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PhysioRoom Kinesiology Tape Blue 5cm x 5m

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What is Kinesiology Tape Blue?

Super thin, highly elastic therapeutic tape that provides support and compression for sports injuries, muscular tension and joint distortions.

When can I use it?

  • To support muscles during sports activities
  • To address muscular tension
  • To activate the endogenous analgesic systems

How is it applied?

  • Skin needs to be free of oil, sweat, lotion or water prior to applying the tape.
  • Apply the tape one hour prior to sports activity or showering - this allows the glue to adhere fully.
  • Try to avoid over-stretching the tape during application to avoid skin irritation.
  • Reaction to the tape is rare, but new users, or users with sensitive skin, should look for signs of irritation.
  • After application, the tape should be rubbed to activate the heat sensitive glue. NB Do not use a hairdryer to activate the glue.
  • Kinesiology style tape is designed to be worn for 3-5 days.
  • An hour after application it will withstand athletic activity and showering without coming off.

Free PhysioRoom Towel Guide to Kinesiology Tape

Tape composition

  • Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Glue: 70g/m2 acrylic acid


  • Large: 5cm x 5m (2" x 5.5 yards)

Please note: This product is the large roll shown in the image.

How does it work?

Designed to have the same profile and elasticity of skin, Kinesiology Tape is applied with medical grade, heat sensitive acrylic adhesive. Kinesiology tape was originally invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, in the 1970's to closely support muscles and joints during everyday, leisure and sports activities, Kinesiology Tape provides compression without restricting movement.

Used across a wide range of sports by leading athletes, including Gareth Bale, David Beckham, Ashley Cole (football), Serena Williams (tennis) and Kerri Walsh (beach volleyball - Beijing Olympic Games).

Product Features

  • FEATURES: Super thin,highly elastic therapeutic tape,provides support and compression for injuries
  • USES: Kinesiology style tape is designed to be worn for 3-5 days
  • SIZE: Large: 5cm x 5m
  • TAPE COMPOSITION FABRIC: 95% cotton, 5% spandex Glue: 70g/m2 acrylic acid

Product Spec

General Specs
Latex FreeYes
SizeLarge: 5cm x 5m (2'' x 5½ yards)
Working Time3 - 5 Days
General Specs (Taping)
Tearaway StripsNo


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Kinesiology Tape Blue 5cm x 5m has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (87 reviews)

“Kinesiology blue tape”

Reviewed by Karen K

Seems to help ease my sons knee pain. Great service and quick delivery. Thank you

“Not as sticky as I had hoped. ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Doesn't stick very well, though only tried it once so far. I hope that was a one off and it is better next time as I bought 4 rolls

“It works”

Reviewed by Batesy7

My husband uses this and swears by it. So have ordered it for friends and family. When I told them about it. It Works!!!

“It does what I need it for.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

As above

“Does the job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Straight away this seems like a quality product, I like the feel of it a lot. Stays on for about 2 days and comes off in the shower (packaging states it lasts up to 5 days) but that's ok as its great value for money so I don't mind re applying it. Great buy, I'll buy again

“Would recommend ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good tape, and happy with quality. Supported ankle after a sprain during a football matches.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Fast delivery and excellent tape
at a great price!- thank you!

“Have not yet received the product”

Reviewed by Charlie Cruikshanks

Have not received the tape I ordered

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product very pleased

“Kinesiology tape”

Reviewed by Moe

I think this product is very good.I thought it would be just the thing to help support my week kneecap and I was right!

“Doesn't last long”

Reviewed by Jodin

I'm a first time user of KT tape and didn't want to pay over the odds for an equivalent like rock tape in case I didn't feel the benefits so bought his product. I have used it twice to tape my IT band, and the tape starts to peel off around 7-10km of one run, with no sweat causing it. It has worked in that it seems to relieve my pain but I have to re-apply every time I go out, and put up with it peeling half way through. From what I understand the tape should last a few days and even whilst swimming. I wouldn't trust this tape to last during a swim.

