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PhysioRoom Elite Back Brace Black

Product Code: RH023

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What is the PhysioRoom Elite Sports Back Brace Extra Support Pain Relief?

Ideal for work sports and everyday wear, this is a top quality back brace, with a 3-dimensional multi-filament construction, plus six reinforcing metal stays. Elastic loops and hooks, plus two removable side panels, allow you to adjust the level of support and compression.

When can I use it?

For the relief of the symptoms of:
- Lumbago
- Herniated Disc (Prolapsed Inter Vertebral Disc - PIVD)
- Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction
- Sciatica
- Degenerative Disc Disease
- Facet Syndrome
- Spinal Stenosis
It's lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for sports and work use.

Free PhysioRoom Towel

Which size do I need?

Measure around the waist.
- Small/Medium: 28cm x 56cm-84cm (11'' x 22''-33'')
- Large/X-Large: 28cm x 81cm-109cm (11'' x 32'' -43'')
- XX-Large: 28cm x 107cm-122cm (11'' x 42'' - 48'')

How does it work?

This soft-to-the-touch back support features a 3-dimensional multi-filament construction, and 6 metal stays, which provide comfortable support, compression, heat retention and back pain relief. A combination of elastic loops and hooks, plus two removable side panels, allows you to adjust the level of support and compression. The extended back panel design gives excellent support to the spine and the option of removing the metal stays to use the brace as an abdominal binder.

Product Features

  • Ideal for those with occupations which involve heavy lifting and carrying
  • The additional stays and compression strap help to limit unwanted twisting and bending movements
  • Ideal for work sports and everyday wear
  • Six reinforcing metal stays
  • A combination of elastic loops and hooks, plus two removable side panels

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UseSupport / Pain Relief / Massage
Functional Type/CategoryBack Brace
Material Composition50% Neoprene, 30% Cotton, 20% Nylon
Indication (Back)
Spinal StenosisYes
Disc Herniation & DegenerationYes
Acute & Chronic Low Back PainYes
Low Back SprainsYes
Low Back StrainsYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Elite Back Brace Black has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (55 reviews)

“Just what I wanted”

Reviewed by Bob Taylor

Very pleased with my Elite Back Brace. It was delivered in two days. The advice given on the live chat was excellent and helped me to decide the best brace for my needs. Would highly recommend PhysioRoom to anyone wanting a similar product.

“I ordered a back support body belt for …”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered a back support body belt for …

I ordered a back support body belt for my husband to help prevent injury whilst doing heavy gardening jobs. He found the belt extremely useful and it has certainly helped to care for his back.

“Great so far”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Ordered Thursday morning, belt arrived Friday morning.
I have only been wearing the belt for about 10 hours but it filled me with confidence from the start, really good support and extremely comfortable. First pain free day in weeks.
Highly recommended.

“Eased bck pain”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought this for 73 year old relatively active man who "did his back in" getting up of a chair. He seemed to be pleased with the support and wore the belt quite consistently suggesting that it eased the pain. Felt more "secure" with it on.

“Back support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

As good as it gets. Back support is of very good quality. Brilliant service


Reviewed by Neil W

I have a L5 S1 slipped disc, and had been struggling with it for 6 months before I bought this back brace. I have now been using the brace for 6 months and it has been a Godsend. Without it I could not stand in the same spot for more than 20 seconds, but with the brace I can stand for long periods, do gardening, do more bending and having it on a tight setting has helped pushed my disc back so it no longer continually pushes on my nerves. I also use the brace behind me when I sit down.

The brace itself is very good quality, and has certainly been through the mill! I can't recommend this product enough, get it! :-)

“Mr Bryan”

Reviewed by Big man

Hi just bought this belt and I can't say enough about the delivery ordered at 3pm delivered 11 am following morning ,belt so fare has given me mild releaf we will see for the future .? bry

𔄝 star service”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered this on Monday midday, and it arrived the next morning. I was super shocked never have I had such prompt delivery and not had to pay for it. I was expecting the parcel to take 3-5 days. Best delivery service I have yet experienced. The back brace I bought is for my mother who has had a herniated disc for a while, she is yet to receive it from me but the quality is amazing, and it gives such great support, especially considering the price I paid for it. Thank you physic room for great quality products and the best delivery service ever.

“Amazing ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Amazing product that just provided enough support to help my recovery. I was finally able to sleep without screaming pain every time I turned over! So glad I purchased this back support.


Reviewed by Anonymous

The Elite Back Brace give me all the support I need without feeling restricted. I now have far more
confidence doing everyday activities without the concern of straining my back. The stores were
delivered within two days of ordering. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anybody.

“Back Support”

Reviewed by Sam the man

fits very well giving me the support to carry on working.
If I didn't have this support I think I would have to consider stopping work as a full time Gardener.

