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PhysioRoom Jumpers / Runners Knee Strap - Knee Patella Band - Osgood Schlatter's, Arthritis

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What is the Jumper's Knee Strap?

Superb value adjustable knee strap to relieve the symptoms of patella tendonitis (tendinopathy), jumpers knee and Osgood Schlatters.

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When can I use it?

  • For the relief of mild to moderate patella tendonitis (jumpers Knee).
  • For the relief of Osgood Schlatter's Disease.
  • Can be used in all sports, not just jumping activities.

Which size do I need?

  • One size fits most.
  • Can be used on either knee.
  • Fits knee circumference up to 36cm.

How does it work?

This one size fits all neoprene strap is adjusted with Velcro to apply pressure to the patella tendon. By reducing the girth (width) of the patella tendon, the pressure applied by the knee strap prevents maximum force being transmitted through the tendon. This reduces the strain on the tendon and helps to alleviate symptoms of Jumpers Knee and Osgood Schlatter's Disease.

Product Features

  • Provides pain relief from Jumpers Knee patella tendonitis and Osgood Schlatter's disease
  • Features internal rubber tube for compression and hook and loop strap fastening
  • Ideal for use during all sporting activity where the knee joint is under high impact.
  • Thermal neoprene patella strap with latex rubber tube
  • Fits right or left knee. Hand wash only. Fits a knee circumference up to 36cm (14

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeYes
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseSupport / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Support
Material CompositionNeoprene
Latex FreeYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Jumpers / Runners Knee Strap - Knee Patella Band - Osgood Schlatter's, Arthritis has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (56 reviews)

“Velcro lasts 1 year”

Reviewed by J

The support works well, and does the job intended, but I've had two now, and the Velcro wore out after around 12 months on both (used for 60mins running, once a week). Once the Velcro goes, you'll need a replacement.

“Great service”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Ordered these knee supports on the advice of my physio. They arrived really quickly and are proving helpful.

“Great product, has made a big difference already ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great price, fast delivery and a good product that has already helped my knees.

“Effective Knee Protection”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have bought similar items previously, about 3 years ago, and wanted to replace them as the Velcro was getting a little tired. I am happy with the quality and performance of this product.

“Okay, but there is a better one ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Had one of these a couple of years ago. Does the job, but the Velcro gave up after about year of twice-weekly use. Replaced it with a better one (product code 57900), which I lost a couple of weeks ago. in my haste to replace it I put the wrong one on my basket! However will use it until the Velcro gives up and the go back to the better one

“It works”

Reviewed by The Don

Good value. It would be nice to have a better strap arraignment, one that would be easier ti adjust. The back strap is a bit too thick to be real comfortable as your knee bends.

“ excellent”

Reviewed by Bex

Comfy fit.

“great fit”

Reviewed by Roddy

After a couple of experiments with the sizing band this product works well. In fact after 3 days knee pain subsided substantially.

“Great knee strap,support,with out being bulky.”

Reviewed by Sheil Smith.

Found the knee strap such a relief on my painful knee.Didnt know I had got it on.Good quality material, what a blessing to find something that works. Thankyou

“definitely eased knee pain, but velcro rubs back of knee.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The Jumper's knee straps are good for easing my Osgood Schlatter problem, however, the velcro on the back where it attaches does irritate and rub behind the knee. I can put up with the rubbing to be virtually pain free.


Reviewed by naush

Strap should not be felt when squatting.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Helen M

I purchased these straps last year but unfortunately lost them recently. They are so good (not to mention value for money) that I didn't even consider shopping around or trying different ones, I just re ordered them. My knees swell up horrendously and are extremely painful after any excercise, be it running or just long walks. I regularly run for 5k /10k and enjoy long walks through woodland with the dog and have absolutely zero problems with pain or swelling and my knee caps don't slip out of place with these on. Can't recommend enough.

“Impressed so far”

Reviewed by sahara

Have been using these on both knees for a week now. I have hypermobile joints and with these on, my knees feel far more stable. So far I am finding my knees are largely pain-free after gym sessions and have been able to manage 10 mins jogging out of my 20 minutes on the treadmill, as opposed to just fast walking, which is all I've been able to tackle over the last year. The straps stay in place well and are very comfortable.

“Jumper's Knee Strap - EXCELLENT!!!!”

