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PhysioRoom Neoprene Knee Sleeve - Stabilising Open Patella Knee Support - w Hot/Cold Pack

Product Code: SM014BUN

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What is the Advanced Stabilising Open Knee Ligament Support & reusable hot heat / ice cold gel pack?

The PhysioRoom advanced stabilising open knee ligament support is a very comfortable hinge-free knee brace that provides support for cartilage injuries, mild arthritis and collateral knee ligament injuries. The reusable hot / cold gel pack is a versatile, mouldable gel pack that can be used as a therapeutic pack for your knee injury.

When can I use the Advanced Stabilising Open Knee Ligament Support & reusable hot heat / ice cold gel pack?

The advanced stabilising open knee ligament support is ideal for improving knee stability following medial (inside) or lateral (outside) knee ligament injuries. The knee support can also be used in all competitive sports such as football. The hot / cold gel pack can be used as an ice pack during the early stages of a knee injury to help reduce pain, swelling and bleeding in the tissues. Use the heat pack later to help the healing process by increasing blood flow and to promote relaxation.

Free PhysioRoom Towel

How does the Advanced Stabilising Open Knee Ligament Support & reusable hot heat / ice cold gel pack work?

The PhysioRoom advanced stabilising open knee ligament support is made from multi-directional stretch neoprene which provides excellent levels of comfort and support. Two lateral and medial flexible steel springs offer support to the knee joint, while the stabilising upper Velcro straps provide a customised fit for a secure fit and comfort. An extra-soft patella pad protects and stabilises the knee cap, helping to prevent displacement, while the open patella gives ventilation and relieves pressure on the knee cap itself.

The hot / cold pack contains soft gel that conducts heat or cold, to use place in the fridge or freezer and it will remain cold, or warm in hot water (or microwave oven) in order to use it as a hot pack. The gel pack measures 12x12cm (5x10").

Which size do I need?

Fits left or right knee. Measure around the middle of the knee joint. If measurements indicate two different sizes, then choose the larger size.

  • Small: 31cm-37cm
  • Medium: 37cm-42cm
  • Large: 42cm-45cm
  • Extra Large: 45cm-48cm
  • Extra Extra Large: 48cm-51cm

Product Features

  • Provides support for weak knees, all types of mild ligament damage and pain relief from meniscus cartilage tear. The gel pack can reduce swelling when cold or relax tight muscles when heated.
  • Features open kneecap to keep the patella in the correct position, two splints for support to the sides of the joint and bi-directional compression straps
  • Ideal for use during all types of sport activity including football, rugby and skiing
  • Made with high grade neoprene sponge and woven nylon cover. Latex free
  • Fits right or left leg. Hand wash only. To use gel pack freeze or heat in the microwave for no more than 15 seconds. Check product descripton for size guide

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseCompression / Support / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Brace
Material CompositionNeoprene 65%, PP 3%, Nylon 27%, Steel 5%
Latex FreeYes
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Standard Thigh & Short calfNo
Short Thigh & CalfNo
Standard Thigh & Calf Yes
Internal/External Rotation ControlNo
Abduction/Adduction ControlNo
Range Of Motion ControlNo


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Neoprene Knee Sleeve - Stabilising Open Patella Knee Support - w Hot/Cold Pack has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (45 reviews)

“My XXL knee support at a very good price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

After reading all advice on the site I opted for a knee support in XXL. One of the few sites that offer a larger size. It arrived when it should and I am extremely happy with the results. Only trouble is no one tells you how sweaty you get!

“knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The support did what was asked of it and was comfortable to wear. The website was easy to negotiate and the delivery method was efficient


Reviewed by olden

Very good support soft and comfortable

“Excellent support for the knee after surgery”

Reviewed by SonnyK

Having just had my fifth knee surgery, I needed a product that can help in my rehabilitation. I looked around for similar products but was most impressed with this particular product. It is serving me well in my fight to get fit for a 5km Sponsored run in June. Highly recommended.

