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Product Features

  • FEATURES: Featuring inflatable air cells to reduce foot and ankle swelling
  • MEDICAL AID: Wear the Air Walker following a sprained ankle, broken foot, lower leg or ankle break
  • SPEEDY RECOVERY: Reduces swelling and speeds up recovery
  • USE: Using the integrated pump, air cells inside the walker can be inflated
  • DESIGN: PhysioRoom patented design
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PhysioRoom Air Walker (Ankle and Foot) Dual - Left & Right Small

Product Code: SM012

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What is the PhysioRoom Air Walker (Ankle and Foot)?

Featuring inflatable air cells to reduce foot and ankle swelling, the Air Walker is a short walking brace that protects foot and ankle injuries, while allowing you to move around. Wearing the Air Walker following a sprained ankle, broken foot, lower leg or ankle fracture reduces swelling and speeds up recovery. The Air Walker is a dual item that fits the left or right foot.

When can I use it?

  • Following a foot injury or ankle injury such as a sprained ankle
  • Ankle fracture
  • Broken Metatarsal
  • Fibula fracture
  • Lisfranc joint injury
  • Cuboid fracture
  • Talus fracture

Which size do I need?

Measure the length of the foot. Air Walker fits left or right foot and measures 14" in height.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart
  • Small: 25cm-26cm (9"-10")
    UK Shoe Size 2-5
  • Medium: 28cm-29cm (11"-12")
    UK Shoe Size 5-8
  • Large: 32cm-33cm (12"-13")
    UK Shoe Size 8-11
  • Extra Large: 37cm-38cm (14"-15")
    UK Shoe Size 11-14

How does it work?

The Air Walker features a lightweight plastic shell that provides immobilisation and protection like a short plaster cast, but is much more comfortable and convenient. Using the integrated pump, air cells inside the walker can be inflated, according to need, thus providing compression for the swollen ankle, which helps to reduce swelling and speed up rehabilitation.

Product Spec

General Specs
One SizeNo - available in small, medium and large
Functional UseSupport / Immobilisation / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryWalking Braces & Splints
Latex FreeYes
General Specs (Braces & Support)
Brace LengthShort
Brace Version2 Panel
Strap Configuration (Brace)
Strap TypeVelcro
Number of Straps4
Buckles TypeVelcro
Functional Specs (Walking Brace/Splint)
Non-Skid Rocker SoleYes
Removable InsoleYes
Wider FootplateNo
Cushioned Inner/Outer SoleYes
Protected Range of MotionYes
Indication (Walking Brace/Splint)
Stability IncreaseYes
Oedema DecreaseYes
Ligament Tendon RepairYes
Stress FracturesYes
Stable FracturesYes
Stress/Stable Foot FractureYes


Average Customer Rating PhysioRoom Air Walker (Ankle and Foot) Dual - Left & Right Small  has a rating of 4.5 stars4.5 stars (31 reviews)

“Good boot”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered this boot after i had a foot operation. It wasn't quite what i wanted and was a bit too long for my leg as i am very short. I was looking for more of an ankle boot and this was more mid calf. The boot arrived quickly and well packaged. I returned it with no fuss from Physioroom as i had only tried it on. Took about a week to get a refund and have now ordered an ankle brace as my recovery has moved on a little from a boot. I would recommend.

“Not Impressed”

Reviewed by Sheree

The first & only time I wore it the rubber bottom fell off, I'd just had a 4th operation on my ankle and thought it would help my recovery, returned immediately.

Additional comments from The Team

This issue has now been resolved with a new improved product


Reviewed by vinnytran

After tearing my ligament and then being on crutches unable to walk or put any weight on my foot, it was 2 days before i had planned to go to a festival. I wasn't going to go with crutches, untill i put this magical boot on. Once the boot was put on I could walk again and put all my weight on the foot, after 2 days at the festival I could even walk without it, the boot healed the foot so well. not sure how, only thing I can fault is the bottom of the boot got destroyed within 2 days of walking outdoors. The material of the bottom of the boot is very cheap, pretty much like polystyrene, would be 100% better if the bottom was made out of strong rubber for grip anywho, the boot did its job and I had to throw it away after 2 days but worth the money

“A great product- exactly what was required.”

