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PhysioRoom Tennis Elbow Strap - Adjustable Elbow Support - Applies Pressure to Forearm for Pain Relief

Product Code: SM033

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Simple yet effective strap applies pressure to the forearm and elbow to ease the symptoms of tennis elbow and more.

When to use it

Used particularly by golfers and racket sports players to prevent and reduce the pain and discomfort of commonly suffered symptoms such as bursitis, tennis and golfers elbow.

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Which size do I need?

The strap is adjustable making it one size fits all. Maximum elbow diameter: 30cm.

Common conditions

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfers Elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Epicondylitis

How it works

Secured just below the elbow using Velcro, this easy to wear strap applies pressure and support to the forearm and elbow while giving the wearer the freedom to carry on playing sports or carrying out work and every day activities.

Product Features

  • FEATURE: Used particularly by golfers and racket sports players
  • BENEFITS: The strap is adjustable making it one size fits all
  • RELIEF FROM: Applies pressure and support to the forearm and elbow
  • MEDICAL USE: For Symptoms of tennis elbow
  • REDUCE PRESSURE: Reduce pressure on the tendon complex at the elbow during repeated movements

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeYes
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseSupport / Protection / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryArm & Elbow Support
Latex FreeYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Tennis Elbow Strap - Adjustable Elbow Support - Applies Pressure to Forearm for Pain Relief has a rating of 4.5 stars4.5 stars (84 reviews)

“Tennis elbow brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Arrived as expected. One size fits all, comfortable, helps reduce pain on movement. Reccommend!

“Good but didn't last”

Reviewed by Hywel

I bought two as good price. First worked for about 2 months then Velcro didn't hold anymore, basically it wears out so no longer 'hooks' on. Second is starting to go the same way.

Good while they last but they probably better off paying more for better quality.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good quality and works!

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Simple transaction, great product. Would buy again

“Needs elastcation ”

Reviewed by Raspberry

Helps a bit with tennis elbow pain, but only a bit. Not at all elasticated so v uncomfortable to bend the elbow as it digs into the crease. Am now using elasticated bandage sleeve with a flat pebble inserted for equivalent relief and am able to bend my elbow without discomfort. Other than that, it looks well made.


Reviewed by lee h

only used for 1 week looks like product works

“good quality ”

Reviewed by Kevin G

Easy to order on your website and good quality items.

“Tennis Elbow support strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Fits well and is already making a difference.

“Great help”

Reviewed by Micky

Although obviously doesn't fix the problem, it now means i can get and do things generally pain free. Its fits well, strong, durable, washable. Really makes a difference to my training.

“One size does not fit all”

Reviewed by AHT

Sadly one size does not fit all, I think the company needs to make smaller ones for women. The quality of fabric is good but as it's too big for womens arms its difficult to get a correct tension on the injured area. I won't bother buying another one.

“it was ok”

Reviewed by birdette

Strap took a bit of getting used to & the buckle dug into the underside of my forearm when bending my arm. It also did slide around under my sleeve even though it was quite tight. The instructions that came with it weren't particularly clear either so was unsure how to position it; watched the video which was as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I did consider sending it back but I think it has helped a bit. Not overly impressed tho, sorry.

“Confortable and not obtrusive”

Reviewed by Leon

I was sceptical of some of the claims of the different types of Tennis Elbow straps. I chose this one because it wasn't expensive and looked like it wouldn't look silly or become a problem with clothing. Form the start my arm ached less and I have felt a big improvement. It is easy to wear and doesn't get in the way.

“Did nothing for me”

Reviewed by Al H

Best to use tape - this product did nothing for me

“👌 ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Ok but can't wear with sleeves

“Worth a try”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The strap fits quite well. It is easy to put on.Occasionally it slips down the arm due to clothing and activity.

“instant relief”

Reviewed by dave Hodgson

Great easy to use ,fits my arm very well ,but more importantly does it help or ease my very painful tennis elbow , certainly helps and once you find the exact place to strap it in position ,you will find it really does he you through the day , I wore mine all day under my shirt and actually continued light weight training and it was superb ......worth the money ,every penny .


Reviewed by Anonymous

does what it says, good product


Reviewed by Anonymous

Not really had it on long Enough yet,but doesn't always stay in place .But have had a Cortisone Injection to aid the healing.It may well help in the long run

“tennis elbow support”

Reviewed by whattoo

feels very comfortable to wear, my husband said it supports the arm well

“Looks good but too large for an average sized woman”

Reviewed by Anonymous

But if I had chunkier arms it would probably have been a favourite. I bought this as a really good value alternative to the strap I usually use which has a latex pad. Unfortunately this has started iritating my skin. Soft fabric. Strong hook/loop fastening. Stiff strip for pressure across the area to take the strain off the tendon. Great value. I am sorry it just wasn't the right size for me. (I am 5'5" and wear size 12.)

“Much-needed support”

Reviewed by NorfolkPhil

An inexpensive support that works for me very well

“Tenis elbow support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great relief offered and good value thanks

“Good Support Strap”

Reviewed by Ted

My wife used the support strap and is very pleased with its effect.

