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Aircast A60 Ankle Brace - Lightweight Ankle Support for Ankle Sprains - Stabilizer, Pain Relief

Product Code: 02T

£44.99 inc VAT SRP £60.00 Save £15.01 (25% OFF)




What is the Aircast A60 Ankle Brace?

As worn by tennis star Andrew Murray. Our most lightweight, minimal bulk sports ankle brace. Provides a winning combination of effective ankle support and protection. The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is less bulky than its sister product the Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace.

When can I use it?

  • Ideal to wear as a preventative ankle injury brace during all sports.
  • Suitable for recovery from a sprained ankle, tarsal tunnel syndrome, swollen ankle and following a broken ankle.
  • May also be used for chronic ankle instabilities

Which size do I need?

Based on UK men's shoe size.

  • Small Up to 6.5 (Ladies up to 6)
  • Medium 7-10.5 (Ladies 6.5 - 10)
  • Large 11+ (Ladies 10.5 +)

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

How does it work?

Patent pending design incorporates a pair of sleek stabilisers located on either side of the ankle. These stabilisers are moulded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against a sprained ankle and prevent ankle rollover.

Manufactured from Breath-O-Prene material. The A60 ensures that the wearer stays comfortable, cool and dry, while the light-weight design easily fits in athletic footwear without creating additional bulk.

The Aircast A60 is applied and adjusted with a single Velcro strap that securely holds it in place, replacing time-consuming lacing.

The Aircast A60 ankle brace features a specially designed split in the material under the foot; this allows you to move the mesh to one side so you can remove the support before washing.

Product Features

  • MEDICAL USE: Ideal support for post-surgery recovery and general protection
  • SUPPORT: Superb ankle support and protection
  • DESIGN: Open heel design allows a wide range of motions during activity
  • PREVENTS INJURY: Aids recovery from ankle injuries
  • COMFORTABLE: Fits left or right ankle and most shoe styles

Product Spec

General Specs
ColourBlack / Grey
OrientationLeft or Right
One SizeNo
WeightUltra Light (< 500g)
Functional UseMultiple Use
Functional Type/CategoryFunctional / Preventative
Latex FreeYes
Indication (General)
Postoperative RehabilitationYes once discussed with a healthcare professional
IndicationFor stability and Pain relief following ankle injuries
Chronic Pain DecreaseYes
Impact PreventionYes
Soft Tissue Strains/RepairsYes
Premium Use
Contact SportYes
Activity of Daily LivingYes
Conservative UseYes
Extreme SportsYes
Female SportsYes
Sport Activity
Water SportsNo
Other Sport ActivityYes
No Sport ActivityYes
General Specs (Braces & Support)
Brace LengthStandard
Warranty Frame and/or Hingen/a
Warranty Liners6 months
Brace Version1 Panel
Functional Specs (Braces & Support)
Range Of Motion ControlYes
Neutral PositioningYes
Strap Configuration (Brace)
Strap TypeAdjustable Velcro
Number of Straps1
Buckles TypeVelcro
Frame Specification (General)
Soft MaterialsBreath-O-Prene
Indication (Knee)
Meniscal InjuryYes
General InstabilityYes
Indication (Ankle)
Plantar Fasciitis (PF)No
Achilles TendinitisNo
Heel PainNo
Drop FootNo
Ankle Injury PreventionYes
Post-Op Ankle TreatmentYes
Chronic Ankle SprainYes
Acute Ankle InjuryYes
Tender AnklesYes
Swollen AnkleYes
Ankle & Foot OAYes
Post-Op Foot TreatmentNo
Functional Specs (Ankle)
Rigid Foot PlateNo
Hinged Foot PlateNo
Effectivity (Ankle)
Inversion PreventionYes
Eversion PreventionYes
Rotation PreventionYes
Plantar FlexionNo
Calcaneus LockNo
Peroneal Fore Foot LockYes
Anterior Talofibular Ligament SupportYes
Posterior Talofibular Ligament SupportYes
Calcaneofibular Ligament SupportYes
Support & CompressionYes
Proprioceptive & Neuromuscular StimulatiYes
Functional Specs (Walking Brace/Splint)
Protected Range of MotionYes
Indication (Walking Brace/Splint)
Stability IncreaseYes
Ligament Tendon RepairYes
Frame Specification (Braces & Support)
Air-Filled ChambersNo
Removable Linersn/a


Average Customer Rating Aircast A60 Ankle Brace - Lightweight Ankle Support for Ankle Sprains - Stabilizer, Pain Relief has a rating of 5.0 stars5.0 stars (168 reviews)

“Fantastic Support”

Reviewed by Kevin John

I bought two of these (Left & Right) for my dad, not only have they helped him whilst walking, they have proven to be a fantast support when playing Walking Football, something that he was previously hesitant about doing.