“Good quality ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

As above

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Mick from Rochdale

I have not played golf for 2years but only having used this knee support for 3weeks I feel confident enough to book some lessons and start back playing


Reviewed by Jani H

The knee supports are very useful and supportive when walking or exercising. We bought them for skiing and have yet to try them.

“Does the job ”

Reviewed by Del bowman

Good product injuried crucial ligament and this has helped loads ,


Reviewed by Snoopy

Having had knee problems for a while I needed a good support,My knee needs an operation and I work outside using a ladder therefore this product has been my saviour. The product gives excellent support yet still allows freedom of movement I would recommend this to people who need a strong yet comfortable support.

“Does exactly what it should”

Reviewed by Golfergirl

I bought this knee support as i had bought from Physio room before. The supports are exactly what is required and the hot/cold pack is very handy too.
They fit well and offer excellent support as I play golf and hockey.

“A great quality support ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Once on, the support given is fantastic, though I had to wear it a few times to get it to feel supple enough to run in. The general quality of the product is excellent for the price, also the service from PhysioRoom has been brilliant, I will certainly use them again in the future.


Reviewed by Keffy

It has helped a lot while working

“Does the job”

Reviewed by Mark Livsey

Good product, well made. Although you can use the gel pack for both hot & cold i recommend it best used for heat treatment. I bought mine for cold treatment and the pack goes to body temp in no time.
Also I ordered mine according to the recommended measurements, it fits ok but if I'm not using the gel pack there's up to 2" overhang on the velcro strapping which I have had to trim of.
All in all a very good strong well made product for the price.

“Knee support”

Reviewed by Nanazoo

These knee supports are surprisingly light as well as sturdy and comfortable.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Fray Walker

Every bit as good as I'd wished for. excelNt value.
Highly recommended!

“Comfortable solution”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This brace provides a comfortable and fairly cool solution for my hypermobile knees.Easy to pull on and wear.

“Brilliant support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

After suffering a fractured kneecap 6 years ago, l've had severe pain continually. Recently l had another fall on the kneecap and had to revert back to crutches gain. Sent for this support after reading the reviews and l couldn't be feel more happier and secure, l wear it from morning until night. Most comfortable appliance, can't recommend it highly enough.

“Excellent, Wearing this knee aid has made my pain dissapear”

Reviewed by Pierre

Very pleased with this product that has changed my life significantly.

“Best Knee Support”

Reviewed by Gordon1955

I was sceptcal at first, having tried various supports before for various knee injuries. My current injury is a torn medial ligament. I bought this to support my knee whilst it recovers. The support ius so effective that I can even play golf wearing the support. The only downside is that prolonged wear does make my knee sweat and become itchy!

I am prone to knee injuries so I expect to get plety of use.

Have only used the gel pack as a cold compress and it is adequate for the job.

“Good fit but one problem one of the metal supports came out ”

Reviewed by J winning

Great fit, fast delivery. My pm,y problem is that after wearing it for one day one of the metal supports came out!!!


Reviewed by Limper

This is the best knee support I have found, it really does make a big difference to my mobility
Great product

“Top class product”

Reviewed by Haich

I found this knee support ,to have excellent control of my knee especially when kneeling, I am 82 yrs old and quite active ,
I have found that after wearing the physio room support , after wearing for 2days I was able to remove it and not wear it every day , this I couldn't do with my old knee support,I had to wear it every day, that I am very pleased about , all in all very pleased with my purchase, many thanks.

“Works great helps relieve the constant ache ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Helps ease some of the constant ache from the arthritis in my knee

“Seems to be helping a lot. ”

Reviewed by R gosling

Supportive and well made. Causes sweat.

“What a relief!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have rheumatoid arthritis which affects a number of my joints - the pain in my knees being most disruptive to my daily life. This support gives me the ability and confidence to walk in a more natural manner, and without my walking stick. It is great when I need a couple of hours relief especially on days out as it helps me to participate more in activities with the family.