“The relief was imidiate, I was amazed”

Reviewed by Gray from Leicester

Great product, does exactly what it says it does. I just cant believe how quick the pain started to go. Fantastic service, fantastic price, thank you PhysioRoom.

“It is working for me. ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

My elbow was getting so bad that I had started dropping things. It has improved amd the pain has reduced after a week of wear.

“tennis elbow support strap”

Reviewed by Golfer63

The product has helped to relieve pain when I am playing golf. No instructions as to how to position the strap, therefore trial and error to find correct position. Good product for the price.

“Does the job”

Reviewed by CurlyJohnG

This product does just what it says and seems good quality despite the modest price.
Will have see if it helps my tennis elbow in the long term.

“Instantly Relieved My Pain”

Reviewed by Littlekaza

I have been recommended this product and I cannot stress enough how much this has instantly relieved my pain... Simple and effective product.

“Needs better velcro”

Reviewed by Lizzielou

I bought this to relieve my tennis elbow. After reading the reviews where some mentioned how it easily slipped off I went ahead & bought one.
It arrived within a few days & I wore it immediately. I found it quite comfortable but had to fiddle around with it till I felt it was giving me sufficient support.
However I found that the Velcro did loosen off when wearing it & it on a couple of occasions slipped down my arm. On Sunday whilst out I lost it!!! It was on my arm & I retraced my footsteps to see if anyone had handed it in, they hadn't so very disappointed with this product in that respect. I will order something else instead that has better fastenings. Manufacturer needs to be shown these reviews to sort out the Velcro fastenings.

“Pretty useless. ”

Reviewed by Still looking

Delivery was quick and efficient so no criticism there, all highly satisfactory. The product design itself is pretty useless though, no pressure being applied whatsoever by supposed pressure pad. Might as well tie a bandana around your forearm.


Reviewed by SteMizPlanet

Good all round comfortable and flexible support.

“Useful support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The tennis elbow support strap seems to bring relief for me. The strap is easy to secure with one hand as it has a Velcro fastening. The neoprene type material is comfortable to wear.

“Simple and effetive!”

Reviewed by Bob.

Easy fit, stays in place, efficent and effective.


Reviewed by Anonymous

great product that works

“Nice support just for the elbow”

Reviewed by swathi

Nice support just for the elbow

“Great tennis elbow support”

Reviewed by Old Junglie

This has made a positive difference for both my golf and tennis. Simple to use and instantly beneficial. Thank you.

“Elbow support strap”

Reviewed by Lillybell

Great support really helps would recommend

“support strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous

does the job but instructions would be nice

“Does the job. Nothing special”

Reviewed by Clairiebella

I bought this strap, having lost my last one which was a different brand. This is ok, does the job, but nothing special. I think the pad that sits on the sore muscle/tendon could be thicker. The strap relieves some of the pain, which is what I needed.

“Useful support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought this for my husband who has a tennis elbow, once he found the correct position he has found it quite effective at reducing the strain on the affected area. Great price, for such a nifty piece of kit, much appreciated

“Very Good Value”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good value for money. Comfortable but not sure if i have positioned the support correctly as no insructions in with item and online video to quite to hear! Never the less, glad i chose the elbow support strap for my RSI.

“Tennis elbow support strap”

Reviewed by Gerry

The support works very well and does the job. However, the velcro is of poor quality and once washed it does not stick well and keeps coming off. The solution is to sew on to the band some hook velcro where the two surfaces meet and that does the trick!


Reviewed by Anonymous

Did what it said on the tin.

“helps with my tennis elbow”

Reviewed by Anonymous

good product but ridiculous that it doesnt come with any instructions. I looked on Youtube and found a really helpful clip which explains how to fit it in the right place depending on where the pain is.

“Great price, does the job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Exactly what I was looking for, though not to support tennis elbow.

“Fast delivery and great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Fast delivery and great product

“Great product”

Reviewed by Nikkki

Instructions for were to position support would have been good. Also advice on how long support can be worn i.e. A night only, for no more than 2 hours etc

“Comfortable and did the job.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Comfortable and did the job.

“good value and effective”

Reviewed by christie bodywaves

good strap for tennis well and great value for money

“Excellent support”

Reviewed by Mikey

Ideal product for tennis elbow. Perfect.

“Hoping it will improve the pain”

Reviewed by Jualie

Arrived very quickly which I was pleased about as elbow is very painful

“Super fast, cheap and great quality”

Reviewed by Jane Houghton

Came before it was scheduled, well packaged, easy website - would use again

“Worth buying!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Wasn't sure how this would help but it definitely does. It takes the pressure of the muscle and reduces the pain. Would recommend it

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product - effective, neat and comfortable.

“Recommended Highly ”

Reviewed by Hoss

Suffering from daily pain whilst working on the farm I found this support strap excellent, It has allowed to me go about my work with a significant decrease in symptoms. Whilst not a cure, it has allowed my forearm and lower bicep to recover to the point I no longer ache at the end of the day. Definitely recommend this product.

“Took a bit of trial & error, but gave excellent relief!”