Reviewed by Chris

I've had long term ITBS trouble with my left knee - getting stiff, pain, seizing-up etc after running distances further than 7-8Km. Within 2 weeks of ITBS stretching, taking inflammation tablets, using rollers and using the knee strap I’m pretty much there with 10Km+ with no pain. So far so good.
I recommend the strap for anyone suffering with ITBS knee pain, but of course you need to add this variable to all the others i.e. the stretching, rest etc.

Knowing more about the ITBS problem by watching youtube and reading about how best to solve it really helped.
Happy to advise anyone who is going through a similar problem as I know how annoying it is when all you want to do is train !

[email protected]

There is one stretch for example that is a must !!

“knee strap”

Reviewed by mata hari

I bought this for my husband as he had difficulty climbing up the stairs. I bought him the knee strap to try through recommendation of a friend. It worked & he is very pleased with it.

“Does what was needed”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Does what was needed, only down side was that it was hard to fully tighten

“Jumper's knee strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The knee strap has definitely helped my sore knee. Comfortable to wear and easy to use.

“jumpers knee strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous


“good product at great price ”

Reviewed by Peter Millar

Pleased with the product

“Great product and value for money”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered this product on the advice of my physio as he thought it would help with the patella tendonitis in my right knee. After reading many reviews, I opted to buy this product as it was available at a good price and had many positive reviews. I have now worn the knee strap on two occasions and I can confidently say that it does the job it's designed for as I have been able to play badminton without any pain or discomfort in my knee which is something that I have not been able to do for a good few weeks since the injury occurred. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone suffering patella tendonitis problems.

“Super ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

worn once since purchase to play badminton, seems to do the job it was bought for so would recommend them for anyone seeking a little extra knee support wether it be walking or playing sport.

“Good product”

Reviewed by BrenC

Overall good,but Velcro pinches at back of knee

“I am waiting for a knee operation the strap gives excellent ”

Reviewed by Norma Hebdon

The only downside of this product, in my opinion, being a female I would have liked the strap to be in a lighter colour so as it was not so noticeable ie. a light beige. Other than that the strap is doing a good job and the knee feels much more comfortable.


Reviewed by NigelW

What can I say apart it makes big diffrence. Reducing pain and aiding strength and stability.

“Very good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Really help reduce my knee pain.

“does what it says”

Reviewed by happychic

bought for my 13yr daughter, who has a knee problem and plays lots of sports.
She's very pleased with the strap, she hasn't complained of pain since using it.
only down side it does get wet from sweat.
well worth it, does what it say's : ) would recommend

“Great product”

Reviewed by wrightstuff

This knee strap is excellent. It supports the knee incredibly well, without restricting movement.

“very good support”

Reviewed by Bob Cooke

very good support

“Great purchase for my 12 year old”

Reviewed by Donna

Very happy with this purchase my son suffers with Osgoods in his left leg and would not do sport now at all without it. My son believes it helps with this condition and gives protection to that area of his knee. Hopefully leg gets better very soon.

“Excellent product. ”

Reviewed by Peter Apostolakopoulos.

The product does exactly what it claims to do. No frills, no embelishments. A product that is fit for purpose.

“Has sorted the problem, brilliant”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This great little strap has sorted out my painful knee.

“Simple and very, very effective. I CAN NOW RUN PAIN FREE!!!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I'm 34 and played football since I was 8 years until the age of 26 professionally and then semi-pro. I have patella tendonitis in my left knee which stopped me playing football, running and any other type of sport whereby impact was placed upon my knee which was diagnosed when I was about 25. It was extremely painful and I had 2 years of physio, injections and even an operation all of which didn't seem to cure the problem. I've not been able to run properly or play football at all for about 5 years.....until now after purchasing this simple yet very, very effective strap. I got the strap about two weeks ago and took it easy to make sure I didn't aggravate my knee and I'm now running 3k without any pain. I can't believe it. It's very simple but seems to have done the trick. I read the other reviews and thought I would give it a go but didn't expect any positive results since the pain I get is and has been quite bad but this really works. If only I had found this 4 or 5 years ago!

“Excellent, this has made a differences to my son's football”

Reviewed by shall

My 11 year old son had been told a few months ago he has Osgood Schlatters in both of his knees, after a few months of rest and ice packs on his knees everyday he has returned back to football (plays in a academy ). Left knee seems to have healed, but right knee still playing up, on reading up about the knee strap we thought we would give it a go. My son has been wearing the strap for the last few weeks and has not had any pain in his right knee. You just need to make sure you place the strap in the right place.