He has now used them in various activities with no issues such as bowls, cricket and chasing his granddaughter around :)

He cannot recommend them enough.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Disappointed in wear of mesh. Raised this as a concern with supplier only to be told it is where shoes rub and won’t detract from the support offered. This despite advising them that the wear was at top of splint. Repetitive discussion and advised I should check reviews when buying so decided not to waste my time any further but to warn potential buyers of how quickly the product looks tatty.

“Any smaller sizes?”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have hyper mobile ankles and get pain when exercising. This looks good to stabilise my ankles, however I am a ladies size 5 and reading the reviews, think the small size will be too big.


Reviewed by Anonymous



Reviewed by Anonymous

I use this support after badly spraining my ankle playing netball. It does the job supporting the ankle and I can play without any pain. Could do with some slightly softer padding as it can occasionally rub but overall not too uncomfortable.
The size guide is off though, I'm a ladies UK size 7 so ordered a medium which was miles too big so had to exchange for a small.

“Very good product ”

Reviewed by Jenny Garratt

I originally borrowed this brace from a friend and have just purchased one for myself as it was so good. My only criticism is that the size guide is off. I wear a womens size 7 shoe so I bought a 'medium' but now need to return it as the Velcro strap at the top won't do up around my leg. I'm relatively slim and my ankle isn't swollen any more so not sure how men or women with larger legs will fare with a medium brace!

“Provided great relief”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I cannot praise the Aircast A60 enough. I am 3 months on from breaking my ankle and am still having issues even after physio. As a horse rider, it was important for me to find a support that would withstand hours of use and keep me as pain free and stable as possible.

I am absolutely delighted that I am now riding to the ability that I was before the accident, due to the A60. I have also started to use it every day and am finding that it has helped dramatically in my ankle becoming less painful and fatigued.

It is 100% worth the price and the dispatch time from The Physio Room was very impressive. I won't hesitate in buying another one (fingers crossed I won't have to!)

“does the job but poor quality”

Reviewed by robert taylor

I bought this ankle brace after being told by the foot specialist at our hospital that it is far better than the ankle support that the hospital give, have used it for approximatly 5 weeks wased it twice and it is showing sings of wear the material used i suspect is of a poor quality , but I must stress that the ankle brace is a lot better than the nhs
Mr R.V.Taylor

“Painful on Internal Hardware”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Was recommended this brace by physio as now starting to come out of Aircast 3 months after severe trimalleolar fracture. Am size 4 shoe so bought a small, but can barely do it up over swollen ankle and the metal in the brace is pressing painfully against ORIF Hardware. Probably great for sprains but souldn't recommend to someone with similar surgical hardware.

“Constantly spraining my ankles”

Reviewed by Melissa Reddy

I constantly sprain both my ankles. I purchased both right and left brace and then did a 9 mile trail run! My ankle rolled ( tried to roll) over twice during the run and I had no injury! These are amazing!
The bad news is... I went for a walk the next day after the run and sprained my ankle just WALKING!!!! I wasn't wearing the brace off course!


Reviewed by golferone

This item is too dear,£30 would be a better price.

“Lifesaver after a sprain/fracture”

Reviewed by Swifty

This product has been a complete lifesaver for me after two injuries to my ankle in quick succession at the start of the year. I needed something to support my foot whilst I recovered and this has been good enough to wear daily and give my confidence back. It fits easily over normal shoes - as long as you allow some give in your shoe laces! Six months on and I only wear it for sports or where I am worried the ground is uneven and a collapse in my ankle could happen. But it loses one star for the materials - within the first 2 wears, yes 2 WEARS, the netting which holds the plastic support had worn through plus a small hole appeared in the sole (but did not get bigger). It's a shame it looked shabby so quickly but it did make me buy two and keep one for best!

“Needs an XS size”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I'm a ladies size 5 and the small is too big for me and I can feel my ankle moving around inside of it when playing netball, not offering much support. It is a shame as it seems a good quality product which has had lots of excellent reviews and was brought after a glowing recommendation from a friend.

