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PhysioRoom Thumb Stabiliser Support Splint - Protection and Prevention of Thumb & Wrist Injury - Skiing, Sport

Product Code: SM030

£5.99 inc VAT





This easy to wear splint is designed for use following fractures and injuries to the thumb and also to protect against skier's thumb.

When to use it

Wear while skiing to help prevent skier's thumb and also to speed up the healing process of a fractured thumb or sprain.

Free PhysioRoom Towel

Which size do I need?

Measure the circumference of your wrist and the length from the middle of the wrist joint to the top of the thumb. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger size.

  • S: Wrist circumference: 14 - 15,5cm / Length of splint (from wrist joint to the middle of the thumb) 16cm
  • M: Wrist circumference: 16 - 17,5cm / Length of splint (from wrist joint to the middle of the thumb) 16,2 cm
  • L: Wrist circumference: 18 - 19,5cm / Length of splint (from wrist joint to the middle of the thumb) 16,4 cm
  • XL: Wrist circumference: 20 - 21cm / Length of splint (from wrist joint to the middle of the thumb) 16,5 cm

Common conditions

  • Broken thumb
  • Skier's thumb
  • Sprained thumb

How it works

Reduces thumb pain following a fracture or sprain by stabilising the digit. This will also help to prevent further injury and shorten the healing duration. Metal stays are used within the support to achieve this by limiting movement of the thumb. This is also a popular product amongst skiers as it supports the base of the thumb joint, an area often injured during skiing.

Product Features

  • BENEFITS: Used for thumb and joint injuries
  • RELIEF: Reduces thumb pain following a fracture or sprain by stablising the digit
  • FEATURE: Popular product amongst skiers as it supports the base of the thumb joint
  • DESIGN: Specifically designed supports for left and right hand
  • STRAP: Velcro

Product Spec

General Specs
OrientationLeft or Right
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseCompression / Support / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryThumb & Wrist Support
Latex FreeYes
Indication (General)
Indication▪ Broken thumb
▪ Skier's thumb
▪ Sprained thumb
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Internal/External Rotation ControlYes
Abduction/Adduction ControlYes
Range Of Motion ControlYes
Neutral PositioningYes
Indication (Wrist)
Scaphoid InjuryYes
Gamekeepers ThumbYes
Quervain SyndromeYes
Metacarpophalangeal SprainsYes
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeNo
Wrist FracturesNo


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Thumb Stabiliser Support Splint - Protection and Prevention of Thumb & Wrist Injury - Skiing, Sport has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (121 reviews)


Reviewed by jithit

Excellent had trigger thumb really helped fantastic my pain has also gone been told have arthritis this has really helped ordering another one.


Reviewed by Mike M

Had old wrist to thumb injury that required temporary metal pins at time. Surgeon said all wrist to end of thumb joints would require surgery to permanently lock up with metal pins when I got older due to severe pain. This has now happened, however in wishing to avoid surgery I thought I'd try these supports with metal support on outside instead of cut into by NHS.

Well delivery was very fast the product looks and feels good quality and after a few moments of playing around with adjusting Velcro and support settings, pain was greatly reduce presumably due to stabilizing effect of support and metal strip.

I don't think this will increase my reduced function from the injury, but it certainly has reduced my pain and hopefully give me a few more years before surgery is unavoidable.

As a gauge the pain before this support cut through prescription killers I take for another injury, so this support is great.

Highly Recommend :)


Reviewed by Anonymous

Currently suffering with De Quervain in my left thumb, so painful, but this splint has made a massive improvement, just ordered a two more!

“Very good product ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Helps my arthritis very much.

“Excellent thumb support so comfortable …”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent thumb support so comfortable to wear. As described and fast delivery.

“Velcro tape has rather sharp edge”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good product, very swift delivery. I find the velcro tape on the wrist has a rather sharp edge which digs uncomfortably into my hand, but the support splint definitely immobilises the thumb and thus eases pain, so it is worth the discomfort.

