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PhysioRoom Neoprene Stabilising Knee Sleeve - Open Patella Support - Knee Support for Pain Relief

Product Code: SM014

£18.98 inc VAT




What is the Neoprene Stabilising Knee Support?

The Neoprene Stabilising Knee Support is an ultra-comfortable hinge-free knee brace that provides support for cartilage injuries, mild arthritis and collateral knee ligament injuries. Latex Free.

When can I use it?

  • Ideal for improving knee stability following medial (inside) or lateral (outside) knee ligament injuries.
  • Provides stability, support and reassurance following menisci (cartilage) knee injuries.

Can be used in all competitive sports such as football

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Which size do I need?

Fits left or right knee.
Measure around the middle of the knee joint.
If measurements indicate two different sizes, then choose the larger size.

  • Small: 31cm-37cm
  • Medium: 37cm-42cm
  • Large: 42cm-45cm
  • Extra Large: 45cm-48cm
  • Extra Extra Large: 48cm-51cm

How does it work?

Made from multi-directional stretch neoprene this knee support provides excellent levels of comfort and support. Two lateral and medial flexible steel springs offer support to the knee joint, while the stabilising upper Velcro straps provide a customised fit for a secure fit and comfort.
An extra-soft patella pad protects and stabilises the knee cap, helping to prevent displacement, while the open patella gives ventilation and relieves pressure on the knee cap itself.

Material Composition

Neoprene 65%, PP 3%, Nylon 27%, Steel 5%. Latex Free.

Product Features

  • Provides support for weak knees, all types of mild ligament damage and pain relief from meniscus cartilage tear
  • Features open kneecap to keep the patella in the correct position, two splints for support to the sides of the joint and bi-directional compression straps
  • Ideal for use during all types of sport activity including football, rugby and skiing
  • Made with high grade neoprene sponge and woven nylon cover. Latex free
  • Fits right or left leg. Hand wash only. Check product descripton for size guide

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseCompression / Support / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Brace
Material CompositionNeoprene 65%, PP 3%, Nylon 27%, Steel 5%
Latex FreeYes
Indication (General)
OsteoarthritisYes (Mild)
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Standard Thigh & Short calfNo
Short Thigh & CalfNo
Standard Thigh & Calf Yes
Internal/External Rotation ControlNo
Abduction/Adduction ControlNo
Range Of Motion ControlNo
Indication (Knee)
MCL InjuryYes
LCL InjuryYes
General Anterior Knee PainYes
Meniscal InjuryYes
General InstabilityYes
General Knee SwellingYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Neoprene Stabilising Knee Sleeve - Open Patella Support - Knee Support for Pain Relief has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (200 reviews)


Reviewed by Kara

I am a 14 year old girl that dislocated knee playing football back in May and i have so nervous to get back ontl the pitch incase one wrong tackle and my knee pops out again. I tried previous knee braces and support and nothing helped. Ordered this one and i feel so secure, and i can get back onto the pitch with no worries of my knee dislocating again. Very tight which is great so my knee feels secire and i can run without any problems. Would really really recommend this to anyone with knee injuries.

“Good support for knee”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good support

“Damage to Knee”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have interior medial ligament damage, and ordered a knee support with straps. It arrived very quickly, and gave me greatly increased confidence in walking as soon as I wore it. It feels sturdy and of good quality, and the price seemed very reasonable to me, particularly with the discount voucher that I found online

“Great Company and Products”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great service. I've bought two products, a knee brace and supports for my heel. Both are fanastic and have helped ease me back into football after 20 years (I'm in late 40's and not played since the end of the 80's). Also had to ask a question of the physio and he gave a quick and full response. Highly recommended.

“Thankyou physioroom”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Since i received my knee braces I have played 6 rounds on golf and I have found them very helpful and my arthritis has not been has painful after walking 18 holes. Harry

“Best product of its kind”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I've looked at several similar products and this appeared to be more than suitable for my needs. I had already bought something similar, but this product is so comfortable that you hardly notice it. Reasonably priced this is a great product.

“ Very robust product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very robust product

Used this brace for 4 days skiing on a seriously weakened knee and survived with very little grief. All in all worked well.

“Great Product at a good price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought the neoprene knee support for my ski holiday, as I damaged the cartridge in my knee last year. Was really worried my knee wasn't up to skiing,so I used this everyday. It was fabulous, it offered great support throughout and I had no problems at all. It really helped my confidence with my knee. Would definitely recommend to anyone to has a weakness there

“knee brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

very good well made

“Torn knee cartilage”

Reviewed by Anonymous

So far the knee strap has provided support. Good quality and would recommend the a torn knee cartilage.


Reviewed by Anonymous

I had an extensive knee operation and needed something to stabilise my knee when working out. I work out on average 5-7 days a week varying in length so I wear this a lot. However this is my second purchase as the first one fell apart after around 8 months of wearing. I tried contacting physioroom but they never got back to me. This is a shame as it is a good product and does the job but it isn't made to last.

“Wouldn't use anything else!”

Reviewed by Jordan W

As a 24 year old suffering with grade 4 degenerative arthritis in my right knee, this support is the best thing since sliced bread! I am an aggressive inline skater and this support allows me to skate for hours on end at the skate park with no troubles at all. Love it.

recommending to friends who are looking for knee support!

“stitching coming apart after only a few wears”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Not a much support as I'd personally hoped for the trouble with ordering online in guess. Stitching coming away around the knee hole after only a few wears.

“Very worth while”

Reviewed by Anonymous

im currently sitting in Val D'Isere been skiing for a week although weather dependant. This product has allowed me to ski for 6 hrs and 46km a day. I have not tested the theory to ski without the appliance as I did not want to spoil a day or a week in case of an accident. I do recommend this product and I will not ski without it in future. I also cycle.

“Excellent product - so comfortable and gives support”

Reviewed by Pieter Wing

Had been looking for a long time for a product like this. Like the way it comes in sizes and not "One Size Fits all ". It is very well made and so easy to put on. Also a very good price.