“Feels comfortable and stable, perfect”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I ordered this product on a Saturday after ending up in a and e after going right over on my ankle damaging ligaments and tendons. I did pay for the next working day delivery so expected the product on Tuesday. I was very happy when I actually received the brace on Monday. Fantastic customer service, couriers and physioroom emailed to keep me up to date.

The brace is perfect for what I need, it is light and supportive but also fits inside many of my shoes (including trainers and Toms). I am on crutches but feel my ankle is much better supported in this than in a tubigrip which was really doing nothing! I don't feel my ankle can roll out at all when wearing this, when it is not on my ankle still feels very unstable. I cannot comment on the durability having only had it a couple of days but it seems fine for now and I have worn it constantly since it arrived. Having hypermobile joints I am pleased to have found something that offers support and will hopefully allow me to get back on court soon.

I am now debating if I should buy a second identical support fro my other ankle! Better to be safe than sorry I guess.

“Good but too big”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Was sooo excited that i got this very early and on time. Thats where the stars are coming from But wish i got the small as i bought a medium and it feels way too big! I am a ladies size 7 but it feels when i walk it slips out of place. But still an okay product i guess.

“ Very Good support”

Reviewed by R j archibald

Yes, a very good ankle support , but rather expensive for the sum of the parts, but just about justifies the outlay particularly if you are desperate as I was following an ankle operation, but it's tough if you are on a tight budget.
I guess the fact that Andy Murray uses it means that the product can be priced higher.

“very well made product ”

Reviewed by BexH

The reason that I have only given 4 stars is that the product isn't suitable for anyone with smaller feet. the product is incredibly good quality and well worth the money, but, this is the second Aircast product that I've tried that has been far too big, (although I am at the bottom of the size range). I am a UK size 4 and the product offers no support for my ankle. I have many netball friends who rate this support very highly, it just isn't made for small feet.

“Highly recommend”

Reviewed by LisaFH

I have bought 3 pairs now and just about to order the 4th. My son is an elite basketball player and is due for an ankle reconstruction on next injury having injured ankle several times before. These supports have prevented any figure her injury - so far fingers crossed! They are expensive but they are superb!

“Highly recommend”

Reviewed by LisaFH

I have bought 3 pairs now and just about to order the 4th. My son is an elite basketball player and is due for an ankle reconstruction on next injury having injured ankle several times before. These supports have prevented any figure her injury - so far fingers crossed! They are expensive but they are superb!

“So helpful!”

Reviewed by Ivy

My ankle twisted and gave out on the school run. I kept it elevated and iced daily. Six days later the same thing happened whilst crossing the road. That was terribly frightening.

I needed something that gave firm support, but didn't cut of.blood flow and was easy to remove. This is an excellent brace and complete supported my ankle. I even wore ot comfortably with my shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis. I have recommended this to others. I wore this for months whilst exercising as I know ankle is proned to injury.

This is a good company to buy from and the delivery was prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another product from here.


Reviewed by Anonymous


“Best brace I have used!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have joint hyper mobility, mainly in my ankles, and as such it is very easy for me to injure myself, even doing every day activities. After a stint laid up due to overexerting myself in the gym, I invested in one of these, as it is mainly my left foot that causes me the most problems. Over the course of a couple of years I have used supports that have ranged from more or less a thick sock with elastic strap kind of protection, to decent at preventing injury. The Aircast A60 is the best one I have used to date! Lightweight, discreet, easy to clean when dirty and does a good job at preventing injury, due to the side panels which stop you from moving your ankle sideways and thus rolling your ankle. When money allows I will be investing in another for my right foot. Seem very pricey compared to others but cannot be beaten in my opinion!

“Excellent choice”

Reviewed by Craig McI

for years i have been having problems with weak ankles during playing such sports as football, tennis and squash. As a result of this I have been prown to go over my ankle and cause various foot/ ankle injuries in the process. The Aircast ankle support has given me confidence that
I have the support to carry on playing these sports ankle injury free and highly recomend them.