“worth wear in back pain”

Reviewed by khan

Excillent product.i should had bought it very before.i am sure my recovery speed has been enhanced by this belt.the best thing is you have a choice of reinforcing on any particular area with two booster belts.


Reviewed by SHERMARIE

I ordered this product last night and it was delivered this morning. How good is that??? Perfect I have tried it on and it feels great so far when tried on for over an hour around the house..

“Excellent service and product, 5 Stars.”

Reviewed by Michael Colmey

The Elite Back Brace (Black)

Product was despatched within 24 hours and arrived promptly. The bace itself is top quality and it certainly works very well for me, I love the fact it is so adjustable and after a while you forget you are wearing it. I should have made this purchase long ago it would have saved me a lot of pain and discomfort.

“back belt”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Brilliant product, thank you my son has back injury,this is the only thing that stops the pain.

“great product ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

For this after a slipped disc and it has been really helpful

“Good quality but too small”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The service was quick however the belt said it fitted 42-48 - my husband is 44-46 and it was too small

“Just what I needed”

Reviewed by Anonymous

A lot of support on the bottom of my back.


Reviewed by AW

I bought one for my son who has chronic back problems. He has found it very comfortable to wear and finds the support very good. I am now buying a second one,on my son's recommendation, for myson-in-law who is a bricklayer and also suffers very badly with his back.

“Miss ”

Reviewed by Apricot 78

I'm suffering from L4/L5 disc bulges and S1 degeneration . The moment I put the brace on I felt the fantastic support and pressure just in the areas I need it . I will continue to wear it while working and be bck with another review !!!! Would recommend :-)

“Excellent product comfy to wear & helps with pain a lot”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Helps my OA, degenerative disc disease pain & post surgical pain


Reviewed by Kayx

I have suffered with lower back problems for a long time recently I have been seeing a physio but unfortunately is not helping at all. Every time I do any lifting or bending my back goes and I'm doped up on painkillers for a couple of weeks. I did some research on the net and came across and found this back brace with wonderful reviews, and thought I'd try one out myself.
WOW!!! Why the hell did I wait so long to replace the crappy chemist one that always made its way up to my chest every time I bent. This brace stays put all day what I really love too is the second straps to give you just the right support you need, easy to adjust. Oh my god if you have back problems get one now don't think maybe next week I'll see how I feel I did that for many years now I'm protecting my back, don't get me wrong my back still aches the following day after any work but at least I can get on with life not be laid up in bed.

“Excellent product, wonderful service!”

Reviewed by John P

I injured my back & ordered this support the day before travelling on holday. Amazed to arrive at our rental holiday to find it was already delivered ( on a Saturday)! The support provided much needed pain relief & enabled me to keep moving & enjoy at least some of the holiday. I shall continue to use the support when doing heavy work etc to prevent further injury.

“Elite Back Brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Just what I needed..very supportive. Service provided by PhysioRoom was EXCELLENT.

“Brilliant prodcut. ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This brace has been amazing. After being in two accidents in one day. My back is ruined. And my pelvis rotated. Wearing this brace helps so much.
I did sleep with it on a a couple of times which was fine.
Wearing this for a few day's has improved the pain. I would definitely recommend to anyone to give it a try .

“Great belt ”

Reviewed by Leslie Hill

The belt adjustment is good not overly hot when using well made should last a long time it's is comfortable to wear for long periods of time very happy with it delivered very quickly was well packed

“Prevention of back pain. This is excellent. ”

Reviewed by MMcI

Thiis showed results from 1st wear. eased my sore back and has prevented recurrence to a huge degree. I take preventative measures with it as well. I am a fisherman. I spend a lot of time tying flies as well. I really wasn't hopeful as nothing has really worked before. This is excellent. 110% amazed.

“back Brace ”

Reviewed by jayneandterry

would fully recommend

“physio room back brace”

Reviewed by pollytiff

excellent next day back says thanks a million

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

A high quality product, sturdy and easy to use. From choosing, ordering and delivery couldnt have been easier.

“back brace”

Reviewed by terence slynes

Thanks I feel like getting up in the morning best I have had and just £29.99 I have paid a lot more and they have not been the quality of this one so it should last I can only say a big (THANK YOU)

“back brace”

Reviewed by terence slynes

Thanks I feel like getting up in the morning best I have had and just £29.99 I have paid a lot more and they have not been the quality of this one so it should last I can only say a big (THANK YOU)

“ Sciatica ”

Reviewed by Reg

A good support for back dose help

“Excellent quality product”

Reviewed by Sharon from Selston, Notts

I purchased this belt for my 67 year old husband. We are building our own home and want to be involved as much as possible. This belt has been a terrific purchase. My husband considers it an important part of his work apparel. Excellent product. Very impressed with the quality.