“Excellent quality & price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I tore my ACL many moons ago playing football & after 22 ops on said knee had resigned myself to a lifetime of wearing heavy duty hinged braces (from until the time came for a knee replacement surgery (I'm 36). I saw a Private Physio 2 months ago who used the tape on me, & within hours I felt a difference. It's easy to apply, rubbing it to heat/activate the glue is easy (I copied a YouTube video) & cheap to purchase. The Physio tried to sell me tape for £7 a roll!! I have a 2 year old daughter & work in a bar so it makes my life MUCH easier, I can now almost kneel on the floor again to change nappies. I find the tape sticks on for a good 6-7 days a time, this includes daily bathing with my child & swimming twice weekly. If I am working a long shift I just add an extra piece of tape to the worst side, & haven't had to wear my huge brace since! I would recommend this tape to anyone looking to benefit from this type of support. It's changed my life for the better, I just wish I'd known about it in 1998!

“Top quality ”

Reviewed by Robbiemurray

Will order more when required


Reviewed by Anonymous

Really good stuff. Good value.

“Good Product, Great value”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Comes of when you perspire in hot weather, so recommend you shave the area or reduce hair on legs or other limbs.

“Very pleaed.”

Reviewed by Mups

Good product. Keenly priced

“Wouldn't use anything else”

Reviewed by John F

I opted for 12 rolls to maximise the discount. As I had previously ordered it before I knew what I was buying.
It's easy to use. It lasts for around 5 days, even after showering, & in hot weather it's much better than wearing a knee support.

“Excellent hold and support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is a really good kinesiology tape, it stays in place for a few days even after showering. Provides good support and can also be cut to make lymphatic drainage fan shape pieces. Doesn't fall apart.

“Excellent for support, but you have to heat it up”

Reviewed by Zoe

It's very good but doesn't always stick so you have to heat them up to make it stay! I would recommend it but that's why I gave it 4 stars.

𔄛 to 5days??????”

Reviewed by Dave T

Don't know wher they get this will stay on three to five days......longest is about two days which is SUCH A SHAME AS THIS TAPE overall is great.
I applied it a couple of hours before a triathlon at the weekend and it lasted well , after putting a wetsuit on , getting wet and off in a hurry. A long cycle ride and run, it was still on and supported my knee well.
I just wish it lasted longer.
Oh and read the instructions.

“will use again”

Reviewed by syd m

great tape recomended by two physic friends really works

“Good quality”

Reviewed by Anonymous

good quality kinesio tape.

“good ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product

“mr ”

Reviewed by eddie

we found this tape had very poor stickability

“Kinesiology Tape excellent product, great price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good quality tape for strapping injurys. Have every confidence in it.

“Excellent value Kinesiology tape, as good as all others ”

Reviewed by Doug e Fresh

Spot on product, as good if not better than all the other Kinesiology tape on the market

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Wennie

The product is brilliant as you are able to cut to the required size and stays on for 3 days even when having a bath or shower

“comfort in tape form”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This tape has helped make life with a dodgy knee much more bearable. when my physio first used this he asked how does that feel and I replied, it may seem a strange thing to say but it is comforting, and I haven't changed my opinion

“Strapping made simple”

Reviewed by Molarnator

Excellent product.Was using lint bandage,but loosened over the day.this madde strapping my ankle a lot simpler and felt like a positive support.No hesitation in recommending it.

“A must have to aid injury”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product

“great tape”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Tape sticks well seems good quality

“Kinesiology Tape”

Reviewed by Anonymous

very good tape at a very good price


Reviewed by ladiebird1

Really pleased with thetape.I shaped it so it didnt catch on clothing and come off.
Really helped.

“Allergic reaction ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The tape is great, it sticks well and lasts for ages, however be warned, if you are allergic to plasters, this make may not be for you. Tried it on a shoulder injury twice and each time within 6 hours of application I came out in the most horrible blisters, which have taken a week or more to heal.

