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P2 5 x PK2 Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m Black - Elastic Tape for Sports Injury Support & Compression

Product Code: PKT1310-BLKX5

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What is PK2 Kinesiology Tape?

PK2 Kinesiology Tape is a next generation recovery aid that is fast becoming the physiotherapists secret weapon. Kinesiology tape supports and provides compression during the recovery of a muscle or joint following injury. Equally as adept at providing support following tears, strains or joint complications the PK2 tape is available in varied colours to match clubs kits and features a robust fabric which is exceptionally durable and stronger than other leading brand tapes. The PK2 Kinesiology Tape contains more elastic power than other leading brands which helps to stretch the muscle and provide greater assistance during recovery.

Who uses Kinesiology tape?

Athletes across varied disciplines from football to triathlon champion the use of kinesiology tape as it can be worn during any sort of sporting activity. When applied correctly the tape will stay on throughout repeated use regardless of how aggressively used it is.

Guide to Kinesiology Tape

What size is it?

Each roll is 5cmx5m, this pack contains 5 rolls.

How does it work?

Kinesiology tape has been designed to replicate injured muscle fibers and remove the strain from an injured area, allowing the muscle or joint to heal rapidly whilst allowing you to continue training and competing. The PK2 Tape has a high elasticity rate of 140-160% which will enable you to apply the tape at any injury point regardless of size. This tape has been laboratory tested for high elasticity, is breathable on the skin and water repellent. With a 5cmx5m dimension and 97% cotton/3% Polyurethane material the PK2 Kinesiology tape will allow you to provide assistance and stability to a number of injuries. This tape has been laboratory tested for high elasticity, is breathable on the skin and water repellent.

When can I use it?

Kinesiology tape can be used for muscle injuries such as ACL, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis and IT band or joint stabilisation such as shoulder joint mobilisation issues. PK2 kinesiology tape is both water repellent and sweat resistance and can be used on the area for up to five days. To ensure a firm adhesive it is recommended that PK2l movement of the affected area or contact with water is avoided for an hour after application.

Main Features

  • Next generation Kinesiology tape
  • 140-160% elasticity for greater durability
  • Breathable on the skin
  • Water repellent


How long can I wear the tape?

P2 Tape could be used on average for 3-5 days or more dependinf on application method and the body part applied too. Standard P2 Tape could be used on average for 2-3 days or more depending on application method and used part of the body.

Do the different colours have different functions?

No, The colours are to give you more fashionable options. Pick up your favourite colours and apply them.

Can I reuse the tape?

Tmax Tape is designed for one time use only.

What will happen if I apply incorrectly?

If you do not wear the tape correctly in correct area, the tape will have not give effective pain relief. And even if you stretch too much when you apply the tape, it could cause skin trouble.

How do I remove the tape?

Take off the tape slowly in the same direction of hair growth.

Where do I store the rest of tape?

Avoid direct sunlight and damp or humid places. Direct sunlight and moisture could affect the glue of the tape.

Is the tape latex free?

Yes, there is no latex in P2 Tape. Tape pads are pure cotton and lycra. Tape glue is acrylic medical glue

Product Features

  • Compression and support to strains, muscular tension and joint complications
  • Designed to offer maximal support with as little interference as possible
  • Featuring a thick, robust fabric base that is more durable than other leading brand tapes
  • This product is stronger and contains more elastic power
  • This helps to stretch & press the muscle, allowing for great assistance & support around the muscle

Availability & Delivery

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