“so far so good! ”

Reviewed by jojolovesbananas

NHS podiatrist recommended these. Bought for fashion conscious 15 year old who has hyper mobile ankles which are now unstable. She says they are discreet and comfortable and give support in the right places. Hopefully they will help prevent further injury whilst she works on strengthening them. So far so good...well worth the money :-)

“Perfect ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have always suffered with weak ankles and often roll them when playing sport. I wanted to continue playing netball so invested in a pair of aircast A60s. They felt a little strange to begin with (similar to when you buy a new pair of shoes and need to break them in). I still had a slightly painful ankle when I first wore these for netball training, however they supported my ankle very well and I had no pain. They are absolutely fantastic and well worth the money! I will be buying a new pair to replace them when needed.

“Ankle supported well and comfortable.”

Reviewed by Ricko

A well made product that provides excellent lateral ankle support, whilst allowing the movement necessary to encourage strengthening and recovery

“Good useful ankle support”

Reviewed by Mad lizzy

Having had a broken ankle i needed a support to help recover. This has provided a physical and mental support and i can now walk with the knowledge my ankle will not turn over. I hope it lasts a long as the cost is a bit expensive bit as a product , worth it. Easy to put on and comfortable in shoes and trainers alike.

“Disappointing due to not fitting well”

Reviewed by Naina

Unfortunately this was not made for my ankle nor to be worn with my trainers. Did not cover my ankles properly and when i wore my trainers .. The support would shift up around my ankles.


Reviewed by Anonymous

this is a fantastic support for my angle after ligament problems

“can walk with confidence”

Reviewed by Anonymous

my daughter is disabled but this ankle brace helps her to enjoy the freedom of walking.

“Good Product but inbetween sizes”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have ruptured ligaments in my ankle and was recommended this brace whilst awaiting surgery. I am a size 6 in shoes and 6.5/7 in sports shoes so quite in-between. The medium was too big, I could still turn my ankle over, the small is what I now have and it is a bit tight around the foot so if you have a sore foot/ankle I can imagine it may hurt a little.

Saying that, the stability it offers is amazing, it lets my muscles have a break from the effort of not letting my ankle roll. It fits in all of my shoes so I wear it all the time (at least for now), even within nice work shoes (have to lace up though). It took a day or so to get used to it but now I am I would very much recommend it.

“Excellent customer service”

Reviewed by AngelaM

This is my second ankle brace and there is none better for the condition of moderate ankle pronation.

“Good level of support”

Reviewed by Mike D

I have an arthritic ankle and use this brace on a daily basis whenever I go outdoors. They fit very well although the body of the brace does become a bit slack after about 6 months and a few washes but this does not impair performance. They normally last me about a year but eventually the fabric parts wear out especially at the top on the outside, once this is worn through the plastic inner support isn't retained properly any more and the support provided isn't stable enough so its then replaced.

“Fantastic product”

Reviewed by Laurence

Fantastic product and service .

“Andy Murray brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This brace was recommended by the podiatrist. Was looking forward to trying it. It is light and very supportive for a weak ankle but it was too big overall and not supportive in my case. I found the rigid supports that run up the inside and outside painful on the outer part of my shin. Had to send back. Wish they did an extra small as I am sure that it would give confidence by supporting the ankle if it fits properly.


Reviewed by Anonymous

It was advised by my physiotherapist to get one of these in time for my half marathon to prevent any ankle injury. With it on, I had more confidence in my ankle so it did the job.

“Does what it claims to do”

Reviewed by proccy

Bought this as it seemed like the right product for me recovering from a grade 3 sprain. It can be slightly uncomfortable in tight shoes, but overall I'm very satisfied and, after all, if it's good enough for Andy Murray it's good enough for this 60yr old wannabe footballer.....the only downside is, my physio said to stop using it as it supports the joint so well I wasn't building the tendons/muscles back up and therefore unwittingly keeping it weaker than it should be - so I've now cast it off and hobble about safe in the knowledge that when I sprain it again, I have some adequate support for the early days.

“Fantastic product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Much lighter than an old lace up version I had and more comfortable.

Only comment would be in respect of the Velcro, over time it will deteriorate and it can also be difficult to unstick when removing the support.

Otherwise great and worth the money.

“Best ankle braces for jumping sports”

Reviewed by Physio and mum

Just bought second set for my son who plays volleyball at elite youth level who suffered a severe high ankle sprain a year ago. Great for use during rehab and confidence building stage, if ankle remains unstable or chronic damage. He just likes to know they are in his kit bag just in case now as fully recovered.
As a physio I find these excellent to recommend - can fully train and play in them forgetting you are wearing them which is unusual with support braces.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Wouldn't be without them!! Bought my last pair after dislocation and breaking my ankle so that I could get back to playing netball with confidence. My last pair have served me for 5 years and I have never sprained my ankle in them - done it plenty of other times since - but never with the braces. Im just about to purchase my second pair!