Reviewed by Swim mum

It is exactly as described and the perfect answer to support torn ligaments in my son's ankle.

“Exactly Right”

Reviewed by Anonymous

had a foot joint fracture and tendinitis... great support from the product although that tread underneath needs to be improved as any pavement walking tears it up in no time at all.

“Elderly lady”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This was recommended by the physio for my ankle problem. Air Walker is good and quite easy to wear. I can't wear for more than 2 hours at a time. it is not uncomfortable but I keep hurting my right ankle every now and then. Hope it will solve my ankle problem.

“Needs a re-think”

Reviewed by [email protected]

If you read reviews about this item on Amazon, more than one person says that the struts at the side dig into the leg making it painful to walk in. I read those and still bought the item thinking they were exaggerating or I might not be affected,
I have fractured metatarsal.
However, i was affected, It's quite painful digging into my calves.
Did anyone test these items on real people? I got around the issue by gluing small sponges at the top of the struts.
Then after a week or so of use, the sole came off. Now this item without a sole is downright dangerous as the plastic is very slippery on a hard surface (such as a pavement)
I put a new rubber sole on, (�25) other than that, they are fine.

“Absolutely perfect! ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I fractured my ankle and ripped my ankle Tendons, my doctor ordered this product for and I cannot believe the results! I can walk!
5 stars for this! Worth every penny!

“The right product at the right price”

Reviewed by Nicholas Emson

This is a perfectly well made, robust product that would have been ideal for me had not my foot been so swollen .
Would certainly recommend it to anyone else should I be asked

“Good ankle and foot support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This boot has been a godsend in making it possible to get about when necessary.
It is very supportive and the air supported cushioning is brilliant for swollen ankle and ankle sprain, whilst supporting the broken metatarsal also.
My only criticism is that the air pump part presses against the leg and aggravates/rubs the side of the shin and it does get very warm around the leg.

“AIrWalker Leg brace”

Reviewed by Stevie

I live in China and when my ballet dancer friend broke his leg he was put in a cast, and told to hop for six weeks! We managed to get someone's crutches which helped. My friend had the cast removed and was told to hop for a further six weeks. My friend initially found the brace difficult and quite painful but 24 hours later he is feeling quite optimistic. Although not elegantly he is at last able to walk short distances and really appreciates the AIrWalker. Many grateful thanks.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Chris h

This air walker has given me confidence to move around with broken foot as feel more protected as i wasnt put in a cast

“Good product at price”

Reviewed by Richard1

A good product enabling complete mobility and does reduce swelling however can self inflate when walking and following use for 6 days the sole of the walker came away.

“Great for indoor use”

Reviewed by Claire

Great for extra ankle support which I needed for damaged ankle ligaments which help me not to 'tweak' them again.
I mostly wore the air boot around home which was fine. I did do quite a bit of walking once outdoors which wore the sole down quite quickly as its not heavy duty.
This air boot wouldn't be suitable for a lot of outdoor use but is great for indoors.

“Poor quality and had to get a replacement”

Reviewed by Sharlene


The first boot I received feel to pieces within a couple of days and had to get a replacement.

“Very sturdy - does the job!”

Reviewed by Kat

The air cells are very useful if you are walking/standing for any length of time but be sure to deflate when sitting down as it can become uncomfortable. Very easy to inflate/deflate. takes a matter of seconds. Also I like the fact that it doesn't come up as far as the knee joint (which the ones issued by the NHS do) which makes it much easier for tackling the stairs!

“Great product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very comfortable, it really helped me carry on as almost normal with a badly sprained ankle.

“Not suitable for outdoor use”

Reviewed by Helen

Good service re delivery and then good customer service about problem. However the Air Walker sole began to disintegrate after 3 walks of approx. 1 mile (on pavements and a park path). It was then unsafe because of slippery surface underneath sole. I would not have bought this boot if I had known about the likely problem.

“why don't hospitals use it?”