“Mr John B Cooke”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Now after wearing this support, I can throw away my walking stick

“The knee supports do exactly what I wanted from them.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have arthritis of the knees and have pain during and after every game of golf. I have worn these knee supports on both knees and I have been pain free for three rounds now. I now use them for any walking activity. I would recommend them.

“Does What it say's on the Tin!”

Reviewed by Paul Wolstencroft

Used the knee support for a 'Tough Mudder' event as I had damaged my knee a few weeks previous to the even and it had not fully recovered. The support was comfy and provided great support and reassurance for the event. As the event was 12 miles of assault course, mud and water I was unsure whether the support would hold up to it, but it exceeded my expectations. highly recommend this product.

“Great highly recomended.”

Reviewed by PK7

Exactly what i wanted.

“Fantastic ”

Reviewed by Naz

This product has helped me so much with my football. If I didn't have this, I would be running for 10mins due to my ligament problem but now I could play the full 90mins with any pain! Absolutely fantastic product!

“excellent ”

Reviewed by moggs1313

Ran a 10k invcbl obstacle run last weekend after having problems with my knee. Wearing the support really helped. Completed the run with no problems during or after.

“Perfect support for walking during mild arthritis flare.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I've been walking to aid weight loss, but it's been hindered by a mild arthritis flare giving pain in one knee in particular. After some research I found this product and I'm very pleased that it's helped.
Reasonably priced, well made, comfortable.....and stays in place. (Gel pack a bonus!)

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Johnt

Excellent product
Very happy customer.

“Great price, great fit ”

Reviewed by Triumph23

amazing quality and are perfect for doing sports etc pain free, would definitely recommend them.

“knee support with hot and cold gel pack.”

Reviewed by clyde moon

I purchased this product to support my knee whem country walking as I suffer with cronic arthritis due to a worn knee joint. It is a very good product and helps me alot. By wearing it I find I am walking more distance more comfortabley. Have not tried it eith my bike yet but sure it will be ok. Recommend this product.

“Has stabilised my knees since I started using them”

Reviewed by pappion7

I bought these because since my accident in 2004 I have been unable to walk very far without my knees giving way and also it was very painful.

Since wearing the supports the pain has reduced and they are very comfortable to wear.

I am very pleased with my purchases.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Brucey

I have fibro-myalgia. I have had it for 40 years. My knees are getting progressively worse and the only thing I get from my GP is to strengthen my quads which is impossible for me or most people with this disease! This support is brilliant. It gives all round support to my knee and holds the knee cap still and in line (I have twisted bones in my lower legs). I would recommend this product to anyone who needs solid support of the knee


Reviewed by jb

i bought a knee brace and then i saw this support with the ice pack and i thought they were a set, they are not.
the ice pack is a good quality one so i am happy with that.
the leg brace is very strong and bulky so not great under my trousers.
my knee is likely to get worse so it will come inusefu i think
good quality so read the spec before you buy and i think you will be happy. jb

“knee support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

good product,good deivery, very satisfied. will use yiu again when required

“Excellent Product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This knee support does exactly as it says providing comfortable yet firm support to the knee


Reviewed by Anonymous

Purchased for skiing so not used other than x trainer as yet, so far so good, definitely provides good support although found it difficult to get off my leg when I had worked up a bit of a sweat.

“Fantastic product ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product. Improved my knee pain dramatically.

“Quality to rely on”

Reviewed by H

I now have two Knee Supports - both from Physioroom - so I'm almost bionic. The supports help give me the confidence to run on my ageing knees - indeed to sprint!

“Not bad for the price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I found this support to be quite comfortable but it does pinch the skin behind my knee a little. I found the size guide (measure around the centre of the knee) to be inaccurate as according to this guide I am a size medium but i found it to be far too tight. Its worth ordering the size above too to make sure you get the right fit.

“Excellent quality and value”

Reviewed by David H

Knee brace fitted well and supported knee as requitred. Comfortable to wear and effective in supporting.

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