“super service”

Reviewed by Anonymous

your service was excellent.on putting the splint on the comfort was unbelievable ihad a good nights sleep.thankyou.

“Perfect for what I need”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I get problems with my thumb because I write a lot. So in order to rest it without it being restricted like the one I got from the hospital I ordered this, yesterday morning. It came today! Perfect. And looks more appealing for work purposes. Some thumb supports look like you have a super serious injury. So this is all round perfect.

“Thumb stabiliser.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent purchase, does exactly what I want it to do.Rest my thumb while allowing me to carry on with day to day tasks.

“thumb splits”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is the second set of splits I have purchased I would recommend them they are first class.

“Not firm enough”

Reviewed by Chris Leo

This one not strong/firm enough for my purpose.
Good otherwise

“Thumb stabiliser”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Reasonably comfortable to wear.

“Fantastic ”

Reviewed by Lizzy

Great thumb support for my osteoarthritis, would definitely recommend to anyone with the same condition.
Keeps your thumb stable and reduces the pain when you accidentally knock it. The warmth that you get from
the support itself also gives great comfort.
Great product, great price but shame that you cannot collect in person.

“Gives good support”

Reviewed by Kim0329

This is helping while I have a very long edit for a scan

“Wrist and thumb prorector”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I purchased this protector because I have had like this before. However on receipt and when wearing it I found that despite it did the job it was uncomfortable to wear. Probably I may have needed a size smaller I do not know.

“Great product, but sizing a bit out”

Reviewed by Rossco

This is a really well made product and of good quality, the only problem is that the sizing is a bit larger than you think

“Amazing support”

Reviewed by [email protected]

I purchased one of these supports a few weeks ago and this second one is to have whilst the 1st one is being washed. As I mentioned in my previous review, I have arthritis in my hands with my thumb joint giving me the most pain.
I am very fortunate not to need to take regular medication for my arthritis but have found the thumb support invaluable when needed. I can use it when driving and I can even use it when knitting. It is also very good for support when just relaxing as it holds my thumb in a natural position.
The Velcro around the top of the support is too long so I have shortened it and rounded the corners off which has made it more 'wearer-friendly'.
The only real down side is that you can't wear it if you are getting your hands wet (well,I suppose you could, but it wouldn't be very comfortable), and I cannot wear my favourite gloves over it. A small price to pay, though!

“does the job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

easy to use and comfortable to wear


Reviewed by Mary 22

I have arthritis in both my thumbs and this certainly helped when carrying shopping. It was a little too much to wear when doing things like typing or crafting as the metal strip to support got in the way, but protected when doing work related actions.

“Thumb stabiliser”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good solid item


Reviewed by Anonymous

great service

“ works”

Reviewed by Anonymous



Reviewed by Petra White

I injured my thumb on a thursday in the gym,tried to buy a support in a high street chemist,only one they had was cumbersome and cost £20. Looked online ,saw this one,it arrived within 2 days,is very comfortable,light,does the job and cost under a fiver!

“Exactly what I needed. ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product although I could have done with an extra small but it seems to be helping.

“Thumb splinter - good ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Splinter is very good and very well made

“Thumb Support Strap”

Reviewed by Richard-Southampton

Not the first time I have ordered this type of support strap but these 2 seem to be of better quality than my last purchase (not from PhysioRoom). does the job nicely. Virtually instant pain relief. I certainly know it when I forget to put it on....Ouch! Would buy again but only one minor thing, black appears to be the only colour so a choice would be better. Skin colour, maybe.

“Very impressive for the whole process”

Reviewed by Louise de Lloyd

really good good quality thumb splint which has done the job brilliantly!! And not expensive. 1would recommend and return should I need to. Thankyou.