“Fantastic, knees are fine after a day skiing 😊 ”

Reviewed by Lesley Shell

Bought 2 knee protectors and have been skiing day and they have certainly done the job.


Reviewed by Anonymous

The product did not meet my expectations in terms of the lateral support. Instead of the expected metal braces they are flimsy plastic from the feel of them. Very disappointing.

“Really good buy”

Reviewed by Anonymous

been skiing today in Val Disere not a single problem with my knee joints. I am passing this product onto my friend skiing with me so he can try it out tomorrow to get a more balanced opinion.

“good for the golfer with troublesome knees”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I found this very good support and I was able to complete a round of golf without fear of my knee causing any real problems.

“Great knee support”

Reviewed by EvilAsh182

I'm getting on really well with this knee support, I notice a massive difference in confidence with my knee when it's on. Great price and great quality too. Now going to order another one for my other knee.

“Knee support for Ski Holiday”

Reviewed by Johnboy

Took knee support as a precaution as got some fluid under knee cap. Product was great had no problems even when skiing hard.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Really comfortable to wear, well made good value

“knee support”

Reviewed by jolly r

It does the job giving good support but as it also seems cumbersome and hot behind the knee a little ventilation there would be helpful.

“Outstanding ”

Reviewed by Joeh

Just 1 week after injury this enabled me to run a half marathon without pain.

“What I was after”

Reviewed by worldofpeach

This item was purchased following some discomfort in my right knee whilst running, across the iliotibial band area, and which needed some support. The support is helping to stabilise my knee and allows me to continue running again. It is well made and fits well. As mentioned in other reviews it makes the knee sweat, but then what else would you expect? I am very happy with the product.

“Good Product ”

Reviewed by Tiny Jim

The Neoprene Knee support seems to work for me.

“Great Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Just returned from a skiing trip and these supports were great ! I had one for each knee and they were excellent at offering me the support I needed without feeling restricted !!

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Chris parrot

Purchased this for my Arthritic Knee which was painful after walkiig more than a mile and so I wanted something to help when I go skiing next month. Been having steroid injections but the last one did not appear to work so have just had another so hope that works this time as the painkillers do not appear to work ether.
This does appear to support the joint better but irritates the skin if worn all day so just wear it walking the dog and hope it will be OK for 8 hours when I go skiing. looks nice and strong unlike the last one that tore apart.

“Has enabled me to run again without too much discomfort”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Suffering from "runners knee" and watching training schedule bite the dust. This support has enabled me to get back out there whilst I also work on strengthening exercises to improve my running form.
Pain has been reduced to mild discomfort and the support isn't restrictive to wear. Not sure I have yet got the technique for removal though!

“Good value for money”

Reviewed by djbgj

Good value for money, arrived in good time.

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Matthew Crisp

Great product my husband wouldn't be able to work without the support provided with this support. Highly recommended


Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought for a skiing trip as my knee was sore. Brilliant product, you do not realise you are wearing and supported my knee all week with no problem - and that was after some heavy skiing. Highly recommend for the money.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Ed

I was able to stand up without for the first time in years. One minor issue, sweat build up. Perhaps side vents would help. I'm extremely pleased with the product.

“Offer fantastic support to my knee and is really comfortable”

Reviewed by Jimm

Wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this but was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it is when in place and how much support it offers without restricting movement.
Would definitely recommend .

“Skiing knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I was very pleased with the knee support. It was comfortable to wear and easy to put on. It enabled me to ski all day for a week.

“Great knee support”

Reviewed by Foxiess

Bought for my grandson who injured his lateral ligaments playing indoor 5 aside football. He was taken to hospital,where they strapped it up. He is excersing and wears it for any sport he does, golf. He is going skiing in 6 weeks so will definitely use it for that. He is really pleased with it.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Mulgravemel

on my 3rd Knee support and I find them invaluable and comfortable to ware the service is great and the prices are good the products last with continual use for around 12 months

“A good product at a good price”

Reviewed by Ranald Mackay

Bought this support to hopefully provide me with a bit more comfort when skiing,
I don't have any known serious issues with my knees but they can be a bit creaky and achy.
Haven't yet had the chance to try these out on the hill but wore them for a few hours while out with the dog, I'm confident they will do the job.

“pain relieved”

Reviewed by Anonymous

A robust product.Initially ordered ex large and found to be too big, prompt attention from supplier and large size replacements were forthcoming and do the job a treat.Would not hesitate to shop again as necessary

“Great value!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Ordered a small knee-support whilst the product was on sale at nearly half-price. Very happy with price. Wore the support whilst skiing at the SnoZone in MK, really happy with the stability provided. Very pleased with this purchase - superb value for money.

“Does the job as claimed”

Reviewed by Reggie from N.NOTTS

i'm very happy with the article as I am now once again able to do my country rambling.

“Mr ”

Reviewed by Bryson Middleton

The Physiotherapist was very impressed with your knee brace


Reviewed by Peter Hulbert

A very good product at a most competitive price

“Great product!”

Reviewed by Slazenger-kid

An absolutely great product. I'd been experiencing discomfort when running after recently starting to run again.... Tried a few different types of supports purchased from local chemists but nothing seemed to help but this support did. It's a good fit, well made and comfortable when running... very impressed and would certainly recommend.... nearly forgot good value.... 👍👍

“excellent product”

Reviewed by Scaredycat

Does what it says on the tin, and at a reasonable price. Very happy with the purchase

“knee support”

Reviewed by den

This is the 2nd support from this site after my 14yr dislocated kneecap playing football. It provides the support needed to hopefully prevent it reoccurring & the reassurance that they can continue to play sport. Good fit , but make sure u measure well. We previously bought a support at more than double the price of this one & this one is the prefered one as very comfy and says feels more supportive and top velco strap isn't too long, had to tape other down ! Would recommend this support & company..