“Worth the money + quick delivery”

Reviewed by Luke

After recently fracturing my ankle, choose this product as recommended by my physio. Far superior than other cheaper products that I have used previously, which gives me more confidence running and playing tennis. Worth the money......

“Met expectations ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Purchased as a replacement for brace provided by hospital whilst I learn to walk again following surgery for a tri-malleolar fracture, it is very easy to get on and is a much lighter, less bulky and much more comfortable option. Am not yet walking without crutches so cannot comment on supportive quality when tested during more rigorous activity but am very confident in it's support thus far when walking and cycling on turbo trainer, good durability will be the deciding factor into whether the product is excellent or not.

“Absolutely great!”

Reviewed by Daniela

Best ankle brace I've ever worn - and I tried lots of them! Easy to put on it fits perfectly in my tennis shoes. Really recommendable!


Reviewed by V.Gooriah

Since sciatica I have lost the outer part of my right foot which makes walking awkward & I am constantly
aware the ankle might turnover, the A60 has stopped this happening, you cannot turn your ankle wearing this, it has helped enormously, I love fishing & walking on uneven ground was a big problem,
since wearing the A60 I can walk looking up & not always where I am walking, a bit expensive but it works!!

“Very lightweight with excellent support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very lightweight with excellent support. As a sufferer of MS, this stops my ankle turning if I drag my foot.

“excellent fit”

Reviewed by Eva

The Aircast Ankle Brace fits snugly, gives great stability to my ankle after a serious sprain and feels almost weightless. I'd buy one for the other foot if I had to.

“strong support, easy to put on”

Reviewed by actionaunty

Purchased to wear after initial recovery from surgery to pin fractured ankle. Important that it is easy to put on without stressing ankle, whilst providing strong, adjustable support.

“Product is fine”

Reviewed by Mrs Brigid Daley

The product is sufficient to meet my needs at this time.

“it works!”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I've had loads of problems with my ankles rolling playing football. I finally decided the prevention route rather than cure, and tyey actually work. Only negative is they are quite tight to the side of my legs and rub after a while


Reviewed by Anonymous

This is the second pair bought for basketball player son who is waiting for next ankle injury to have Bostrum reconstruction. He has done a whole season on one pair and ankles are still intact, they must work and long may it continue!

“Too Snall”

Reviewed by Lorraine - W Yorks

Product seemed well made but the small which was for my foot size 4 was way too narrow for my ankle, particularly as this was for a healing fracture so the area is still prone to some swelling. Unless you have slim ankles this wouldn't be for you!

“A new lease of life”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Having broken my ankle badly several years ago, it's never been quite right since resulting in recently rupturing the ligaments in it, being a very active person this was devastating but after reading several reviews on the aircast A60 ankle brace I decided it was worth a try.

It's fantastic! I feel very confident when I am wearing it and shocked at how comfortable it is. I will be ordering another as a spare I cannot recommend this product enough

“Gave good stability but really painful to wear”

Reviewed by Sue-Durham

Have unstable right ankle and bought to give stability and protection when out walking and when participating in sporting activity.
Reviews were so good I bought one for left ankle too.
Tried the right foot brace last week when out walking. After an hour of walking the outer edge of the rigid support was causing a great deal of pain in the area above the ankle bone.
Had to remove and the area is still sore a week later.
Will return both for a refund.

“Excellent support for work and sport ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent support that covers the ankle and hopefully will help to reduce further injury - used for both work and gym weights class.


Reviewed by B T


“Good product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Good value for money. Comfortable and firm support. More than adequate for the sharp movements involved in sparring.

“Amazing support”

Reviewed by FMJ

Have suffered with ankles that turn over for years, these supports really work. Light and comfortable to wear. Tennis possible even with a recently sprained ankle. So impressed!

“Easy and fast”

Reviewed by Maren

Easy to buy and fast shipment.

“amazing product”

Reviewed by Karl - Amersham

Have been suffering with swollen ankle after all sport. Wearing the ankle support for tennis and football - and has stopped all swelling after games (annoyed I didn't try this sooner as I've been suffering for more than 18 months and the doctor was unable to help).