“Great product really helped”

Reviewed by Lovethisnow

Bought this for what I think was a tendon problem in thumb. Price was better than local chemist even with the postage cost. I paid a bit more and had it delivered next day. The product does what it says feels like it has a strong metal strip in it to support the thumb. I bought the small size and fits fine ladies size 10 . It could do with a bit smaller on the thumb but still a good product. The Velcro tab on the thumb could do with been a bit shorter as it tends to flap a bit. Would purchase from pysio room again as long as the prices stay good.

“Good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very pleased with the wrist and thumb support and speed of delivery. This product gave me additional support and protection to my thumb on my return to work, following an operation.

“Thumb stabilizer”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This really helped my thumb,wore it for about 2 weeks and would certainly reccomend it xx

“Excellent support”

Reviewed by CT

Suffering from arthritis, pain was excruciating as you don't realise how much you use your thumb in everyday life. This support has helped enormously over the Christmas period.

“just what i needed”

Reviewed by Anonymous

fits well & price was just right.

“Good support but with design flaw”

Reviewed by JMC Glasgow

This provides good support. However as I purchased this smallest size I expected it to fit well but it is too long at the point where the thumb meets the forefinger and there is no ability to adjust there so consequently it nips and does not provide the exact support that it should to the thumb.

“good product and gave support with style”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good style and fitted to size. Great value. Support good and I will use your site again


Reviewed by Anonymous

Immobilises my thumb which is what I needjo

“Brilliant buy!”

Reviewed by [email protected]

I bought this splint for support as I have arthritis in my hand, and the most painful area is around my thumb joint. I have found wearing it really does help relieve the pain when the arthritis flares up and, in my case, minimises the need for a painkiller.
I enjoy knitting, but as yet have not found it possible to knit with the splint on but most other tasks are achievable, including driving. It is easy to fit and adjust, but the label usually gets in the way of the Velcro; it would be better to have a smaller label maybe?
Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

“Comfortable in use”

Reviewed by GeoVal

In use it is exceedingly comfortable so long as it is not set too tightly. Black is somewhat conspicuous so would have preferred a skin colour and nowhere is it mentioned that it is washable. I understand it is though.

“Not suitable for very small hand”

Reviewed by Anonymous in Kent

Size small was fine in the wrist, but much too large in the thumb -- that is, the thumb closure was not tight enough.

“Excellent bit of kit for the price”

Reviewed by JackB

Although it comes up slightly big on the thumb (I'd recommend going for the smaller size if in doubt), the support itself is excellent. Suffered severe skiers thumb (thumb swelled almost to the size of a golf ball!) and not only has this helped it heal, but the metal splint has allowed me to continue playing full contact rugby with little to no pain, as it shields the joint from impact and prevents the thumb from moving it directions it definitely shouldn't. Cheers lads at


Reviewed by Marcus j Goodwin

Bought this hand support to where in bed to support my thumb whilst asleep. Value for money and does what it should best thing I've bought this year.

“Poor fit”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Does not provide the good grip and support I had hoped for as it does nit sit as a good fit

“A good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought this because I had an accident and my thumb joint was extremely painful. I found the wrist was just the right size for me, but the thumb bit was a teeny bit big, which is why I've given it 4 stars and not 5. It still did the job though.

“thumb support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

does the job nicely

“better than expected brilliant splint.”

Reviewed by christine77

Better than I expected, brilliant thumb brace.

“Good product but sizing not accurate”

Reviewed by SCG

Bought to try to help with pain in my thumb joint due to arthritis. Metal splint is good and strong. I bought a Medium as per the measuring guide and it is far too big! My thumb does feel more comfortable with it on and it should hopefully be OK to wear overnight - just a shame it's too big to wear during the day. Good price though and if it fit properly, I'd have marked it higher.

“Very good for stabilising my thumb”

Reviewed by jayli

Good, easy to use. Keeps the joint warm whilst helping to stop it from moving around in order to allow it to rest and repair.

“Great service !”

Reviewed by Maggie Mc

This is the first time I have ordered from Fantastic service - product was due to be delivered on Monday 21st. September and arrived this morning [the 17th.]. Product looks and feels excellent and was great value as it was on special offer.