Reviewed by Irish Romany

I spent about 20 mins trying to get this positioned in the correct place, so do persevere with it. Initially, I thought it wasn't big enough or just didn't help at all, but stay with it, as where I thought it needed to go was not necessarily where it actually needed to be positioned to give best relief. The best way to do this is to put it on and move around for a few mins using your arm until you find the position that leaves you relatively pain free. Once I found the spot, it made a huge amount of difference to my pain and mobility, although it also took me a few mins to master tightening the strap without moving it off the optimum position - if you have someone to help you, it might be easier, but if not, you will get the hang of it in the end. Excellent little item and a fraction of the price of others I researched. - it really does work!

“Horrible velcro”

Reviewed by fernan

Obviously this review will not be published, cause probably the worst elbow strap I tested.

“Tennis elbow support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product. Helps bring relief to tennis elbow.

“Useful aid”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Tennis Elbow Support Strap. Helps relieve pain during exercise/work.


Reviewed by Bailey

Very good product for price and offers the support it suggests. Not going to cure the problem but certainly makes to day life more comfortable whilst going through the healing process.

“elbow support is good .”

Reviewed by G Moulton

The support could do with a large pad and more velcro on strap.


Reviewed by Anonymous

just what i needed. fits well

“Instructions would be good”

Reviewed by Pyranja

The strap is sturdy and comfortable to wear. Would have been nice to have some instructions as to know where to put it...
Not made much difference yet, but then I'm not sure if I've got it on the right place... ;)

“tennis elbow/driving”

Reviewed by ian mac

first class just what i needed 4 my driving.

“Very good value for the money. ”

Reviewed by Spuddy

Excellent product and good value for money.
If you have a pain in the elbow give this product ago.

“This product really helps me.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product might not suit every one but does me its the second one iv bought for golfers elbow had to get another one as golfers elbow came back to haunt me after an 18 month lay off.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Received about 4 days after placed order. The product seemed very good quality, and can be used on either arm. Unfortunately, it is one universal size, which is ok if you have a bigger arm. But, I needed to use it on my forearm, I have quite small arms, and it was too big. So had to return it. It would probably be a good idea to measure your arm beforehand, and enquire whether it would fit.

“Cheap and cheerful but not adequate”

Reviewed by marv

Bought this for my tennis elbow but was not verry effective for my injury. It would be handy if the plastic hoop had something like a small padding to cover your skin from getting caught in it.

“Tennis Elbow support strap.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Strap has been very successfull in relieving my pain in my elbow.

“its inexpensive and it works”

Reviewed by Steve Neale

Had tennis elbow from fishing and bowling at cricket, then aggravated by decorating to the point that I was in constant discomfort. The support has worked exactly as described , I bowled 10 overs at the weekend without much reaction . The condition is improving with each day that I wear the support.

“Not great”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The washing instructions sit over the velcro area needed to attach it to the rest of the strap which it irritating and in the end the label will need to be removed. I have had the strap for about 3 weeks now and it stretches to a point where it no longer remains fixed and continually undoes itself

Not happy

“Great piece of kit.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have used this item now for about 3 weeks and it has made a big difference. I no longer get bother from my tendon and this allows me to get on with my work etc.

“Velcro didn't last long”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Velcro last about a month...

“Great bit of kit”

Reviewed by Leslie Hill

Have suffered from tennis elbow for a short time and have brought others which I found uncomfortable and generally poorer quality. Am able to wear this one all day and it is as good as when first put on.

“Was amazing pain free for weeks!!! Until the velcro gave up”

Reviewed by gary mark

This product was great and worked well for about 8weeks until the velcro stopped working

“Great support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered this support for my husband, as he suffers with arthritic in his elbow, this has brought he some relief.

“good product with a slight problem”

Reviewed by peter wade

i am a plasterer who suffers badly with tennis elbow,brought the elbow strap and it has help 100% i would recommend this to any one that suffers with my symptoms . the only issue i have is the velcro strap it has lost its crip after only 3 weeks i dont know if its down to the dust enviroment or just a bad velcro strap

“Poor instructions, good delivery”

Reviewed by gnarloomatt

The item arrived quickly and is good quality. But packaging was a bit random; the support was just in a clear plastic sealed bag with one loose sheet of paper 'instructions for use'. the instructions unfortunately don't tell you how to best wear the support, just that it's a support for tennis elbow. So I've spent money on something I'm unsure how best to use.

“Very good.”

Reviewed by Jenjen

I am very pleased with it.

Thank you.

“Great product, great price!”

Reviewed by Joe

I started weightlifting about 6 months ago and started to develop a pain in my forearm/below the elbow once I started to lift heavier weights. After doing some research I diagnosed it as Tendonitis/tennis elbow. This product has been great in reducing the pain and I now dont have to worry about damaging my arm further.

“Good value for money. Does what it says on the tin.”

Reviewed by Richie D

Has definitely helped with my golfers elbow. Can't really fault it.


Reviewed by Denise

A must purchase, I played with confidence and NO pain. Much better using the Strap.

“Great product”

Reviewed by cameraman

great product, looks good too. Highly recommended.

“fantastic ”

Reviewed by s. thomas

great product.

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