“Fit for purpose. Excellent. Perfect.”

Reviewed by Colin Lloyd

Cannot speak highly enough of this knee brace. Superb value for money and most importantly, it works perfectly.

“First rate product”

Reviewed by Tony. S

delighted with Knee support, excellent quality and fit, far superior than anything you could buy in local sports outlet, well done

“Fantastic Product!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I had a swollen/painful knee and poor mobility etc, unsure how I did it but it was an old cartilage injury reappearing. I followed the usual RICE advice which worked but I was still worried about the injury and the likelihood of it reoccurring during my skiing holiday which was only 2-weeks off. Can honestly say that the knee brace did the job! I was able to ski every day, though I was of course careful, but the brace was fantastic, comfortable and gave me the necessary support I needed and it felt secure. I really didn't think I was going to be able to ski, let alone do so every day without causing any further damage to my knee -also,my knee has not suffered as a consequence of skiing, that is how good this brace is.
Good value for money also...def recommend for anyone in a similar situation.

“A second purchase”

Reviewed by John Shenton

Purchased one of these early 2015 and found it to be good after a bit of sewing. Re-ordered this month and the item has been improved massively and no need for any sewing. I am pleased that I sent for 2. I walk cross country a couple of days a week and find the support does what it is supposed to do. I can thoroughly recommend this item

“Knee brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have a problem with my knee a displaced knee cap so I wanted some support because the pain is getting worse . I've used the knee brace a few times now and I do get some relief when wearing the brace

“Good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Easy to use

“try this”

Reviewed by getcarter

try this

“An excellent purchase”

Reviewed by deeaygee

Very good value for money


Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good product. Works exactly as described and the sizing was accurate too. I should have bought two, as the support can take a while to dry when you wash it.

“First class product gives excellent stable support ”

Reviewed by Michael H

In my opinion, this is a well made product which is comfortable and easily adjustable to provide a good stable fit.
It very effectively supports the knee and makes a big difference to periods of standing and walking to a knee which otherwise becomes both swollen and painful.
I thoroughly recommend this Knee Support as both effective and good value

“It works for me - very pleased!”

Reviewed by Phil H

I am 64 and have had a knee problem for about 18 months (doctors say it's arthritis but I'm convinced it's not as I only get pain when the knee is moving and it's just in one specific place). I have tried a few cheap supports which have given some relief but not enough. I was always pulling them up when they slid over my knee and have not solved the problem. I have had this support for just over 2 weeks and have had no pain since and have been able to walk long distances and even run the line at Sunday morning football without the slightest twinge (which would not have been possible before). For me, it's a great product at a very reasonable price and I am much happier with it than I expected to be. Recommended.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Does what it says on the tin...stabilising your knee, but the metal parts either side of the leg pop out through poor stitching and I've had to sew them back into place

“Out door worker ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good quality product
True to size
Good support comfortable

“knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

fits realy well and supportsin comfort

“Brilliant piece of kit”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I needed a support for mountain biking as a previous injury had left my knee quite weak. I thought I should start on the cheap end and work up if needed. I don't need to. For this price this is excellent, the support it gives is perfect and my knee has no problems even on the hills. The only downside is that it gets a bit sweaty.....but it is washable!

“Excellent Knee Support ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product !! Great value and quality.. Knee support fits perfectly.. I ran a 5K race and gave me good support. Very well made compared to branded ones I have used in the past..

“Does exactly what it should”

Reviewed by Anonymous

perfect for the job, I'm ordering another one as a spare.


Reviewed by Flink

Fantastic product and have already passed product details to two other top athletes in the area who were feeling our punishing training routine for the couch to 5K NHS programme.Rock on

“It saved my knees for the Tough Mudder”

Reviewed by azarethita

This is brillian product.

“good support”

Reviewed by James D

Much improved discomfort levels

“great knee support”

Reviewed by nottah1

Got this for golf as my left knee was starting to play up during a round wore it for the first time last week and it seems a great improvement keeping the knee warm and supported would recommend.

“Ideal knee support”

Reviewed by James.

Bought this knee support for my wife following ligament strain. She says it provides the right amount of support and her knee is pain=free when wearing it.


Reviewed by YF

I have a suspected meniscus injury and awaiting scan. My knee is swollen and unstable. I've been wearing this for few days on and off and found it very useful to stabilise the knee so I can walk better (still limping though). It allows reasonable limited movement without clicking or feeling of instability.

“Good knee support”

Reviewed by Emjay

I've had real trouble with my knee and bought this hoping it would help, it's meant to give support and add warmth, both of which it does. I have to say that by the end of the day I was glad to take it off but this was my fault as I think I've been doing it up too tightly above the knee and my thigh was a little sore. Since I adjusted this it's loads better and I can really feel the difference when I do take it off, ie less support. So all in all I do think it's helped a lot, and gradually things have improved. there is no miracle cure for painful knees, but this product does what it claims and I'm happy to recommend it.

“comfy but sweaty”

Reviewed by Chasalec

Comfortable but the hinge-free support bit has popped through the material. I presume as a result of pulling the sock up over the knee. Otherwise it seems to help, which is all I wanted.

“Comfortable with good adjustment ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Non itchy, comfortable material with good quality straps. Highly recomended

“Great help”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good quality, helped a great deal woth my knees

“reduced knee pain which was causing difficulty walking etc.”

Reviewed by mike p.

Really pleased with my purchase. Certainly improves support around knee and reduces pain, especially when playing my chosen sport - crown green bowling- where bending knees is a must. Also, walking up and down steps much improved. A DEFINITE MUST HAVE PIECE OF KNEE SUPPORT.

“Good for price”

Reviewed by Gez

I already own a couple of these knee supports and find them invaluable when playing sports.
The good- good level of support and adjustable. Firm enough to help prevent injury,but also allows for good movement and own knee muscles to work. Good value compared to other makes. Keep knee warm and comfy. They don't rub the back of the knee as Some other supports have.
They do get very hot and sweaty and take time to dry out but It is what you expect from a neoprene bandage.
The only negative, which I think has been addressed in a new design, is the stitching around the metal stays. It breaks too easily and needed regular restitching.