“Excellent support for my sprained thumb”

Reviewed by Lisa, Birmingham

This product provided excellent support for my sprained thumb. It was quick and easy to apply. It was lightweight and didn't feel cumbersome when worn. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a similar injury.

“Right hand thumb splint”

Reviewed by Picalo

When I telephoned the gentleman was helpful but not sure of sizes. I wanted this to keep my thumb straight but it is too big. The velcro around the thumb does not give enough support to close, as I can still bend my thumb. It is longer than my thumb so can get in the way. I do not feel this is for a ladies hand and it was the smallest I could find. I cannot send it back as the return postage is nearly as much as I paid for the item.

“Great pain relief”

Reviewed by Bev48

This is a fantastic product at a very good price. Within minutes of putting it on my pain from RSI reduced considerably. It enables me to get on with things especially my job without constantly taking pain killers.


Reviewed by Lesley B

this splint helps a lot although it does fall down a bit on the thumb part. It could do with a but more stability here, but I. the whole worth having as it does help.

“Skiers thumb”

Reviewed by Cainy55

Having a damaged thumb following a ski accident, and subsequent pain following removal of cast this is extremely useful in limiting accidental knocks, usage of thumb to protect tendons and whilst asleep, very easy to pop on and off, and will definitely utilise when skiing again to protect!

“NHS this is what you want!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Having suffered from Carpel tunnel and visiting the Physio i was provided with a very old fashioned surgical support for my hand,the word support did not help me whatsoever around my thumb area,which is where i was getting most pain from.I searched the internet and found the answer it is lightweight yet strong and study enough to support my hand and allow me to undertake tasks which if found difficult in the past,however care must be taken when fitting this support as the thumb strengthening bar can at times cause soreness


Reviewed by CyrilK

Very neat and attractive product.

“Does the job”

Reviewed by Paul M

does the job it's supposed to

“extremely helpful for thumb RSI”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product. Good value also

“Feels like a security blanket.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

When you wear the Thumb Stabilizer Splint it gives you the comfort and security you need. It is an excellent piece of support for the thumb and I find it helps with the normality of the working day.

“Excellent Support”

Reviewed by Sue W

Best support ever , I have tried a few and this is by far the best without being to restrictive. So glad I ordered two !!I did need to trim the velcro by the thumb.

“Not a good fit”

Reviewed by Sarahg

I ordered according to the size guide and it was a really bad fit. Thumb too long wrist to tight length from thumb to wrist to short. I like the look of it and it does support the thumb very well just uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time

“Good fit but splint slides out”

Reviewed by RiaS

Quick delivery and accurate to the description. Only downside is the removable metal splint slides out of the casing and 'nips' your wrist leaving a nick in my skin where it touches. I have put a couple of stitches in the opening to stop it slipping out but a better design would be a velcro or press stud closure. I have to re - sew it in each time I wash it. Disappointed in what could be a great product.

“Good product”

Reviewed by Bushopper

Good product but would be better with a slightly longer fastener.

“Very pleased with purchase”

Reviewed by Cro

Found the thumb support very comfortable and good support thank you would recomend Phiysio room.

“A great addition/ improvement to my other treatment ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This will give me daily support and the other more substantial support I have bought from you will cover my bad days. Both excellent value and together postpone having to have surgery and make the pain manageable.

“Very good ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good

“Cant really fault it!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought a medium as per the guide for my wrist size. I am a female size 10, so was worried about the size being too big, but its a good fit. I probably could have gone with a small. But the medium is ok and not to big. This product has done the job and significantly helped to reduce the swelling on my thumb. It does however now need a wash!! So I would probably buy two in the future!

“Excellent service and product”

Reviewed by Sam021101

Recently damaged my thumb but proved difficult to get an over the counter support. Found this on the internet, appreciated the review from a previous customer who would normally buy medium, but bought small - I'm similar and it is spot on :)

Absolutely not the most expensive on the market but good value and does the job.