“The ankle brace is very effective”

Reviewed by Mrs Brigid Daley

It's very good.

“Great support, exactly as described”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Great product, fits and supports well.

“Very good product at a good price”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Air cast ankle support is s very good product.

“So Excited!”

Reviewed by Helly

I badly sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago after only a month of training after a YEAR off with a shin injury! Gutted! The swelling had genuinely gone down more from wearing this in the last few hours that it has done for the past 2 weeks! I feels sturdy and comfortable. I have skinny little ankles and am a size 6 (female). The small is fine for me as my ankle is a bit puffed up but I am on the narrow cusp of it - the velcro just about touches but I do know I have REALLY skinny ankles!! I am really excited as I think I will be back running sooner than I thought...!


Reviewed by catwurly

Suffering from unstable ankles, this brace is fantastic. It feels slightly odd to start with but you soon get used to it. Although my feet are size 7, I have quite skinny ankles so I went for the small which fits perfectly.

“Good support for my ankle”

Reviewed by Anonymous

To support the ankle without being difficult to use, which with the Velcro is nice and easy

“Ankle Brace Aircast A60”

Reviewed by Marmalade

My husband is very pleased so far. It gives his ankle really good support. We would most certainly buy another. Appears to be made very well indeed.

“Very useful”

Reviewed by sunny dave

Recovering from badly sprained ankle - the A60 Brace (worn with heavy walking trainers) gives the extra stability and confidence I need to be able to resume walking on rough ground, without constantly worrying that I'll go over on my ankle and exacerbate the injury.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Weak ankle following a sprain last May. This brace has given me the confidence to play football again, with no ankle pain in the morning.

“Confidence after surgery.”

Reviewed by Terry Smith

There are two excellent properties that the Aircast A60 ankle brace possesses: the ability to feel much more confident in your ankle when putting your foot down and the prevention of excessive swelling around the joint.

“very good”

Reviewed by mike potter


“Ankle support very good, delivery extremely fast,”

Reviewed by Paul S

Ankle support works well and is helping with my injury recovery. I was impressed by the speed of the standard delivery which was next day.

“thought it was good”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I wore one of these for a year and a half with no problem, but then actually managed to fracture my ankle while wearing so they are not perfect by an stretch.

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Excellent product would highly recommend this product

“Very supportive”

Reviewed by Bob M

I echo much of the praise already posted. My only small reservation is that if wearing thin socks with this support I find the brace is not so comfortable where it passes under the arch of the foot. It offers great support and is extremely light to wear. If it were possible I'd award four and half stars as it's almost perfect. If wearing a thicker sock it's great, but in my experience not so comfortable without.

“If you have glass ankles like me - Perfect!”

Reviewed by John H

This is the second time I have purchased a pair of these supports. The last I purchased in June 2010 - so they do last quite a long time - so definatly value for money!

I had ankle problems for years, other supports didnt "support" at all until I saw Andy Murry wearing these after a sprain and thought I would give them a try. They were £50 each when i purchased them originally, yes expensive but 100% worth it! I sprained my ankles around every 3/4 months over a 3 year period - then after discovering these I havent had a sprain or anything worse since. Now they are half the price which is eern better!!

If you have ankle problems, rolling them all the time, spraining etc then trust me these are for you and you can continue to be active without having in the back of your head when you are going to injure yourself again!

“Lightweight supportive anklebrace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This ankle brace is lightweight and less bulky than others I've tried previously and it does seem supportive. The only downside is that i find it very uncomfortable on my instep if i walk around in it. And when I wore it for a few hours to play netball again it was very uncomfortable on my instep. This may be something that i adapt to after i have had it for longer than a couple of weeks or it may be that it just doesn't fit my narrow foot properly

“Excellent product”

Reviewed by Tiggi

I am recovering from an ankle fracture and this product provides excellent support & is comfortable to wear. Love it!

“So far so good”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I had to get the medium as I couldn't get my foot in the small, despite only having size 5 feet and wearing a size 6 trainer. As a result I would like to be able to tighten it a little more around the lower foot. I sprained my ankle and bought this to aid the recovery and to wear whilst playing netball once I get back on court. So far I have no complaints but it took a bit of getting used to. I like that its light weight and not bulky in my trainer, but will have to reserve judgement on how effective it is when I actually begin sporting activities again.