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Steved

Suburb product thank you for all your help

“Good value for money”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Supports my knee (cartilage injury) well for cycling and leg presses. The strap below knee is a bit too long to really add much but otherwise excellent value for this price.

“Very comfortable and holds the knee well”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very comfortable and holds the knee well

“I use it for football and e everyday's OK could be ”

Reviewed by john12345

I use it for football and for everyday's OK could be better..all I n all OK. .

“it does give knee support”

Reviewed by allen Jackson

It takes a while to adjust to the warmth that the knee support generates. I wore it for approx six hours then took it off .Whilst it does not relieve any Rhuematic pain it certainly gives knee support which can prevent any sudden jolt to the knee

“Flexible, Supportive & Well Priced”

Reviewed by Blue Bosun

This product keeps the knee warm and supported but does not take away from any flexibility of the joint. A good product at a top price.

“excellent product”

Reviewed by angus

Found the product very good value and of good quality

“Very pleased with this, good buy!! ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

So pleased with this. Thank you

“Knee Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good support for my knee when playing golf.

“A great value support”

Reviewed by Paul Miles

The support is easy to use, comfortable and offers just the right amount of support I need. It far exceeded my expectations at the price. Very good value.

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Robynn

Really happy with product. Have trained with it and I forget I am wearing it. Definitely 5 stars!

“knee support”

Reviewed by Wendyb

This product was delivered quickly which is what I needed. It provides excellent support & is easily adjustable.

“Good Service”

Reviewed by AndyS

The delivery was very fast and quality of product seems fine.
I have only used it once to support my knee when playing table tennis. It seemed to offer protection and next day the knee did not ache!
One negative is that it was hot and sweaty.

“Good value”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Wasn't really sure what the differences were between the different braces and prices so went for the basic / cheapest one and have found to be fine for what I want - Support for cycling and walking as the physio thinks there is a bit of cartilage damage. Couldn't run with it. Not enough support / due to the injury. Does get sweaty, even with walking, but presume this is the material. Does stay in place.

“Neoprene Stabilising knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought this product on the advice of my physio and was NOT disappointed. Had a MRI scan on my knee and hospital gave me a knee brace that was big, bulky and uncomfortable and i could not wear trousers with it on, then my Physio told me to try the Neoprene Knee support. Now i can wear what i want. Very comfortable and support is amazing. I am now in the process of getting back to work because of this product. IT'S EXCELLENT COMFORTABLE AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Thank you

“superb product”

Reviewed by Howard

Don't know how I have manage so long without them

“Great knee support”

Reviewed by Rosie K

Have only used this knee support a few times so far, but it is very comfortable. Have not had a definite diagnosis for my knee pain, but this support will allow me to keep doing what I need to do in the weeks ahead. Keeps in place and doesn't roll over on top and bottom edges as some are inclined to do. Keeping in mind my limited experience with this brace, I definitely recommend it.


Reviewed by Anonymous

The knee braces are supporting my knees, if I leave them off I soon notice the difference when I am walking. They are comfortable and also keep my knees warm although if it is very hot a little moist.
I would recommend someone with knee joint problems to buy these braces.

“Fine, thank you”

Reviewed by me

as above

“Great easy to use knee support”

Reviewed by Tony South

It fits easily with the two adjustable straps and gives me great support for my knee having had most of the cartlidge removed and have started playing golf regularly again - sadly I am not better than I was or is that expecting too much.
Good support realistic price and does the job

“Does what its supposed to”

Reviewed by Anonymous

cut the the pain when golfing by at least 50%

“Very happy with the knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is comfortable and really eased the pain in my knee. It would be nice to have it in a skin tone colour so not so noticeable. I use the physio ice bag during the evening and then the knee support during the day. The price is really good and I am more than happy to recommend this product.

“Top Quality.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I am 74 years of age and sadly after a very active sporting life suffer with a arthritic knee which has limited my mobility somewhat. I will require surgery in due course and my doctor advised that the use of a support would assist in easing the discomfort.
In consequence I purchased the Physio room support which I am absolutely delighted with. It is a
top quality item which is easy to slide onto the leg. It certainly gives the support I need and indeed has helped to ease the discomfort. I purchased a X large size which initially felt a little tight . However, after a short while it stretched a little and within a few days found it comfortable to wear . I have no hesitation in recommending this support . It has stabilised the knee and am so pleased with this purchase.

“Good Support for my Dodgy Knee”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I purchased this for some support for my very painful knee ligament injuries during the interminable wait for repair surgery. It provides very good support. Sizing was correct. I've given it four stars instead of five as some of the stitiching came undone on the second time of wearing it and the support strut started to poke through. That said, it was easy enough to put a couple of quick stitches in and it's been fine since. I would recommend it.

“I am delighted with this product.”

Reviewed by Poppet

this product is comfortable and an excellent support for my rather unstable knee. I do not wear it every day but when I know I am going to be doing a fair amount of walking then I do wear the support. My physiotherapist recommended that I should wear this type of support. I particularly like the fact that it is easy to pull up onto my knee and then to be able to adjust the fit with the velcro straps.

“A Good buy!”

Reviewed by Gina

I have a strained medial collateral ligament and needed a support to aid recovery. I bought this on the strength of the reviews I read here and haven´t been disappointed. I have been wearing it on and off for 4 days and in this short time (along with using an ice pack) and the pain has decreased considerably. I have managed time on my cross trainer today for the first time in weeks, with no pain whatsoever.
The only downsides are that it makes my knee feel very hot whilst wearing it and it does slip down occasionally (sweat?), but these are such minor points compared to the overall support it provides and my speedy recovery.

“dont like colour”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Need different colours, not just blu and black

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Nordik Walker

It supports the knee well and has got me back to my Nordik walking which I do several times a week.