“Thumb stabiliser ”

Reviewed by Kizzy

Very good done what is was supposed to do.

“Not the best of fit”

Reviewed by Anonymous

No fitting instructions, had to ask my Physiotherapist advise.
The fit around the thumb is slack and the fastening cuts into the skin.
Wrist fastener velcro obscured by washing instructions.

“A very good product that does the job well.”

Reviewed by Kieran Conway

This product is very good but just have one little niggle. The velcrose strap for the thumb is inlcined to cut into the thumb/palm of the hand area. The velcrose pad needs to be slightly higher up on the product or the side of the velcrose strap softer.

“Very effective!”

Reviewed by Matt71

I broke my thumb - but it wasn't spotted on the xray at A&E initially. By the time it was spotted, two week's had passed and the thumb was a long way towards healing. However, it was still pretty painful and would get very achey and throb a lot, as the day went on. This support was ideal for such a situation. It kept my thumb steady and securely in place, providing much needed support - but wasn't too constricting and allowed me to do all sorts of things I might have otherwise have struggled with (eg. use a mouse at work - and do jobs and DIY around the house!). All the time it was keeping my thumb comfortable and allowing it to rest and heal. Very effective.

“Very happy with this thumb stabiliser .. Happy to recommend ”

Reviewed by Gilly Vee

Excellent product and looks smart too!
I would mention though normally I would be a medium size.. Luckily I chose small which is a perfect fit for me.
Thank you.

“Very good - just what I was looking for.”

Reviewed by Patricia

The thumb support is very good and comfortable to wear.Delivery was excellent too.

“Debbie Rackham”

Reviewed by Debs

Two days of wearing the thumb supports on both hands the pain I was in all the time had gone. Worth every penny

“Great two for one”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The support is comfortable and very supportive, whilst still allowing good use of the thumb and hand. Plus the neoprene keeps the weak area warm, which is what has been recommended.

“Excellent stabilisation of thumb.”

Reviewed by Babs

I was surprised by the help it gave me on the stabilisation of my thumb. Serious piece of kit that works like a dream.

“Excellent choice of products”

Reviewed by Izzy

The thumb support is very well designed it can be adjusted easily and gives great support


Reviewed by Anonymous

whilst this was a comfortable fit around the wrist area and the support for the thumb was very good I found the length on the thumb section far too long,it reached the very end of my thumb making it difficult to work with.

“A quality product”

Reviewed by Pat.W

I,m very pleased with this brace. It,s made to last and splints the thumb perfectly while allowing easy wear for everyday activities.

“great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am in New Zealand and this product is the best I have had as I need to wear this everyday, very reasonable priced as well


Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent at stabilising the thumb. Comfortable.

“Good value for money”

Reviewed by Janet w

Much nicer than the hospital brown ones

“Good quality product, good price”

Reviewed by maggiefitz

it is as i expected a splint to be

“Excellent Product”

Reviewed by Nevskiy

The splint I bought was spot on. If I need to purchase similar products again, will be the first on my list.

“Does what it says on the can”

Reviewed by Sue Gent

The Thumb support I Bought from you is eactly what I wanted & i can now use my Bycicle without pain.
Also been a great help when using Gym equipment.
I have arthritis in my Thumb Joint so was finding it difficult to hold in a certain have not got a problem Thank you

“Thumb splint ”

Reviewed by Trigger

Great does exactly what I wanted it to do hope I never need anything like this product again but if I do I know where to come

“Perfect support”

Reviewed by Mooster

I was a bit dubious about the quality if this product due to the cheap price but I am very impressed with how good it is!
Very sturdy support and can be manoeuvred easily!

“Just what I needed”

Reviewed by E A Prichard

I wanted to order two more so that I could wash them and wear them in rotation, but you seem to have sold out in medium size

“Poor fit, no support”

Reviewed by Nikki C

This support did not fit well even though I selected the size suited to my hand size. The support part around the thumb did not provide any support whatsoever as it was too loose, even when the velcro fastening was as tight as possible.