“Corrected AC joint problem in around 2 and a half weeksweeks”

Reviewed by Martin Sanderson

As a result of physiotherepy at a sports clinic for muscle imbalance, stretches and subsequent strengthening exercise brought to light a separated AC joint. 1 and a half weeks after applying the tape with instructions from the internet, the pain was reduced immensly and felt more comfortable from day 1. Luckily, I had the opportunity to meet up with a proffesional rugby physiotherepist, who applyed it using a different technique and the joint was pretty much repaired in the following 5 days.

“Brilliant product ”

Reviewed by Tom Carrington

This product is excellent! The best I have bought. Overall I would highly recommend physooroom and the kinesio tape.

“Sticky stuff”

Reviewed by Flipper

Does what it says on the pack, caught some hair under the tape ouch lol

“Does just what it says on the box.!”

Reviewed by Paul Steel

Decent price for the size of tape you get on the roll,

No issues at all would recommend this to anyone who needs this kind of stuff.!!

“Great quality fantastic price”

Reviewed by Augustus

I was shopping around for ages trying to convince my parents that i needed this tape to help me with hamstring problem.
The tape I now use for rugby training and rugby matches and has performed really well.
The recovered time is far quicker and gives me great confidence to play well knowing that I won't be taken off after ten minutes for the injury again.
Since wearing the tape I have seen a great improvement and this has led me to scoring a try.
The only one thing I would like to change is by having some green tape.

“PhysioRoom.comKinesiology Tape Blue 5cm x 5cm”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This tape is great in helping sort out a problem that I've had with my left ankle ever since I broke it a year & a half ago.

“Excellent but see Review”

Reviewed by Ernest 1

Cut ends have to be taped with waterproof medical to prevent curling up when wearing trousers

“Excellent but see review below”

Reviewed by Ernest1

Good Product but comes unstuck at ends when worn with trousers. OK if medical waterproof tape is used to prevent cut ends curling up.
Survives showers for at least a week
Instruction sheet on how to use it on typical placements would be useful

“KT tape”

Reviewed by johnhell

KT tape is wonderful, I was unable to run at all after a recent strain until I taped my self up and I managed a half-marathon straight afterwards. The PhysioRoom tape does just what it is supposed to. I also used the pre-tape adhesive spray which helps me as I have oily / sweaty skin.

“Great item, good price..”

Reviewed by Scotty J

This is a great item which I've now bought on more than one occasion. The only negatives are that it only comes in 1 colour option and the p&p costs are too high. It costs the same in postage as it does to buy the item!!

“k tape for torn muscle”

Reviewed by david solman

easy to put on and very quick drying after a shower, kept on for four days without any problems. does it work ? not certain about healing qualities But it does feel secure and gives confidence when walking with a torn calf muscle.

“Good quality good price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Exactly as required Works a treat.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Dankarl

Used the video to position tape. Noticed the difference within hours

“Good tape at good price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Adheres well to skin and patients have found it beneficial.

Would buy again.

“PhysioRoom own brand kinesio tape”

Reviewed by Brendon

I have used the similar tape from a number of brands and price ranges and they are all the same. For the price of this own brand one its well worth it and performs the same if not slightly better than the expensive brands. Would be buying again in the future.

“Good Product ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

First time of using kinesiology tape so have nothing to compare it with, however, it does seem relatively easy to apply and does what is expected. Has stayed in place for many days despite daily showers. I would suggest trying it if anyone asked me for my opinion.

“Did the job”

Reviewed by Anonymous

does the job expected.

“Good tape”

Reviewed by Amanda Nightingale

Good tape. I'd maybe not use it for swimmer's injuries as it peeps off in the water but to be honest I didn't look to see if you supply waterproof tape.

“stays put”

Reviewed by ddee414

Ive had this applied to my knee for 3 days now . It has stayed put through sweat and showers. Other tape I've used has suffered most at night with corners rubbing up on the bed but no sign of any corner curl yet.

