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                        Aircast                         Flat Foot PTTD Brace

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                        Aircast                         Flat Foot PTTD Brace

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                        Aircast                         Flat Foot PTTD Brace

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Product Features

  • USE:For the treatment of fallen arches and flat feet related to Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction.
  • COMMON CONDITIONS:Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction and flat foot (fallen arches).
  • DESIGN:Innovative rear entry design.Allows the patient to slip the foot into the back of the brace.
  • BENEFITS:For ease-of-use, AirCell inflation can be adjusted while wearing foot wear.
  • SIZE:Small Up to 7 (Ladies Up to 6.5); Medium 8-10 (Ladies 7.5 - 9.5); Large 11+ (Ladies 10.5+).

Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace

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What is the Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace?

Superb support for the treatment of fallen arches and flat feet related to Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD).

When can I use it?

  • For the treatment of Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD).
  • For acquired flat foot (fallen arches).

Which size do I need?

Based on UK men's shoe size. If you are between sizes, please choose the larger size:

  • Small Up to 7 (Ladies Up to 6.5)
  • Medium 8-10 (Ladies 7.5 - 9.5)
  • Large 11+ (Ladies 10.5+)

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

How does it work?

The Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace is ideal for the treatment of acquired flat foot, fallen arches and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD). The Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace uses AirCells to lift the arch of the foot, which relieves pressure on the arch and the Posterior Tibial Tendon.

Foot support and ankle stabilisation are provided by the Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace integrated AirCell which is located under the arch of the foot. The AirCell is adjustable using the hand bulb included with the brace. When inflated, the AirCell can accommodate variances in arch shapes and heights, and comfortably lifts the foot arch to achieve a more natural foot position.

For ease-of-use, AirCell inflation can be adjusted while wearing foot wear. The Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace is anatomically designed to the shape of the ankle for secure support and stabilisation. This helps to realign the ankle and support the patient.

The Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace is designed for easy application and adjustment. The support uses an innovative rear entry design which allows the patient to slip their foot into the back of the brace.

Product Spec

General Specs
OrientationLeft or Right
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light
Functional UsePrevention / Post-Op
Functional Type/CategoryFunctional / Post-Op
Latex Freen/a
Indication (General)
IndicationPosterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) / Acquired Flat Foot
Chronic Pain DecreaseYes
General Specs (Braces & Support)
Brace LengthStandard
Warranty Frame and/or Hingen/a
Warranty Linersn/a
Brace Version1 Panel
Strap Configuration (Brace)
Strap TypeAdjustable
Number of Straps1
Buckles TypeVelcro
Frame Specification (General)
Soft MaterialsYes
Indication (Ankle)
Plantar Fasciitis (PF)No
Achilles TendinitisNo
Heel PainNo
Drop FootNo
Ankle Injury PreventionYes
Post-Op Ankle TreatmentYes
Chronic Ankle SprainNo
Acute Ankle InjuryNo
Tender AnklesNo
Swollen AnkleNo
Ankle & Foot OANo
Post-Op Foot TreatmentYes
Functional Specs (Ankle)
Rigid Foot PlateYes
Hinged Foot PlateNo
Effectivity (Ankle)
Inversion PreventionYes
Eversion PreventionYes
Rotation PreventionNo
Plantar FlexionNo
Calcaneus LockNo
Peroneal Fore Foot LockNo
Anterior Talofibular Ligament SupportNo
Posterior Talofibular Ligament SupportNo
Calcaneofibular Ligament SupportNo
Suitable for Cold TherapyNo
Support & CompressionYes
Proprioceptive & Neuromuscular StimulatiNo
Frame Specification (Braces & Support)
Air-Filled ChambersYes
Removable LinersYes


Average Customer Rating Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (13 reviews)

“A godsend !”

Reviewed by Peter Cliffe

I have fallen arches, which has caused a hallucinating valgus ( bunion and turned in big toe). Podiatry clinic made arch supports which were hard , uncomfortable, thus unwearable. Without my a
Aircast, I am unable to walk, but when wearing it I feel almost no pain. I took a star off because the nylon sides could be better made using Kevlar, mine wears out in about two months; mind you I wear it all day every day and I spend about 5 hours walking my dogs, so I am a heavy user. Also lost the plastic pipe to inflate on one walk. Almost perfect, and I will continue to buy them.