“Does protect thumb joints, but is very warm to wear.”

Reviewed by AA

Advantages/plus points:
Comfortable, lightwieght, easy to put on/off.
Protects thumb joints well with the essential splint

is warm to wear.


Reviewed by Anonymous

I had previously had a splint that held the thumb and the wrist immobile but only required the thumb joint to rest. This splint is perfect, it is far less cumbersome and therefore allows more freedom for the rest of the hand but still holds the thumb joint still.

“Not Appropriate.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am sure this is a good product but it was advertised under Ostrio arthritus of the hands and it was only when I recieved the product I realised it was for thumb fractures etc therefore of no use to me.

“does what it says it does”

Reviewed by buzzt

Thumb stabiliers does what it is.

“Thank goodness for my physio so much improvement”

Reviewed by cathryn

so much better has improved the area so much

“This product did exactly what I wanted it to do.”

Reviewed by Cyberking

Protected my injured thumb and gave me confidence that it was protected from further damage while healing took place. Highly recommended.

“Keep it tight”

Reviewed by John ADams

I have after many many years started to go to the Gym, with this in mind I purchased the Thumb Stabiliser Support, it worked well!!!"

“Very good quality product.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The splint is very well made and provides excellent support. I ordered the small one but unfortunately the thumb is a bit too long but I do have a very small hand. This has not been detrimental in wearing the splint which is comfortable and does the job in resting the joint especially wearing it through the night. I can sleep without pain as my thumb is held in position without bending.

“Not as happy”

Reviewed by Nip Tickler

It Cuts into my hand around the thumb, cotton keeps coming undone, and the metal splint keeps coming out and sticking in my arm.

“Thumb splint”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This thumb brace was excellent. Comfortable to use in the day and at night. Within a couple of days thumb pain was much easier

“Superior quality item”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Recently purchased to aid arthritic thumbs. Metal splint takes a bit of getting used to but at least it doesn't remove itself as an inferior purchase had done. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear for short periods. Used when driving and if thumbs are painful. The thumb can be a tadge uncomfortable but that is my only criticism. I advise users to attach to thumb first, then wrist and readjust thumb if necessary. Overall a good purchase.

“extemely well made”

Reviewed by Maureen

the thumb splint is comfortable to wear and far better quality than others that I've purchased

“Excellent company, excellent product!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The thumb brace is well designed and has proven very successful in treating my strained thumb. It is a firm yet comfortable support that fits well. The company processed my order very quickly and professionally and I would highly recommend both supplier and the product itself.

“does what it says”

Reviewed by barry

I bought two thumb supports to immobilise my thumbs to reduce the arthritic inflammation which I suffer. The supports are very well made and do the job perfectly. The sizes were as stated on the web page, theyfit perfectly. After years of suffering cheap immitations I am glad I splashed out on the real thing. I wish I had done it years ago.

“Excellent Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Not sure how I hurt my thumb, but the pain was awful... the thumb stabiliser has done exactly what it says it does.... stabilisers the thumb! Been wearing now for over a week and because the support doesn't allow me to move my thumb, when I remove it the support at night the pain is becoming less and less everyday by allowing my thumb to rest.

“too big”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Despite ordering the smallest size it was too big

“Thumb stabiliser support splint”

Reviewed by Anonymous

does the job - no problems.

“Left & right hands appear identical”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Comfortable strong and useful. I am a sculptor and gardener and find these mean I can still work whilst preventing my thumb from over stretching and causing me pain (due to osteoarthritis in the thumb joints).

“ok but valcro on wrist could be longer”

Reviewed by Anonymous


“Well made and durable”

Reviewed by shankwool

Quality and precision made, my Physio approved of shape and construction.

“Very good value support”

Reviewed by Andy Prosser

Having broken my thumb goalkeeping, the NHS didn't have the support they wanted to give me and after a week in a splint that restricted my whole wrist I came to good old Physioroom and bought this.