“Top quality product ”

Reviewed by MarkG

A good product at a good price

“good value for price ”

Reviewed by mmmmm

as i said good value if you buy bulk and had no problems using tape

“Exelant ”

Reviewed by Phill

Very good product

“KT tape”

Reviewed by Johnjoe

I was apprehensive thought it would be really difficult to apply as instructed by my Physio; how wrong I was and how good it works on reducing the knee swelling after full knee replacement.
It also helped to reduce the pain that followed months after the surgery.
Well Pleased


Reviewed by Anonymous

Tape was as expected - Thanks


“Support and pain relief”

Reviewed by Emma Etuk

The tape provides a very good support and sticks on the area for as long as you want it to. There is a general sense of pain relief particulay after a shower or bath. Please advise if you have a similar tape that can relieve other types of pains other than sports injury.

“Life changing”

Reviewed by Adie

This has been a revelation. I hadn't run for 4 years due to long standing knee problems and at 57 had resigned myself to the bike, the pool and the canoe. My daughter used a similar tape on the advice of her physio for a knee injury. I bought this on her recommendation and ran pain free. Only a short slow run for now but it's exciting to think I can run again and I'm now planning a Triathlon for next year. It's easy to apply and can be left on comfortably for several days.


Reviewed by Alrawi

good quailty, but came in post with box, so i am not happy with post, although the postage fee is expensive.

“Good, but not adhesive enough”

Reviewed by Matty Rammell

Good tape but not sticky emough

“very good product but you have to watch that it goes on flat”

Reviewed by Jim Gunn

Would help if you could provide pictorial instructions on application methods to avoid tape not going on totally flat


Reviewed by AdamJG

Really helpful and easy to use and apply. Have to use an additional piece around the top on my calf to help it stay stuck but superb product.


Reviewed by Colin loughery

Great product.

“Excellent tape that actually does support.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

A very good tape that does exactly what it says it does.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Darren jackson

Good product.

“Not as lasting as Kinesio branded but does the trick”

Reviewed by RayRob

I had been looking for Kinesio tape to support my foot as I was getting foot pain similar to plantar fasciitis. I had misread the product description and thought I was getting Kinesio, however it was Kinesiology, so basically tape using the same or similar technology.

It works exactly the same as the branded product and supported my foot well. I ended up using two different type of taping as I found the tape stickiness was not as lasting as the branded version. This was even when I rounded the ends and rubbed the tape to heat the sticky using friction.

All in all, this is a good, inexpensive tape if you don't mind modifying the tape every other day or so. If you are only using the tape during training, this might be handy as it's easier to remove than Kenisio branded product.

“best purchase ever made”

Reviewed by jules.s

We were introduced to this product by our osteopath. my husband had had a bad knee for over 30 years. He was walking with the leg completely stiff, causing problems with his hips and other knee. Our osteopath said he would try strapping the knee with kinesiology tape.

My husband is now walking properly on that knee for many years. Now we have found the PhysioRoom website we have managed to buy in bulk reducing the cost. My husband restapes his knee twice a week but it is more than worth the cost to be virtually free of pain after so many years.

I too have one knee I broke several years ago and the tape definitely helps support that knee. I have recently damaged the other knee and whilst the tape makes no difference at this time , I will be able to give it extra support with your tape.I am hoping that once the soft tissue damage has healed.


Reviewed by Faye

Bought this not on a whim though it's cheap enough to do so. Did a bit of research obviously. I've got knee ligament damage. I hate my knee brace it's so uncomfortable so I thought I'd try this. Obviously not as supportive it's not meant to be. But I have noticed in the month I've been using it that I'm using less painkillers (a good thing) and my knee is less swollen. The only problem is it peels off very quickly under trousers. I've now bought a fixer spray so I hope it improves. I would recommend for anyone with similar knee problems.