“Dislocated knee ”

Reviewed by Viking

Recently dislocated knee and tore medial ligament.great support if nervous when cast and crutches removed


Reviewed by M B

Top quality product. Comfortable and offers all the support needed.

“achieves exactly what it is made to do”

Reviewed by Maurice

Quality goods

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Theses supports are the most comfortable I have had and I have had a few. Thank you.

“Comfortable and supportive”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have floating cartilage in my knee meaning it can get very swollen during exercise. This knee brace is the most comfortable and supportive I have ever worn, would absolutely reccommend

“Comfortable but supportive”

Reviewed by Sarap3038

I have hypermobile knees suffering from osteoarthritis and swelling. I have bought these to help my knees during twice weekly Tae Kwondo sessions. They feel supportive, but without being restrictive or uncomfortable.

“ Neoprene Stabilising Knee Support”

Reviewed by Helen Martin

My orthopaedic surgeon suggested this product. It has stabilised my knee perfectly and I no longer need a walking stick. However some of the stitching came undone at the top of the spring, a quick repair later and all is well. I would recommend this to anyone who has torn their patella tendon.

“Mr ”

Reviewed by henry calvert

Bought the knee suport from the website. Very please with it. Help suport my knee thankyou

“Neoprene knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Within a day I was sewing up two seams top and bottom where the splints/ supports we're making there way out , like an underwired bra ladies! Now 3 days on I have had to sew up all of them . Could not return product as I needed the support and was not able to get out to purchase another one , I did order the correct size so not as if that was the fault ,

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

As described, good quality and value, recieved within 1 day

“A great help for bad knees”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I suffer with grinding cracking knees which causes a lot of pain, especially when out walking or jogging. Strapping on these braces has reduced the pain and I feel real support when exercising. Of course the pain is still there but I don't feel like my knees are going to buckle. I was previously using sports tape. Being hypermobile in the joints as well has caused issues for me, but in these I feel like everything is back in the right place.


Reviewed by Athelred

The material and strapping is good but within two days and after one nights work one of the metal strips was poking out by 3 inches. I pushed it back but it did not stay in and was followed 48 hours later by the other strip.

As I was in urgent need of a support as I have a very sore collateral medial ligament I ordered a slightly dearer product from another supplier which is working well.

I now only use this when I need minimal support - sitting at home - for example.

“Seems to be doing the job”

Reviewed by Dougdexta

I have been recovering (post op) from a medial meniscal cartilage tear on my left knee. So far so good with this support, it seems to give me the support that I need and no swelling after running, good value for money.

“excellent product”

Reviewed by Joan boakes

The stabilising knee support is very good quality and after wearing for one week I have more mobility in my knee and can feel it is healing well. The website was clear and easy to use and ordering was a simple process. I would definately recommend this product.

“great to help my arthritic knees through Zumba”

Reviewed by Anonymous

My knees are arthritic & their ligaments prone to stretching. These supports enable me to do low impact Zumba with less pain from the arthritis. Cons hard to take off.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Really helpful , comfortable and gives good support


Reviewed by Alpat

I have had knee problem for many years and have to wear a bandage or support many times and now require a new knee. Due to other problems I 'm having to wait for surgery and since the pain has become worse purchased the Physio room support.
It has been one of the best buys I have made, the support is easy to slide up your leg and the Velcro straps hold it securely in place as the straps allow you to adjust the tension to suit you. I found it comfortable to wear and in the end forgot I was wearing it. It helped ease the pain and gave me the support I needed.
Overall I'm delighted with the Support and wish I had purchased it sooner. The only down side was the mark it left on the knee where the hole was, but that was pain free.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product

“Delivery good, quality of product not quite up to scratch”

Reviewed by Alexander Roe

The service of delivery and packaging was very good, arrived in 5 working days from purchase.

The product itself, material and Velcro strapping are good, with the springs at the side providing an clear and noticeable support to the knee.

My issue, driving my review down to 3 stars, is with the 'pockets' that hold the springs in place. The cotton thread to keep the string in place is not strong enough, I've worn the brace twice and 2 separate springs have burst through the thread and out of the pocket. I've therefore sewn up, using a lot of thread, both ends of the pockets to try and keep the springs in place. Yet to see if my botch has worked.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Recieved product quickly, packaging well. Nice product, very comfy to wear, does the job its supposed to.
Very pleased

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Doug

Well made and comfortable - couldn't ask for more - does exactly what it is advertised to do!

“Great product but short life for runners”

Reviewed by Riccardo

I have a medical meniscus tear and these braces are fantastic for stabilising the knee when running. Without the brace I could not run, with it I ran a marathon and have 2 more coming up. It doesn't pressure the knee cap unlike cross over strap versions after 6 or 7 miles which is good.

Issues: Springs can snap and dig into the side of your knee when running. they also break the stitching regularly. Avoid quad stretches in the brace - stresses the springs and breaks them quicker so stretch then pull it over the knee. Also for running start with it less tight - you want to tighten it to feel secure but that can squeeze calf / tendon and the brace is fine without being over tight.

Overall great but lasts 3 months max for distance running.

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent. Does exactly what it is supposed to.

“does what it claims to do”

Reviewed by APS

Fit good and support excellent, it has vastly improved my mobility and quality of life in general (I can play with my grandson which means a great deal) I would recommend them to anyone with dodgy knees , arthritis etc,.

“Great Support”

Reviewed by J Shenton

A couple of the metal braces broke through the neoprene but once re stitched things were great. A brilliant support for my knee enabling me to do quite difficult rambles

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Product fulfilled requirements. Very pleased.

“Excellent product - gives support and easy to use”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought this product following treatment for contused patella with avulsion fracture of knee....this support keeps the joint warm, allows good mobility with support. It has given me the confidence to tackle uneven terrain again and the joint pain went within three days of using the product.


