it?

  • For prevention and protection of all thumb injuries.
  • Ideal following Scaphoid fractures, Skier's Thumb and Thumb Arthritis.

Which size do I need?

Fits both left and right thumb. Measure around the base of the thumb.

  • Small 6-8.5cm (2.5-3.5'')
  • Medium 9-10.5cm (3.5-4.5'')
  • Large 11-12.5cm (4.5-5'')

How does it work?

A lightweight and easy to apply thumb support. It slips over the thumb and is fastened around the thumb and wrist with Velcro. It has a supportive plastic insert that provides extra support for the thumb, which can be custom moulded in warm water for a perfect fit.

Product Features

  • Thumb support, with plastic insert, that gives partial immobilisation
  • Prevents and protects thumb injuries
  • Fits Left & Right thumb
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Lightweight & easy to apply


Average Customer Rating ProCare POL'AX 1 Thumb Wrap - Thumb Support for Prevention & Protection of Thumb Injuries has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (17 reviews)

“Procare Polax 1 Thumb Wrap”

Reviewed by SM

Firstly the service was very good. The thumb support is really, really good. Well made and the support is excellent. I have an old, annoying and recurring injury and have tried many supports over the years and this is by far the best.
My only criticism is that it comes in a vacuum packed bag which after cutting open you read the instructions telling you not to until you have formed the plastic in hot water. If you do this just use a zip lock freezer bag. A notice lable on the vacuum pack bag would be a good idea.

“Works very well”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The support arrives flat in a vacuum bag, which you place in water at 70 degrees to heat up for 3 minutes - I found that it needed 6 mins - when the stiff material becomes softer and pliable. Then you snip the bag along the short edge and mould the support around your hand and thumb. If it's wrong just pop the support back in the bag and prop the cut edge against the edge of the saucepan/jug and repeat the heating. It is possible to mould it yourself but another person makes it easier. When cool the support is quite solid, although it is comfortable when in place. I didn't have any problems with the wrist strap but the Velcro on the thumb strap needed to be edged with tape to stop it cutting into the skin. I can't sleep with it on but during the day it's OK and you can still use your thumb to some extent.

“Quite a clever support.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

My wife has arthritis in her wrist and Thumb, wearing this support has helped enormously . But the reason for only four stars is because she still finds it tricky to pick things up ( saucepan for example)

“Does what is says ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Needed help to mould & put it on first time, very good for changing gears while driving.

“excellent support ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

excellent support it helped releave thepain

“ProCare POL'AX 1 Thumb Wrap”

Reviewed by Hamilton

Do not like product as velcro is scratchy
Will be returning for full refund.

instructions are very basic.
There should be step by step illustrations and a note on pack to warn not to open until instructions read.

“Just the Job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have been having difficulty getting a splint specifically for the thumb but this does the job perfectly. Would recommend this to anybody with problems with the thumb.

“Thank you.”

Reviewed by Jane Wilson

it has made so much difference to me in the way of pain relief,yet maintaining function.

I had tried a glove type splint before, from another company, but it was too painful to put on. The velcro fastenings on this one means that it is possible to apply the splint without having to squeeze the arthritic thumb joints first, and it is so comfortable once on.

“Does the trick but ruins your clothes”

Reviewed by Eileen

Initially was very pleased with this item, it did what it said on the tin - immobilised my thumb which relieved the pain. However, every time I wore it my clothing was ruined as the velcro catches on clothing. Sorry but had to stop using it.

“Instant pain relief”

Reviewed by Margaret

The pain relief was instant due to immobilising the use of my thumb. I craft a lot therefore have over used this joint by excessive movement. This hit the spot.
The design is effective but more importantly simple and discreet. I did not want anything that was cumbersome and too obvious.

“Excellent For Immobilising Thumbs!”

Reviewed by Tania

This is a very good product. I have Arthritis in the base of my thumb and recently bought this in the hope that it might help stop my thumb moving as much. It definitely works and has helped me immensely. Would definitely recommend it to anyone. The only but I have is the strap rubs a bit on my boney wrist but have padded the area so feels more comfortable. The first time you shape it onto your hand was a little difficult and I required some help getting it on but once done it stayed in that shape all the time. I have just ordered another one for my left thumb as that is starting to hurt now too!

“disappointed, very complicated”

Reviewed by jojboy

i was very disappointed with this product.i did not realise that it required for the user to mould the product and the instructions state that it is advisable to have a medical professional carry out the work. i thought i was buying a ready made support like the cool comfort product that i already had. i do not recall seeing anything in the product description saying that you had to mould the brace yourself. basically i have wasted my money because i am unable to use it. i definately not recommend this product based upon my experience.

“Pain-free at last!”

Reviewed by teribus

I have arthritic pain (which waxes and wanes) in my thumb joint, I have tried loads of supports over the years, and at last have found one that really helps. Moulding it to my thumb was very easy - you do need someone to help though. I machined a strip of Beadalon beading mat to the back of the strap, so no problem with the edge digging in. I did the same to the thumb strap.
No arthritic pain, and total comfort - I wish I had found this years ago. It is also excellent value.

“Great for repetitive strain!”

Reviewed by Minxfeatures

I was having such difficulty using my right hand for more than about 10 miinutes, as time went on it became 5mins, then 2 until not using my hand at all was unbearable. I had a road accident 21yrs ago and although I look, sound and function as well as most people tiredness and stress causes neurological problems to rear their ugly head, but I didn't realise that my right side was getting tired of over compensating for my weaker left side! Being right handed I never used my left side unless there was no other option so imagine how hard it became once it became too painful to use it + there was no option other than to use the side with paralysis? It was very hard but after using this thumb wrap, although the pain was still apparent, I could use my hand again - thank you 4 this invention, Minx x

“Good - but!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Item gives good support to thumb on either hand.
Should be able to use it inside a ski glove and be able to grip a ski pole.
Product is more suited to right hand use as strap buckle can rest on outer bone of left hand. Biggest downside is the quality of the wrist strap. This has a sharp plastic edge to it and this cuts into the skin necessiting some sort of padding underneath Better quality (and possibly longer) wrist strap would improve the product no end even at the cost of a slightly higher price.

“good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Product is easy to fit and gives good support to the thumb whilst still allowing motion. The wrist strap does rub a little but on the whole the benefits hugely outweigh this problem.

“Does what it says- very well”

Reviewed by Bunny in London

Fantastic. My thumb thanks you. I suffered a skier's thumb accident in Feb and my thumb has not been healing because I use it too much. This has provided just enough support to take the strain off. Wouldn't recommend it if you needed complete immobilisation - but it isn't supposed to do that. I found it easy to shape to my thumb (take note, DO NOT take the Thumb Wrap out of the plastic bag when you get it. It needs to stay in there until you have heated it up so you can shape it to your hand). Needed an extra hand to get it on the first time, but once it has cooled and hardened again, it is easy to get on and off. Only negative is that the wrist strap does chafe a little on one edge. Otherwise a good product. I am sure I will use it next winter to prevent another injury to that thumb. Maybe I'll get one for the other thumb just in case!

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