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PhysioRoom Elite Rum-Tech Foam Roller 10cm x 32cm Trigger Point Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Gym

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What is the Elite Rum-Tech Foam Roller 10cm x 32cm

The Elite Rum-Tech Foam Roller is the latest additional to our range of self-massage products and features specially designed bumps to knead and massage those aching muscles like no-other roller before. Strong and durable the Roller will withstand the test of time, with a smooth latex-free outer surface this product is easy to clean and features an antibacterial compound which will help prevent the growth of fungus.

Density 30-35 kg/m3
Hardness: 45 degree
Length 32cm

When can I use the Elite Rum-Tech Foam Roller?

Perfect for commercial or home use the soft and flexible foam peaks will gently mobilise your muscle fascia, stretching the soft tissue in all directions for an amazing pre / post exercise massage or to help ease the stresses and strains of a hectic day! The Elite Rumble Foam Roller will deliver all the natural health related benefits of a massage without the expense :

Free PhysioRoom Towel
  • increase circulation
  • provide relief for muscular pain
  • reduce trigger points and sites

How does the Elite Foam Rum-Tech Roller work?

By rolling on the soft protrusions you can target difficult to reach places while you decide how much pressure, the harder you press the deeper the penetration. Perfect for gym goers, athletes or for those just wanting to relax the Elite Rumble-Tech Foam Roller will benefit anyone :

  • improve core strength
  • enhance stability
  • encourage better posture
  • restore muscle flexibility

Product Features

  • RELAXE MUSCLES: Features specially designed bumps to knead and massage those aching muscles
  • INCREASE STRENGTH: Improve core strength & posture, enhance stability & muscle flexibility
  • HEALTH-RELATED BENEFITS THROUGH MASSAGE: Increased circulation & relief for muscular pain
  • BENEFITS: Features an antibacterial compound which will help prevent the growth of fungus
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Density: 30-35 kg/m, Hardness: 45 degree and Length 32cm


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Elite Rum-Tech Foam Roller 10cm x 32cm Trigger Point Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Gym has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (27 reviews)


Reviewed by Anonymous

Superb for penetrating deep into muscle tissue after training. It’s painful m when going over tight areas, but the pain is worth it as the muscles really loosen up afterwards.



Reviewed by Mary P

Had back and glut problems, which never quite went away for about three years. I used this 2 or 3 times on my glutes and the improvement of movement is unbelievable. Back playing singles on the tennis court with no pain or stiffness (during or after) for the first time in three years. It really kneads into your muscles, finding and releasing the knots. It does hurt, but it certainly works.
Would highly recommend it.


Reviewed by Anonymous

I've had major problems with general muscle tightness as an athlete with built muscles. This foam roller is designed to penetrate and get in between muscle fibees and really target deep tight areas, ensuring good release I have a high pain threshold so I don't know how others will find it


Reviewed by Hameed Hussain

I bought this because a reviewer seemed like he had the same problems as I did. I was sceptical but hopeful. After trying so many different treatments for my knees beside surgery, I was afraid that I would be wasting my money again. My friends, this is your miracle cure for bad knees. With the first use (20-25mins of rolling out my leg muscles) I noticed a massive difference. I usually feel like my legs will give way when I walk down the stairs but all the instability was gone. It felt amazing. My Achilles tendonitis which flares up in the morning and throughout the day is gone after two days of use. I will add some strength training to my rehabilitation phase and I hope to be running in February or late January. I cannot recommend this enough. It's not difficult to use. I'm a pretty heavy guy and this feels incredibly strong under my weight. Buy this. It's a small investment that will go a long way in your fitness and general life.

󈫺/10! 2 years of knee problems improved after 2 uses.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Physio diagnosed tight hamstrings had overstreched my knee, spent 1.5 year trying to improve things then this was followed by a  badly sprained calf with further knee problems, pain, bad swelling and not being able to walk properly for 6 weeks and more physio visits. After another 3 months  of physios exercises etc I got very fed up and decided to give this foam roller a go as my knee was still not right.

I picked  this one as it looked  evil and I felt drastic action was needed. Its been amazing. After two uses on 2 days on calves, hamstings, quads and glutes there was significant improvement, my legs somehow felt longer and there was less knee swelling. After the third use, I could kneel down for the first time in ages and more importantly, get up again without being in agony and having to haul myself up feeling like my knee ligamanets were going to give way. Now I can walk up and down stairs with no problems.  I've not been able to run properly for the best part of 2 years but have now started return to running programme. I've only been using this for a few weeks and am so pleased with the improvements. I use it daily and feel like strength and flexibility are at last returning.