Reviewed by sheila macgregor

I went off skiing hoping this support would be the best one for my knee, but after a day the stitching came apart and all that was happening was the things came out of the support, not great when you buy something hoping it would last I will be sending this item back and a refund I hope will be issued.

I am awaiting an operation and the skiing became very nervous for me when I had a knee support that never did the job.

“A well made and comfortable knee support ”

Reviewed by roger s

A little early to assess this product having only used it on a couple of occasions while playing badminton. It gives me physical support to the knee after a Meniscus tear op along with additional confidence.

“Very Supportive”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Picked up a medial/posterior injury and along with ice, rest and elevation this has proved a big help as I wait for my first physio appointment.
A quick visit to A&E confirmed my self treatment and they were impressed with the support.

“Good but could be better”

Reviewed by Gordon Lambie

After only three days use the stitching burst on one of the pockets holding the metal springs. I had to re-stitch this myself and I haven't had any further problems. The knee support has provided good stability for my knee and allowed me to continue with my activities whilst my knee injury heals.

“A good brace let down by inadequate stitching.”

Reviewed by Peter H

In use the brace provided excellent support. It is however difficult to remove and needs a clear instruction to pull it down rather tham push. Pushing results in the inadequate stitching coming apart liberating the metal strips. I resolved this by restitching the broken areas in three places which is demanding work. I could simply have removed the metal inserts and used the brace without them.

“Excellent value - and does the job well”

Reviewed by Anonymous

So far I've only worn it twice, but it seems to be excellent quality and gives me all the knee support I need to feel secure.

“Very supportive”

Reviewed by Jean

I have detached fibula's which dislocate easily. Walking has become an increasing problem, however with these support I am walking comfortably up to 8 miles and counting. My knees feel supported and there is much less pain after a walk.

“extremley usefull piece of equipment”

Reviewed by Big Al

Would recommend to any one with a knee strain

“Stabilising Knee Support”

Reviewed by NattyB

Excellent. As I was embarking on a ski trip with family, I was really nervous about skiing. I'm not an experienced skier and following a knee injury (possibly contributed by bad ski ability), I required an arthroscopy on my left knee. The knee is still troublesome, but manageable. I'm aware of it, but rest it when I need to so generally take care of it. As a seasoned triathlete I need my knees as I compete at long distance - half iron and full distance ironman triathlon. It was suggested to me to invest in knee braces - I thought what have I got to lose? As soon as I tried on the braces when they arrived, I knew they would make a difference. The support is incredible. I booked a ski pass and equipment and whilst refraining from any difficult red or black runs, I did enjoy my time skiing, covering over 100 miles over the 6 days. Knee braces have been a godsend.
I haven't ran or cycled since the trip but am confident with a few days' rest and a bit of TLC, I'll be be back on the bike and running without too much of a problem.

“More than excellent ”

Reviewed by Jeremy Norman

The product does exactly what is advertised . Gives total support to a cartlliage and ligament injury.

“Fantastic - worth every penny!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

My son was diagnosed with a bruised medial ligament which would take 4-6 weeks to heal. He is on his feet all day and was in pain. The GP said 'strapping' the knee might help. I searched your site for the right type of support - which was very easy - and purchased the recommended type of support. The results are fantastic. My son's pain is much reduced (from 9/10 to a maximum of 4) and he is able to work. (Rests the leg the rest of the time.) Fast delivery - it arrived the next day. Some supports are 'one size' I'm certain they could not provide such good support. This one comes in several different sizes to fit S to XL knee circumferences. It fits well and is comfortable to wear. I'm so glad I bought it!

“Made me a better skier”

Reviewed by Sophie

I wa diagnosed with a medial ligament sprain in mid January after a skiing fall, I took this product with me at half term to go skiing again I had rested my knee up until this point and was nervously thinking I wouldnt be able to manage even the easiest slopes, I have previously had my acl repaired and have had other knee problems. This product made me ski better than I have skied in years I tackled everything with confidence, Black runs, off piste the lot it was brilliant and all of my friends and family couldnt beleive how well I was skiing again after been in pain and losing confidence. This is now my magic knee support and I will use it forever x


Reviewed by KKM

Exactly whaty knee needed!!

“Delivered as per promises thanks”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Delivered as per promises thanks

“good stabilising support”

Reviewed by Criffle

Excellent support, does the job as described. Well made and should last a long time, not bulky and good value

“Brilliant ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I recently bought this support following knee surgery. I am an arthritis sufferer.
My physio recommended I use a knee support as I had swelling & in a great deal of pain
3months post surgery. I can honestly say it was money well spent. I have both swelling and
Pain in control since using.

“Very Pleased!!”

Reviewed by Dave Lyon

I suffer with a weak left knee. Being an ex bodybuilder, worn joints can happen. I bought this knee support because if I walk for longer than an hour, my joint is sore and keeps giving out. I used the support this weekend for the first time and went for a 5 mile walk with no problems at all. Great support and a perfect fit with no need to pull it up because it didn't slip down like some others. "Fantastic"!

“Should have bought two.”

Reviewed by Paul B

This is a high quality product, it is well made, fits properly and is easy to adjust. My knee problem is not chronic but the support really helps when coming down hill off the moors and mountains. I will be buying one for my other knee.

“very good for skiing”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is a very good support for knees with little carteledge left. Also a very good price. Thankyou! It's just made my 2 weeks skiing much more comfortable.

“Great product; great value; delivered within 72 hours”

Reviewed by Disco Jim

I needed new knee supports for skiing. These looked like they would do the job. They were delivered within 72 hours. I have just returned from a week's intensive skiing, and the supports were excellent. They did the job and I hardly knew I had them on. Excellent VFM too. Highly recommend.

“Great product; great value”

Reviewed by Disco Jim

I needed new knee supports for skiing. These looked like they would do the job. I have just returned from a week's intensive skiing, and the supports were excellent. They did the job and I hardly knew I had them on. Excellent VFM too. Highly recommend.