“Good Purchase”

Reviewed by Gary

Bought two knee straps for my son who suffers with osgood-schlatters. The straps have helped reduce the pain he suffers after sports greatly. Hes a very active kickboxer and recovery time has been reduced due to the reduced pain level. Whilst not a cure these straps are a worthwhile aid in sports participation.

“Immediate benefit after wearing strap”

Reviewed by Fred

I was amazed how quickly the strap resolved my problem, after suffering for several months: unable to put my full weight on left knee whilst playing bowls.

However, excellent product let down by valcro fitted only to one side of strap. After daily use for 2/3 weeks valcro fails to adhere to material and strap falls off!

“Keep on running”

Reviewed by Bradley2012

Excellent product had slight knee pain prior to using this product since receiving it and using it I am back up to my pre injured mode 6 miles twice a week. Very comfortable to wear and does the job will be getting another I'm sure. I wear it on top of my running leggings and it stays put all of my run wouldn't run without it.

“Seems to do the trick”

Reviewed by angela warren

easy to use.

“Physioroom jumpers knee strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought the knee strap to replace an aged chow pat strap. The physio knee strap is much comfier to wear and so far I have not felt any of the pain around the knee that I feel when running without a knee strap.

“Great product - a real bargain too!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought this knee strap as I had extremely severe tendon pain in my left knee and could barely walk after completing a 5 mile run. When wearing this strap, not only is it comfortable to wear, it also stay completely in place. I have used it on 7 and 10 mile runs since and not had a single problem – genius product!!

“knee strap”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Although it was not for me but my wife (I already have one) she agrees with me it definitely helps if you do a lot of walking (As we do) A good price, and a quality item.

“Definitely worked for me!”

Reviewed by VickyD

I have had a partial knee replacement and need a full knee replacement in my other knee. I have decided to take up Triathlons this year. The cycling and swimming is fine but the running part is problematic with my knees (surgeon said not to run). After a lot of research, I decided to run and take the gamble about it wearing out the replacement sooner rather than later. My knees are always painful and nothing makes them any worse as such. I decided to try to give them a little more support, so tried these knee straps. Whilst they haven't made much difference to the replaced knee (which doesn't hurt as such, just feels funny), the 'other old knee' feels so much better with these straps. I really feel they do make a big difference to my knees which definitely do not hurt as much when I wear them, both before and after running. Definitely highly recommended from me and well worth a try!

“excellent support, first class product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Works exactly as described offering immediate relief.

“Miracle Product!”

Reviewed by Foz

After having patellar graft to reconstruct ACL running was restricted and a little uncomfortable. The following day would also leave the knee feeling stiff and aching.
The jumpers knee strap has been fantastic. I now no longer take pain killers before playing football, I am running around like I was 10 years ago and I have no aching the following day.
Back now to 3 games a week with no ill efftects.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

“Knee Strap”

Reviewed by jax

Young daughter with football injury to patella. My daughter is now back at training with no pain or discomfort thanks to this great knee band

“Wonderful Product”

Reviewed by Vee

After suffering for a while with knee pain I purchased the Jumper's knee strap and have been very pleased with the help it has given me. I would recommend this product to anyone who has knee pain.

“ ? runners knee, ? fat pad impingement”

Reviewed by michael turley

Had been having problems with my left knee follwing two heavy falls from my bicycle in the ice of january 2010. Pain in knee espically after running and feeling of fullness in the knee. Had to ice,ice ice after every run. Decided to give the knee strap a go and have had fantastic results. pain and stiffness in the knee has settled greatly in the 3 months i have been using the strap and am so delighted I have come back to buy 2 more. Running now a pleasure again. great product that works for me

“highly recommend this product”

Reviewed by Jan

My son attends the Royal ballet school and developed osgood schlatters earlier this year. He thought that he would not be able to continue with his training but his physio recommended that he try this product and this has meant that he is now able to continue dancing. Hopefully his osgood schlatters will become self limiting as he grows as it is his dream to become a professional ballet dancer. i would certainly recommend this product to anyone with a smilar problem.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Ive only been running for 6 months - distances ranging from 3-8 miles.
I always found my knees let me down on the 7th and 8th mile of longer runs.

I Suffered with OGS as a child but was told it was just growing pains.

Decided to give these supports a go on both knees and they worked a dream!

Completed a half marathon last weekend with no knee problems at all!
Didn't even fill like i was running with them on - plus, NO PAIN!
Highly recommend this product!