Reviewed by unclepiggy

Got this with £20 off, bargain. Far more comfortable and practical than the heavy cast from hospital. Sturdy and easy to get about on. Only compliant if it is one, the velcro straps are very strong.

“excellent ”

Reviewed by Ahmad

good product

“good support for metatarsal”

Reviewed by Anonymous

excellent quality for price. my 12 year old can now walk comfortably without a crutch. supporting her metatarsal injury.
the size medium is however slightly short for size 5 foot.

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I was delighted to find the airwalker at a far more affordable price than others on the market. I couldn't be happier with my choice, it was very comfortable and lightweight and made walking so much easier for me that I was able to go out for the first time in weeks without struggling. I'd absolutely recommend this airwalker to anyone needing to wear a removable cast.

“Air Walker just brilliant for rehab”

Reviewed by comedychuckle

Now I'm a big fella and hate sitting around when ill or injured... one thing I hate is the weight on my wrist when on crutches. The Air Walker not only made it easier to get mobile but also providing fantastic support to my heavily sprained ankle. The pump air bags made a snug fit and gave me confidence to walk... I was told by the Dr that rehab could be as much as 12 wks.. but did suggest plastic cast would slow down muscle wastage. So I've been using it now for 1 wk.. and love it... highly recommend it.

“masive help for my ankle foot”

Reviewed by footy mad

I have had ankle problems for over 20 years after breaking my ankle I am prone to sprained ankles and when I go to the hospital they just tell me to keep of it so I got this and found my ankle healed a lot more quickly would recommend this to anyone.

“Great product value for money”

Reviewed by Supercoach Pitreavie

Young female athlete back in training after a month in the boot with exercise routine in place. She called it her Paris fashion boot. Went down well at school. One happy athlete one happy coach and now ready to move on the better things. Thank you for a professional and money saving investment.

“Air Walker”

Reviewed by Mary

I found this product to be excellent, very comfortable to wear.

I broke a metatarsel bone in my left foot and was in plaster for 8 weeks, after the plaster was removed I was told my foot had not healed properly. I asked them not to put me back in plaster, they agreed and told me to take care and rest as much as possible, they want to see me again 20th September 2011, if not healed it has to be an operation, so I bought the Air Walker and used it for about two weeks. The best thing about it was you can take it off and give your foot some freedom. I can now walk without any aid or pain so I am sure when I go back to hospital I wont need any more treatment. I would recommend anyone to buy this product.

“Pump has no interface pad for shin bone”

Reviewed by Emo P

Support to ankle excellent. Pump being rounded has highspot touch out on shin bone when inflated. Pump could benefit from shaped and supported padding between pump assembly and shin bone. This is only a secondary detraction from an excellent ankle support. This has greatly promoted my recovery even with pump discomfort experienced. Thank you Physioroom.

“Okay for short term”

Reviewed by Kelsey

I purchased this product to wear during long distance walking (after a fracture of the 5th metatarsal). Within the first day the rubber sole had begun to wear off. The air pump is in an awkward position and if the strap is too tight it can rub against the skin and be quite painful. This said, it does what it is supposed to and provides support and immobilization to the injured foot.

I would recommend this product for short term or occasional use. I imagine with everyday use the sole would be completely worn off within a week. I would say it is better to go with a different brand if the brace is for long term use.

“Fit for indoor use only”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I brought this boot to replace my aircast walker as it was worn out. I used the boot for 1 day to go to work and back and found that I had pretty much worn out the sole. Now I use the boot for indoor use and purchased the Donjoy Walker which is of better quality.

“Excellent Product”

Reviewed by Andy Wiltshire

This product has enabled me to recover at a far greater rate than if I had kept to wearing a plaster cast. The inflatable system is superb and provides support exactly where needed, the muscle wasting caused after a Bi-Maleolar (Tibia and Fibula) ankle fracture and subsequent surgery to insert screws and plates, has reversed dramatically since wearing this product, for only 2 weeks. Would not hesitate to recommend...

“Offers support and comfort needed”

Reviewed by The Gifted Midfielder

Great product although im a size 8 which falls on the cusp of Medium/large. If a sze 8 probably best to go for the lsrge!

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