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Sam the man

Excellent item good support on my knee

“Fantastic product”

Reviewed by JT

I have a medial collateral ligament injury and the knee support has allowed the injury to recover by stabilising the joint. After a week of wearing the knee is feeling great - an excellent product.

“Great ”

Reviewed by Shetlander

The knee support is a good quality piece of equipment

“Very good support piece of kit”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Easy to put on and accurate with the location of the hole surrounding the knee cap. Comfortable to wear all day and not warm. Does not bunch up and the straps provide for various levels of tightness depending on needs. Very good product for the money without getting into more technical pieces of kit.

“Knee Support”

Reviewed by heather hunaban

better than one size supports bought from chemist

“Stabilising Knee Support”

Reviewed by Prudence

I had a car accident a few years ago and now my knee needs support. I bought the large size so I could wear it over my jeans as when walking or using steps a lot I can adjust the straps. I am confident with the support it gives which means a lot because you feel confident in striding out. I would recommend this to anyone with knee problems.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Andrew Duxbury

Brilliant. The knee support is great and makes my mountain bike riding much more enjoyable.

“knee support”

Reviewed by jude

good product and accurate description. Tracking of order was precise and great

“very good”

Reviewed by Painful Phil

This support has given me more flexibility and knee support than with just a knee bandage type support
My knee feels good after 18 holes of golf, pain free.

“very good in helping me to do exercises”

Reviewed by keith

My physio recommended this support to me and he was right, no pain when I exercise.

“good product does the job well”

Reviewed by philip ray

Good product comfortable supporting knees.


Reviewed by Anonymous


“Knee Support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product, very well satisfied.

“A good support although it tends to slip down a bit”

Reviewed by Mrs. C. Giltrow

As mentioned above, a good support but it does slip down a little so that the opening is slightly below the knee although I bought the smallest size.

“Great fit, great support”

Reviewed by AP1307

Support has given me added confidence out on the golf course, only thing I'd say is it does get warm & I have had a heat rash develop. Wouldn't put me off buying again though.

“Excellent Support for Soccer!”

Reviewed by Jess

Played my first tounament for 3 month in the Stabilising Knee Support after having a my cartilidge sutured together and it was amazing! I also have a complete rupture of my ACL and I am having surgery on that in 2 month so I needed a support to provide sturdy stability for me to be able to participate again and I couldn't of asked for more from this product! It allowed me to bend/dive/twist/slide (I play in the net!) without any problems and allows me to completly forget about my injury whilst playing as I felt so secure! I will be using this all the way up to my Op and after aswell! I would recomend the Stabilising Knee Support to anyone and it can't be anything but 5 stars!

“does what it says”

Reviewed by Samexton

Comfortable to wear nice to be able to adjust the securing velcro straps. Only problem is its not machine washable but apart from that would by another one, and recommend to others. Thanks PhysioRoom.

“delighted with my purchase”

Reviewed by Mike Wooldridge

I was recommended this product by physioroom as the solution when playing golf.
The product gives excellent support, whilst allowing the full range of movement required during the golf swing.

“Good support - and allows good range of movement”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Fine for riding bike, I use it for karate and there is some pressure as you prepare a kick but it seems to help.

“excellent support for snowboarding”

Reviewed by Paul (London)

I cracked my right front tibia a while back and the week before I was about to go on a snowboarding trip the pain started to resurface, I could hardly put any walking pressure on my knee so I bought the Stablising knee support after reading good reviews, I wore it for a few days before leaving and it really helped provide support walking on flat surfaces and up hills (being amongst the mountains). The Stablising knee support provided a very comfortable flexible fit around the knee and helped a lot while snowboarding, still allowing natural movement. Would definetely recommend.

“Great Product”

Reviewed by Chubanana

Read all the reviews before purchasing. Very comfortable and gives great lateral support when I am training. Washes easily and quick drying.

“Fantastic support and good quality product”

Reviewed by Aviva

I bought this knee support for strained ligaments on inside of my knee. It provided great support and allowed me to walk easier while it healed. will continue to use it when I run now. The fabric allowed my skin to breathe. Really great products.

“knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Generally gives excellent support but became uncomfortable if wearing all day, it also got hot and sometimes gave me a bit of sore skin. Having said that it was good for purpose on days that I really needed support.

“good overall mid price knee brace.”

Reviewed by Alan Smith

Brace works well and appears to give good support, second time I wore it one support broke through the stitching at top, have restitched it as didn't want to be without it! it is so much more supportive than normal elasticated knee supports when playing football and having shied away from buying one before, I now wish I had bought one ages ago!!

“Knee Support”

Reviewed by Annabel

The knee support was very comfortable to wear no pinching behind knee and very comfy on cycle.

“Does exactly what it says on the pack”

Reviewed by NickFB

Ever since my first cartiledge op in 1998 i've been wearing vulkan knee supports just the neoprene ones which were very comfortable and did the job then in 2008 i had another op on the same knee and was told to give up badminton because i had atheritis grade 4 in it so now because of my job as a woodsman and part-time Firefighter i have to wear a brace every day needless to say i have 4 braces which are extremely good.

“Careful if you have chunky thighs!”

Reviewed by Matt

Firstly, the product is great, well made, lots of support, and the service is great (nxt day delivery).
However, be careful ordering this if you have chunky thighs - I played football in central defence for 15 years, I'm quite a well built chap with well developed quads. I measured within the "large" size limits given on the site. Whilst the support fitted fine below & around the knee, I found that the top part was too narrow, uncomfortably so - the top strap was redundant & when I walked the top of the support dug into my hamstring. I just think that the generic shape of the support isn't suited to chunky thighed foootballer-types like me unfortunately.


Reviewed by Trish

The support took a while for me to get used to as I was only used to lightweight pull on elasticy one, it felt a little stiff and quite strange, but after about an hour I felt so much better, I struggle with quite bad pain in my right knee, well, this support made me feel like the bionic woman!!!! I could get up from sitting without having to wait for my knee to get used to being in another position!!!! Marvelous!!!!! I recommend this product to anyone with knee trouble who needs support.