“Very Satisfied”

Reviewed by Gareth

After suffering from pain in my right knee for 4 years I decided to see my doctor. I found out I had Patella Tendonitis and to get a support for it to use during exercise. I came across and decided to buy this strap. To be honest I wasn't expecting much but I cannot speak highly enough off this miracle strap. It takes away about 90% of my pain during exercise and gives really good support. It is definetly worth buying you will be amazed at how good this little strap actually works, and my knee pain is becoming less frequent since I have been using it so I'm hoping my tendon may be repairing itself?

“knee brace”

Reviewed by les from telford

excellent product
you can add golf to your list of sports
a great help many thanks

“...and straight on until dawn”

Reviewed by Plodderslot

I do a fair bit of long distance walking...about +20 miles in a day...sometines twice a week...and longer (+35-50 milers) with some the weekends. I noticed I was getting a bit of pain in my right knee. I did the usual "helpful" visit to the doctors with subsequent nothing-to-see xray. But it was after chatting to a friend about knee supports that I went looking on the net for some. I have been using the PhysioRoom supports for nearly 6 weeks now and noticed a dramatic improvement. Before I was always wary of my knee "locking or collapsing", especially on steep descents, with the resulting sharp pain, But using the supports, on both knees, I can walk relatively pain free and with much more confidence. Jobs a gud un'

“PhysioRoom - Jumpers Knee Strap”

Reviewed by Kam Dale

I bought this product, from this website, because everyone (including my GP and accupuncturist) had been telling me that at the age of 41, i should stop playing football and take up swimming instead ! (Got nothing against swimming but you don't get that same buzz as you do when playing with your mates, for bragging rights in the pub after). I read the reviews and was a bit dubious about buying the cheapest one on offer, but glad i did. It worked right from the start. I have even played without it once. But with my history of knee problems, i feel much more comfortable playing with it on. I would probably have given footie up, if it wasn't for this strap. It's easy to use and wash. Once i start playing, i forget that i'm even wearing it. I highly recommend it.

“Miracle cure!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have had OGS since I was a kid (9 years old), it got so bad that I had to virtually give up playing any sports (or be willing to suffer the consequences after), which has always been a great disappointment to me. Having got a bit older it finally stopped giving me daily pain so I took up running again. Within a couple of weeks the pain returned, I was pretty gutted and back to taking painkillers again. Not wanting to give in I found reviews recommending this knee strap and thought for the price I'd give it a go.

From day one of using it I seriously can't believe what a difference it has made. The pain, both during and after exercise, has literally disappeared! My knee feels better than ever, which is really quite wierd after living with pain for so long. I am SO pleased that for the first time in nearly 20 years I can enjoy running again (I'm only frustrated that the numerous medical people I saw in relation to it didn't suggest this to me - physio and orthotics didn't really help).

I honestly couldn't recommend this product highly enough - I'm still in shock at how simple a sloution it has been!!

“Jumpers Knee Strap”

Reviewed by Jo Pilsworth

Having read about the potential for this item, I thought I would give it a try with regard to an ongoing patella and VMO problem on my right knee. Following surgery on my right knee in December 2008 (lateral release), I had noticed a marked improvement. However, six months down the line, and there was a bit of slippage in the recovery, with pain on using stairs, and a large part of my karate cardiovascular routine not possible.

So, nothing to lose, not least with a black belt examination looming.

I have had the strap on for approximately three hours, whilst pottering around the house, and can't believe the difference that it makes. Stairs are nowhere near as painful, walking is fine. I still need to try this in karate class, but so far it looks promising.

“knee strap.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is a really wonderful knee strap. Well made and very comfortable to wear. I am about to order another so one can be washed, whilst I wear the second one. The material is soft but firm, cannot fault it in any way.

“Really Helps with Basketball Play”

Reviewed by Mike P

My son is an U15/U16 Basketball National League Player and he also represents his region at international tournaments.

Over the last 5 months we have tried several cheap and also very expensive knee supports from the USA and from Europe for his Osgood Schlatters problem and I can honestly say that this simple velcro strapping arrangement with a rubber tube really beats them all.

These support straps by far have been the most effective pain relieve for his problem. He now won't do a match without them and I have purchased several more pairs to spread the load and act as spares. In fact my 11 year old son also had the same problem but to a lesser degree and after a couple of months of wearing he did not need them anymore.

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