“The best purchase of foot care I made”

Reviewed by Sheila Mercer

This brace is the BEST purchase I made concerning my foot. I've suffered from foot pain for many years and nothing worked for me until now. I walk alot on both jobs that I work and this brace brings alot of comfort to my fallen arch as well as my swollen ankle. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great product

“Great Support ”

Reviewed by Bazer2000

Great product shame my physio and NHS podiatrists seemed to not know any thing about them. I have denervation gastrocnemus on both legs following spinal fusion 25 years ago. Hence have not been able to stand up on toes for same perion I have PTTD in both feet. I find these great for just walking or playing cricket and squash. My only concern is that the ankle splints have started to come through the nylon cover. This may be due to footware but is a slight worry that they they are not as robust as they could be.

“finally the support i have been looking for”

Reviewed by bigbadsav

Having suffered from flat footedness all my life, and having tried a myriad of insoles, supports and orthotics, I finally stumbled on these,( partly through Andy Murray). They're fully adjustable to any foot type, and you can adjust the support for any level thanks to the inflatable instep. They're comfortable and supportive exactly where required, with no slip or rub, and can be worn all day, with or without shoes. Highly recommend for those that suffer PTTD or flat-footedness.

“Comfortable ”

Reviewed by Nina

Provides good arch support

“Support when needed great product! ”

Reviewed by Steena

Fantastic product for supporting mid foot. Easily put on and off. Hugs the whole foot with that extra support. Made a huge difference in a short time would highly recommend

“Early Days”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Have inflated it round ankle but case of hit and miss as ankle swells more on some days than others, fine adjustment needed. Too large for normal shoes, have ordered sandals with velcro fastenings enabling brace to be worn outdoors. Only worn on 3 occasions, does seem to be relieving pain.

“Good brace for a fallen arch/flat foot”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This brace has an inflatable arch support which gives good support. It offers good stability on either side of the ankle, although I would have liked even more support around the medial malleous, as this is where I experience the most pain. The downside of this cast is that it is quite bulky and I don't really feel like I can wear it with many of my shoes, or if I am doing gentle exercise, such as yoga. This is a shame as I had hoped to wear it at work where I spend long hours on my feet. However, I wear it around the house and it does provide superior support.

“excellent product - really fast recovery ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I had posterior tibial tendonitis with a large amount of swelling and pain. I wore this for 2 weeks and all swelling and pain is gone and I can now weightbear on my toes again.

I have had this condition before and it took about 3 months to heal previously.

The only downside was that I had to wear my husbands slippers, as it was too bulky to fit into any of my shoes. Also, as a ladies size 7 shoe I was between 2 sizes, so went for the larger size and I suspect the smaller size might have been more comfortable and less bulky.

“A good product, from a Stroke Survivor ”

Reviewed by Glynn Robinson

*** It would be excellent if the manufacturers update the product to JUST BELOW THE KNEE. My 17 year old stroke means that I suffer from right swollen foot/ankle (- and now swollen lower leg, using the Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace.)
***In every day use for 6 months the plastic support appears to be rubbing with my shoe so that the black fabric has worn bare giving the white plastic support protruding. Is there anything that can be done about this?

“aircast pttd brace briliant support, comfy and easy to use”

Reviewed by linda s

within a few days the brace ended weeks of discomfort. the easy to adjust inflatable arch provides the exact amount of support and the well padded support either side of the ankle stabilises the joint and for me, has eliminated the roll which caused so much instability. i am awaiting surgery, and this brace has enabled me to regain a good measure of confidence and stabilty. it has reduced swelling and enabled me to resume many activities such as walking with comfort. i wis id bught this moths ago, it would have saved me a lot of discomfort. it is too bulky for many of my shoes however it fits well within my walking boots, my ugg boots and with open sandles, fitflops etc. so i can manage a variety of footware. dont hesitate - the amazing money back offer from physioroom gave me the confidence to give this product a try. what have you got to lose? get on with your life whislt protecting your foot/ankle.

“good ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The brace is very good but, it was not for me in the end the quality was very good this is what I am judging the brace on and the quick response I got, when I returned the item the money was back within the time scale the PhysioRoom said it would be.

“Absolutely Fantastic”

Reviewed by Tracey

The Aircast Flat Foot PTTD Brace is absolutely fantastic. Flat feet @ fallen arches is a really painful condition. Walking while wearing the Aircast PTTD Brace makes walking so much easier. The support is brilliant. There is an aircell underneath which cushions @ supports your arch. I've used Aircast products in the past. Nothing else compares to Aircast products. I won't be going anywhere without wearing this. Well worth the price. I will be buying one for my left foot soon.

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