“Excellect support but slight build problem”

Reviewed by R Varia

Orginally purchased this 6 months ago after multiple ACL injuries during jujitsu training and so far no problem. Feel so much more confident in my training and competition with this in place and the main thing is no further injuries. So much so I bought one for the other knee.

However one slight construction problem. On both supports the metal springs have managed to work their way through the material at their ends and I've needed to sew them back in. Not a major issue and could be related specifically to my type of training which requires a full range of movement in my knees, probably not a problem if you are running or something.

“Keeping my football going”

Reviewed by Robbo

Used these supports for the last couple of seasons, find they give perfect support and confidence to keep me playing despite ligament problems in both my knees, perfect during full play as no pain caused on impact to me or an opponent, also has an added advantage of stopping burns when sliding on astro turf parks.

“Have worn one day what a difference.”

Reviewed by stuart strachan

Only one day on and I can't believe the difference, the support and added confidence is great, hopefully I can get back to playing sports in the near future, superb. It gets a bit hot but that's the only negative.

“Happy customer”

Reviewed by Nats

The PhysioRoom stabilising knee support is an excellent alternative to the more expensive supports available on the market. It is easy to use, providing good support to my injuries (I currently have a torn cartilage and partial tear of the ACL), I was able to take part in a training session, running and kicking a ball. Although I am yet to use the support during a real-time match situation, I am confident this will provide the right level of support, after I have had my operation.

“Excellent brace”

Reviewed by R Varia

I wear this during martial arts training and competitions and in several months of wearing it I have yet to have a re-occurance of ligament injury which has plagued me for a couple of years.

Would definately reccommend it to anybody who requires this type of support.

“Great value product”

Reviewed by Pintu

I have been using it after a cartilage injury: it is a good product at a very decent price. It offers a nice mix between support and freedom. The product looks solid (we'll see in the long run!). Retains a pleasant heat while remaining breathable.

Very hard to beat such value in this price range!

“Great Knee Support”

Reviewed by Robert

I bought two of these for both knees after damaging my MCL playing golf. I'd have thrown in the towel by now had it not been for these great knee supports. I still have problems with my knees whilst golfing but these supports allow me to continue playing with minimal discomfort.

The ONLY issue I have with them is after continuous use the material gives way (neoprene and stitching) and the only thing for it is to replace them which I'm just about to do now after 8 months of repeat usage. But all in all they are well worth the small investment.

“Aids the knee well but beware escaping steel springs”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have used this product for about 18 months. It works well, is comfomtable up to about 2 hours and is effective when used in the gym or while walking or cycling. However, the flexible steel springs on the outside of the brace have pushed their way through the stitching at the bottom and, by the end of a gym session, both of them are most of the way down my calf. Another drawback is that the support becomes extremely sticky during a workout or long walk and is then very difficult to remove. As a result, the brace starts to smell and requires regular washing.

“Does what it says”

Reviewed by BonTrekerGirl

I bought this to help me get back on my feet, as I suffer from a bone condition called Osteochrondritis Dissicans disease, which means my knee can give way anytime. So far, I have been able to stand up and walk around with no pain and my knee feels perfectly stabilised. I'm an avid cyclist, so am hoping that with this excellent support, I'll be back on my bike in a matter of weeks!!

“Fast Fix to an old problem.”

Reviewed by D.Mac,

The Physio Room Stabilising Knee Support was excellent value, and gave me confidence to go back to light running after around a two year lay off.

I would ask anyone who thought that jogging was over, to try this support and they will be back on the road in no time.

“absolutely brilliant!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

this is a very comfortable and efficient knee support. I have an unstable knee which was giving me a great deal of pain, but now I can work out in the gym absolutely pain free. Keeping the knee stable has allowed me to continue with my gym routine. I am now working the muscles which need to be worked to get my knee naturally stable again.

“Instant pain relief”

Reviewed by leslie Jones

The relief I received IMMEDIATELY I put the support on is AMAZING, I feel as if I could run a marathon.
Thank you PhysioRoom!!



Reviewed by Zorran

I'm training for the New York Marathon in November and recently suffered very painful inner knee pain. The Stabilising Knee Support allows me to carry on running, lessening the pain considerably. I ran 15 miles last Sunday and the support stayed in place perfectly and was very comfortable.

Additional comments from The Team

Good luck with the marathon!

“Great and versatile product!”

Reviewed by Chris Morley

I have used this support for both running and resistance exercises (including barbell back squats!), and the performance of this product is second to none.

“Relief from a torn cartilage”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I found this support excellent. After suffering from a torn cartilage I can now enjoy my badminton without pain and with confidence.

“Good, but not what I needed”

Reviewed by Nige

I was advised by PhysioRoom that I needed the Bauerfeind Genutrain S at some 120GBP, so I was looking for a cheaper option. I was correctly advised that this Stabilising Knee Support would be better than my existing supports, in that it had spiral steel side reinforcement and other goodies as described on the website. However, I was surprised that, as a recent introduction, it had no perspiration relief features, so it was unsuitable for a trek of more than an hour or so.
Therefore, I had to consider a Bauerfeind option (see my review).

“Excellent effective appliance.”

Reviewed by JWIL

Very pleased with the product which fulfills it's purpose very effectively

“excellent serves all round”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Knee support excellent. Used it for 3 hours first day and did not experience and problems. Would recommend to anyone needing a knee support.

“Great pain relief”

Reviewed by Stu Cleverley

Great pain relief straight away, i,ve bought one more for the other knee know.


Reviewed by Anonymous

This is such a good support that I'm ordering one for the other knee! Where I was in pain and forever "tweaking" the injury, I'm now pain free and its letting the injury heal.

“Made walking a pleasure again”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have purchased one knee support and it has been a great success, so am buying a second for the other knee which is not in quite such desperate need!

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