Reviewed by Anonymous



Reviewed by hells

Perfect and excellent value


Reviewed by Anonymous

good quality product . exactly what I needed for my aching back, gives brilliant support when needed

“Buy it”

Reviewed by Billyboy

I have had back problems for years I have tried various methods of relieving my pain. This belt has helped me with my back I no longer have problems when I have been in the garden or lifting heavy items

“Recommended to a friend, says it all”

Reviewed by DPS Yorks

This is by far the best back support I have ever purchased, it provides excellent support to the lower back without affecting my golf swing.
I would definitely recommend this product to any person who suffers from muscular or spinal problems as it gives excellent support and comfort


Reviewed by gramps 2007

i brought the belt to see if it would help with the pain in my lower back, have been told my back is worn out,and now i am able to do light jobs again, like mowing the lawn in one go not over 3 days, it has help my pain relief and i would recommend the belt to every one who has got lower back pain


Reviewed by gramps 2007

i brought the belt to see if it would help with the pain in my lower back, have been told my back is worn out,and now i am able to do light jobs again, like mowing the lawn in one go not over 3 days, it has help my pain relief and i would recommend the belt to every one who has got lower back pain


Reviewed by gramps 2007

i brought the belt to see if it would help with the pain in my lower back, have been told my back is worn out,and now i am able to do light jobs again, like mowing the lawn in one go not over 3 days, it has help my pain relief and i would recommend the belt to every one who has got lower back pain

“Does what is Claimed”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The brace did what the description claimed

“good support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have used cheaper back supports in the past but this one is comfortable and more substantial than others I have used giving very good support. I use it mainly for playing golf.
For its size it is very lightweight and unobtrusive and does not move around once fitted .

“reassuringly supportive.”

Reviewed by john h.

I have played golf for 50 years and time has caught up with my discs, this supprt will keep me going for a few more years.

“XXL - Really good support for me a big fat man”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I'm very very overweight at 5ft 11", with a 48" waist, big tummy and weighing 130KG. I hope this review is useful to large people to give them some sense of the back support. i injured myself with a slipped disk/ back nerve problem and this helped me through my treatment. I used a cheap lonsdale support that didn't do much until i found this support on the site. It's nice and wide and can stretch very nicely and tightly around my middrif. There are 6 metal stays incorporated which give it a nice rigidity around the back and help support my back.

You pull the main straps comfortably around yourself then you use the secondary straps to tighten it all up giving you great control.

The only downside is that the top section of the main strap has a section of non velcro material so you need to have the secondary strap anchor either side of.

“Excellent value”

Reviewed by nycdiplomat

I am weight training and started experiencing lower back pain while lifting and playing basketball. This brace eliminated that. At first I was a skeptic but once I got it in the mail and put it on, I was amazed at the quality and the level of support. Definitely worth the purchase.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Jane Clarke

Comfortable, light, breathable and easy to put on and adjust. Old horse riding injury to lower back is now more stable and easier to manage. Great product!

“Really Excellent ”

Reviewed by Neddy

Bought this because I have a weak back, but dearly wanted to go skiing, which I achieved and felt the belt really helped.

It was comfortable to wear all day and with the double fixing / adjustments it gave me the extra support I was looking for.

I was impressed and will use in the garden in the coming months / years

Would highly recommend to anyone



“Use as an abodominal binder”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought this product to use during exersise after my recent tummy tuck it works very well. I recomend it! I feel very secure using it!

“It has helped. Rated good.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

If it has not been worn during the day (not always possible to wear it) back pain has worsened, on return home putting the belt on has been beneficial very quickly.

“I would recommend the elite back brace to anyone”

Reviewed by Andrew

Hi, 20 years ago I had L2 L3 L4 fusion in my back which restricted my movement and put more pressure on the lower part of my spine which has caused it to ware out and be very painful in the lower part of my back. Should of got the elite back brace a long time ago as it helps to support my back and allows me to move easier and get a bit more mobile and get out and about.

“Excellent Elite Back Brace”

Reviewed by Dorothy

Hi I would recommend the Elite Back Brace to anyone who suffers with back pain. After slipping my disk for the sixth time by just picking up a bottle of milk, I now wear the brace for doing all my house hold jobs and especially the shopping. It is so comfortable to wear at times you forget you have it on.

“Nice product”

Reviewed by Richard Driver

I suffer from lumber facet joint and sacro iliac joint problems I brought this to help with
My pain initially it was great but I have now found that I can only use for a few hours
before needing to remove it
If you suffer from lower back pain then this product is great just be aware that it may affect you as it did me

“I wouldn't be without it”

Reviewed by Robert B

I have suffered from lower back problems/sciatica for many years and have continually had to spend time resting my back. However, with the new Elite Back Brace I purchased from PhysioRoom, my back is 100 times better. I can go ahead and do physical things (wearing the back brace) without having to worry too much about any aches and pains I may receive after - and being layed up for a few days. It is so easy to use, comfortable and can be worn under clothing without any problem. I would recommend it to anyone. In fact, today I did.

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