It is perfect from a support point of view, and was praised by my physio as being one of the best he'd seen.

One niggle, for those of us with large hands. The velcro strap that encloses the thumb cuts into the skin between thumb and forefinger. After a day or two, I cut a notch out of the strap with a pair of scissors and that solved the problem.

All in all, very pleased.

“Thumb support splint works well”

Reviewed by Tony Cullen

The thumb support works really well. Purchased due to injury caused by gardening work. Wearing the support provides me with some comfort when working. A good product.

“Good thumb support”

Reviewed by bettygem

Sizing quite snug, good support, rubs a little on the wrist to be tight enough to support, but overall very protective for thumb joint.


Reviewed by Tawny Nye

Functions as advertised, and I'm happy with the support it provides to my thumb. Made of durable and high-quality material. Two pieces of constructive criticism: 1) the garment tag can get in the way of the velcro that goes around the wrist, and 2) even though I purchased the smallest size available (a size small) it's still slightly too big for me.

“Does the job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I could feel the benefits of this support almost immediately. After wearing it for a few hours each day I even felt the benefits without the support. It works. Thank you so much.

“Not for me”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The service and ease of ordering and returns was top class. Unfortunately the splint was not suitable for me as I have quite little hands and my thumb was completely covered and I couldn't pick anything up or use that hand. I would however use PhysioRooms again and would recommend them

“Top notch! Highly recommended.”

Reviewed by Lynda Selis

Very clear, detailed product information; photos + mini video made it easy to pinpoint the exact, dedicated item. The customer reviews were very helpful too.
The splint is excellent, does exactly what it promises. The thumb feels protected and supported, yet the splint allows enough flexibility and grip function at the TIP of the thumb (for me, important when hiking & rock-scrambling). 100% professional item.

“Physioroom Thumb Stabiliser”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Managed to badly strain thumb a few weeks back. Have been accidently knocking it which has been painful and aggrevated it even more. Decided it was time to do something about it.
* Good Points - Provides good support for the thumb, comfortable and price. It provides that physcological element to stop you using the hand as much and therefore protecting it more.
* Bad point - The velcro which is used to strap the thumb into the support is sharp and rubs into the skin between thumb and index finger. You have to wear a fabric plaster to protect this area.

“Disappointed, but not a poor product.”

Reviewed by Tom Thumb

While this brace provides support and stability, which helps, it does not have sufficient bracing around the whole of the thumb, only at the back of the thumb. My thumb tendonitis pain was mostly in gripping, and there was nothing to stop this accidentally happening. It's amazing how much you instinctively grip things! Overall, the pain has reduced, but if it ever happens again, I'd get a whole thumb surround brace.

“Very helpful”

Reviewed by cl hill

I sprained my thumb a week ago playing volleyball and I wish I'd ordered this right away! Bruising is going away on its own so I began to feel I could gently use my thumb again, but every time I used it without thinking, the pain has been awful. Bought this to keep myself from using it unnecessarily and my thumb feels so much better already, just having it in place and not trying to move it about. May actually wear this the first few times I return to the court, too. Thanks for a great product.

“Thumb Stabliliser help me get back on court”

Reviewed by Kim Skene

Following a nasty thumb dislocation, the thumb stabiliser support splint has enabled me to return to the netball courts after only 3 months. Comfortable, neat and doesn't cause a problem with catching and throwing. A great purchase!


Reviewed by Pamela Blake-WilsonThe thumb stabliser

I have recently bought the thumb stabliser support splint and found it more supportive than any I have used elsewhere.
It is not something that I can use all the time but it helps when the joint is tired and week.I would recommend it to anyone who has problems with this joint

“The splint met all expectations”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The splint was recommended by the specialist consultant. It followed advice given following a review of the condition of my wife's thumb after she had suffered a collis fracture and dislocation. The splint has proved to be supportive and helpful.

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