It is not as painful to use as I thought. I only wish I'd got one ages ago!


Reviewed by TenderG

Other reviews talked of no pain no gain, definitely uncomfortable on more tender muscles (especially for us of slighter build, larger builds may not find it quite as harsh), found wrapping a towel round it initially helped soften the blow! An ideal solution maybe to buy a less bumpy/firm roller and a regular roller for those more delicate, less muscle dense areas if budget affords!

“Excellent but painful!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Really good for getting into the muscles but hurts quite a bit as it really gets to work on deep tissue. Great for injuries.

“Very robust good quality”

Reviewed by GaryM

This is truly knobbly - not for the faint hearted - but was very good on my hamstring - but hard to deploy softly on the back. Gives everything a good spiking rather than a rolling. I have a roller as well.

“great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

a very good but tough roller

“Excellent but painful (in a good way)”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Having used smooth rollers for years with moderate results, switched to this spiked roller and within a week started to really notice a difference. My quads were incredibly tight but since using this roller they have loosened up by 25%. However I'm sure if I continue to use it for a few more weeks my quads will continue to loosen significantly.

“excellent product”

Reviewed by Norman

I had an Achilles tendon issue which is very painful, the roller really helped stretch my calf muscle and after a week the pain has almost gone and the calf muscle is much more supple.

“Gets right to those tight spots. ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

After trying a smooth roller at the gym. I decided to see if one with bumps on would make any difference.
After a leg session at the gym it definitely helps and the bumps give you that extra penetration you need. Overall it has helped me not walking with a grimace plastered over my face.


Reviewed by Anonymous

I've been foam rolling for a year using the Massage Roller 15 x 90 cm and decided to purchase the Elite Rum-Tech Foam Roller 10cm x 32cm so I could add a bit more pressure to my rolling sessions.
I was surprised by how firm this roller is, it has very little give and you really do notice a massive difference over a smooth roller.
My advice would be not to make this your first foam roller as it is quite an aggressive little thing, however if you already foam roll then this is a great step up as it will go deeper and be more direct than the roller you are using now.
This foam roller is compact, firm, well made and it looks quite durable.


Reviewed by Anonymous

The perfect product for tired legs and targets tight spots deeply.


Reviewed by Anonymous

I am happy with the product as it gives good massages and accessing a little deeper than other foam rollers as I tried before.
Ever drawback is that the diameter is a little small. It could usefully have been a few centimeters bigger.


Reviewed by Anonymous

bought for wife

“Really hits the spot!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Fantastic size and shape. The spikes really help simulate a deep tissue massage. Whilst it's not the same as a full on sports massage it really is proving to help in between sessions. I would strong recommend.

“Hurts like hell......which means its working!”

Reviewed by sibucparamedic

does exactly what it's supposed to, get right into the muscles and loosen them up. I primarily bought this for ITB and quads, and it really does make a huge difference from a 'normal' roller. yes it hurts, but that means it working.
perfect size for the gym bag. if umming and arghing then buy won't regret it.

“If pain is good then this rearly works”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Upgraded from a smooth roller this one gets to the point, early days but i am optimistic.

“An excellent product that really works.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

It really works - the massage bumps are excellent at getting rid of the knots in my back. It is easy to use and the spikes are just the right size.

“Firm spikes make this roller very effective”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I find the firm spikes a little uncomfortable to use but very effective afterwards. Good product at a good price.

“Gets to the trigger points !”

Reviewed by HC

Was much spikier than I was used to but very effective at reaching the trigger points.

“Amazing product!”

Reviewed by Pepsi

Have used foam rollers before and yes, they do ease tight legs to an extent. However, thiis elite roller is brill as it really gets to work on all the tight spots. First time I used it I felt the pain but stuck it out and wow, legs felt so much better. Both my sons have tried it and now want their own. Totally recommend it.

“I'm very pleased with theitem. ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

was exactly as described. Great product for releasing lower back pain and stiff muscles relief.

“Excellant roller”

Reviewed by Bill Scott

Excellent quality and really does the trick for my calves, hamstrings, IT bands, lower and upper back, quads, achillies and glutes !!!

“Great pain relief”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Eases away aches and pains with simple rolling out.

“super roller”

Reviewed by achy shoulders

Not for beginners but it does get in deep and stop those niggling aches.

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