“Regular customer - keep returning as excellent service.”

Reviewed by Jo

Have always received products ordered very quickly and have never had reason to complain or chase up. Service is just great - as are the prices and the products. Can not find the tape I buy cheaper anywhere else and have introduced my friends to this site.

“Bust my hammy - was worried...not anymore”

Reviewed by Baller and Tough Mudderer

I hurt my hamstring playing basketball (again) and on my first gym session back i was worried about it hurting/pulling. I ran on the running machine, did some plyo work and barely felt it. I then did Tough Mudder training and wore it each time.

It's very adhesive but doesn't leave residue. Might be a little thick on the width but overall a brilliant product. I don't know if it's mental but I don't really care - it worked.

“great product”

Reviewed by sammiesue

great product

“Blue Tape”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Wasn't sure if this would work but it does.......brilliant have been telling all my friends.

“Kinesiology it works!!”

Reviewed by Peter Miller

I was first introduced to Kinesiology in Portugal during February 2013 and found then that it really dos work. I found this product from PhysioRoom to be less expensive than other brands but still of the same quality of those much more expensive brands. If there is any problem it is that you need to know exactly how to apply the tape for your problem and be sure to do it correctly, if you do this then you will also agree that it is a product that is invaluable in the treatment of many physio problems.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Jon P

Will def buy again great product.

“Good product comparable with the more expensive tapes”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have used these tapes on myself and patients-athletes with no complaints. You will need to apply on skin without moisturising cream to stick better - so as with other expensive tapes. These tapes do the job similar to what you may need to pay three times the price with Highly marketed products.

“Supports injuries”

Reviewed by Gee

I previously bought the black but found that I was using a lot as the glue was not that tacky though could have been a bad batch. However the blue was very excellent and when used you could feel the pressure and support especially as I used this for an AC separation injury. This in a matter of days relieved the pain and a noticeable difference in the way my shoulder looked.
I would be careful that you do not pull the tape to quickly when removing as the tape is very tacky and can pull on the skin. But overall excellent product.

“Cleared my hamstring”

Reviewed by Mike B

I pulled my hamstring playing football and just couldn't fix it, no matter how many physio sessions, I would stop playing for 2 - 3 weeks and it would feel ok then bang it would go within 20 minutes of playing. I bought this tape - cut three lengths, watched some youtube videos on how to apply it and played. I played 90 minutes and that's been it touch wood. I played the remaining season wearing three strips going down the back of my hamstring... And now hamstring free.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Susan

Use this tape to support my knee whilst doing any form of exercise or when walking long distances. Great support, hardly notice that you are wearing this. Lasts for approx 5 days even when getting wet. Make sure you are aware of how to apply this tape as it doesn't get stretched over the affected area. Use this tape as it was recommended by a physio that I attend and was also shown on how to apply before hand.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Anonymous


“Sticks well.”

Reviewed by jimbo

It does stick really well. I am using it as part of treatment for plantar faciitis and find that it sticks when wet and comes off easily when I want it to.

“Holds well first application”

Reviewed by Anonymous

First application was a bit hard because I was following an instruction video. Stuck well and I'm sure with practice will get better.

“Fantastic Stuff”

Reviewed by Squiffless

I have soft tissue damage on my knee, which I am getting treatment on, however, my Chiropractor has shown me how to use this tape to support my knee, and it's made a HUGE difference to my recovery and supported my knee through the process. Would highly recommend, but make sure you are advised how to use it.

“Good support & healing but low tack glue lets it down”

Reviewed by Triatlete

I found the Tape easy to use and with the use of Youtube I'm now bandaging all niggles with it and thus preventing any injuries.

“Kinesiology tape, great stuff”

Reviewed by nasseredin

My daughter uses this tape and she adores it, has been very helpful, relieves pain and she has recommenced.


Reviewed by Shevy

Seems to make my LCL ligament feel less pulled but the adhesive, even after making sure friction warmed it is a little weak around the edges

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