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                        Donjoy                         OA Lite Knee Brace

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                        Donjoy                         OA Lite Knee Brace

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                        Donjoy                         OA Lite Knee Brace

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                        Donjoy                         OA Lite Knee Brace

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                        Donjoy                         OA Lite Knee Brace

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Product Features

  • Provides support and pain relief for mild arthritis of the knee joint
  • Wrap around sleeve with hook and loop fastenings and soft patella knee cap buttress
  • Ideal for wearing under clothing during daily activities and light leisure
  • Made with breathable neoprene with moisture wicking properties to keep skin dry
  • For right or left leg and suitable for lateral or medial relief. Check product description for size guide.

Osteoarthritis explained HERE

Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace

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What is the Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace?

Put it on and get instant relief from arthritis knee pain. Pioneering technology arthritis knee brace that relieves pain and can delay the need for knee replacement surgery.

When can I use it?

Perfect for reducing the painful symptoms of knee arthritis.

Which knee brace options do I need?

To choose the perfect Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace for your needs, follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Knee
Choose whether you need the brace for your left or right knee.

2) Compartment
If the pain of your Arthritis is mostly on the inner side (Medial) and front of the knee, choose the Medial Compartment option.
If the pain of your Arthritis is mostly on the outer side (Lateral) and front of the knee, choose the Lateral Compartment option.

3) Size
Finally, measure around the thigh, 15cm above the centre of the knee cap. If measurements indicate two different sizes, then choose the larger size. Please select which knee is required when purchasing.

  • X-Small 33-39cm (13-15.5")
  • Small 39-47cm (15.5-18.5")
  • Medium 47-53cm (18.5-21")
  • Large 53-60cm (21-23.5")
  • X-Large 60-67cm (23.5-26.5")
  • XX-Large 67-75cm (26.5-29.5")
  • XXX-Large 75-82.5cm (29.5-32")

How does it work?

The Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace helps to stop the progression of arthritis by taking the load off the knee. The angled 'orthosis' hinge and comfortable 'Floam' condyle pad within the brace work together as a wedge to change the position of the knee joint. This relieves the 'bone on bone contact', immediately relieving the aggravating load on the knee during everyday activities.

Simply select the correct model depending on the location of your knee pain.

Product Spec

General Specs
OrientationLeft or Right
One SizeNo
Functional UseCompression / Support / Pain Relief
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Brace & Support
Latex FreeYes


Average Customer Rating Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace has a rating of 4.5 stars4.5 stars (7 reviews)

“Early signs are good”

Reviewed by PL-C

Had recently been told that I need to have a knee replacement due to arthritic damage on the inner compartment of left knee. I'm 52 and a bit to young for a knee replacement, so Iresearched some alternatives that could help delay the replacement.
This brace seemed to offer what was needed in respect to taking pressure off the damaged part of the knee.
Prior to having the brace I could hear and feel my knee cracking and clicking as I walked. In addition, it would occasionally give and result in a shooting pain.
I have been using the brace during the day for the past two weeks and now I am used to it, I'm pleased with the aid and relief it gives. Although it does not feel as though it give great support, what it does do is pull the joint into a position that takes pressure off the bad part of the knee. As a result, I can longer feel or hear the rubbing or clicking of the joint where it is bone on bone. I no longer walk with a limp or feel pain when the brace is on. It is a bit bulky but I'm more than willing to put up with that for the relief it's given. As I have said its early days but I would recommend this product. I will write another review in a few months time to update on longer term use.

“The jury is out.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Can this type of brace really alter the mechanics of the knee? It makes sense in theory - apply a force to the lateral aspect of the joint to "open up" and off load the medial side. The brace provides a snug support for the patella and probably does change patello-femoral mechanics so maybe some of the benefits are to do with. Like many with mild OA I am happy to try anything. If you are buying do remember that if you have a muscular calf, thigh circumference can be misleading. I bought a medium based on thigh measurement but couldn't use it because my calf was too big. Returned and replaced with a large which fits the calf well but is not as tight as I would ideally want for my thigh - but this compromise means I can use the brace.

“One size does not fit all”

Reviewed by shfphysio

When you purchase this donjoy brace the size is determined by thigh circumference. This is problematic because calf circumference is also important. Based on the guide I purchased a medium but this is much too small for my calf muscle bulk. Obliged to return and ask for a larger size. There is virually no flexibility in adjusting the distal (calf) section of the sleeve. Think about this when considering which size may suit your knee! Unless ther sleeve "fits" comfortably,one can not assess if the product does "off load" and improve symptoms.

“great product”

Reviewed by the mighty faz

It helps to make me feel safe when walking

“The right solution - I am extremely pleased.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Often, you can read the descriptions, the promises, the claims and they all sound credible but sadly, don't perform. If I was ever in any doubt, I am not anymore. For my condition, this knee brace provides everything it promises. I now have the confidence to stop favouring my problem knee and build up the muscular strength to delay the inevitable knee replacement surgery for some years yet.
The important words here are "For my condition". Don't expect miracles and the benefit you get may amaze you. For me? I don't hobble now! I am looking forward to many more years of mobility.

“OK but could be better”

Reviewed by DCW

Whilst the overall support is a comfortable fit, the hinged insert exerts a painful pressure on the side of the knee that is unwelcome. Without the insert the support is wearable but may be considered rather expensive by some.

“Good-needs to be more flexible at calf end.”

Reviewed by Celeste Reeve

I do wear this appliance whenever I play tennis, the only problem I have is that the bottom of the appliance is too small and my calf hurts if I wear it for too long because it is too tight. There needs to be more flexibility in the material. I did return the first one I ordered and ordered the next size up, but it is still too tight at the bottom of the appliance, but it is okay if I don't wear it for too long.

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