“Excellent piece of kit”

Reviewed by Caring Mum

Bought this ankle brace for my daughter after a severe sprained ankle. She rolled it in a football match. 6 weeks on and she is back on the pitch using the brace. Excellent device for the feeling of stability.

“fantastic, great ankle support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought this for my son who had suffered a nasty sprain whilst playing hockey. Five weeks after the event able to walk without discomfort but unable to run or play hockey and ankle prone to 'giving way'. On the first outing with the support able to enjoy a gentle training game of hockey and after starting out a little cagey was soon able to get on with the game with out worrying about his ankle. Worth every penny.

“No quite what I was hoping for”

Reviewed by Julesp

Is well made and light, but it is a bit uncomfortable to wear. The inside support rubs on my ankle bone no matter how I adjust it. Not good if you are wearing hiking boots.

“Gives me more confidence moving around and walking. ”

Reviewed by Sheila Segal

My ankle needs to be fused but in the interim I am using this brace to give me some support. If I can avoid an operation then will need more of this product in the future.

“do it you won't regret.”

Reviewed by turtle

been using these for around 5 yr, before that my ankles were pointless.
playing football both 5 and 11 over a good many years now iv'e had more than my share of ankle injuries.
the last 5 years not 1 ankle injury, FACT. had moments where they we,re gonna role but the supports done what its there for.
my old ones are now battered so got myself some new ones to continue my life of injury free ankles.
i swear by these.
these are the best on the market in my humble view.
good luck

“Very good”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Happy with purchase. Felt supported with it on

“ good protection Poor comfort and does not fit.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I severely damaged my ankle about 5 months ago. I was offered this support for me to play rugby.
However despite giving good protection, it is very unsightly, uncomfortable and does not fit in to rugby boots.
I would advise picking up a smaller compression support.

“Ankle brace chd size ”

Reviewed by Sally askey

I couldn't get my food through this so order bigger size.

“not able to use it yet”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Fractured left foot and ruptured ligaments so not in a position to try out or review a60 ankle brace yet.

“Very effective support ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The support fits well and supports an injured ankle.

“Very effective support ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The support fits well and supports an injured ankle.

“Robert Lamb”

Reviewed by Anonymous

First class product.

“great to have support for arthritic ankle”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have several "dilapidations" and wearing this support means improved mobility. However, at the age of 82 I would really prefer not to draw attention to this valuable aid by having its name embroidered loudly across the front and white on black highlights elsewhere. It certainly detracts from any smart outfit I might want to wear for an occasion !

“First class product ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

The brace has given me back my confidence when playing squash after a bad ankle sprain. It is much more effective than conventional supports.

“This really is light weight and provides stron ankle support”

Reviewed by Nicky P

2 months following a broken ankle this brace is comfortable to wear and excellent support.

“Excellent Ankle Support”

Reviewed by PMF

I have had a couple of the A60s but they were a few years old so I needed to replace them. It seems to have had a slight 'makeover' though it could be just that my others were so old and used but the support it offers is still just as good. It is lightweight and hardly noticeable when worn. I cant speak for other sports but it offers great support for tennis, will purchase again but next time won't leae it as long.

“Purchasing 2nd pair”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have had multiple sprains on both ankles in netball and after trying a few braces these are the only ones that have worked. Worn them for a year and a half in training and matches, they get a bit tatty where the grey fabric is but they do the job. I've rolled my ankle with these on, next to no damage and can continue to play as they save my ankle from going too far. Definitely worth the money!

“My 11 y.o. says excellent!”

Reviewed by Gail Hart

The product is doing what it should with minimal fuss and that is the thing. My son broke his ankle 4 years ago and unfortunately the hospital missed the damage to the ligaments and he has subsequently gone through years of sprained ankles and forced rest which he hates. Hopefully with the A60 Ankle support we should be able to maintain his ankle with the physios help and instruction without the need for sugery.

“Great product”

Reviewed by mudmatt

This ankle support is excellent, great support and really gives the ankle a stable platform. fits really well with my training and cycling shoes.
Thoroughly recommended to anyone suffering from an ankle injury

“Fantastic support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Comfortable to wear and easy to fit

“Well worth the purchase.”

Reviewed by Polly

My husband & I like walking & hiking. After I broke my ankle and spent 4 months in a cast, I found my hiking boots quite uncomfortable. I saw Andy Murray wearing the brace at the Aussie Open & thought I would give it a go. I now wear hiking shoes with the support of the brace. I have only just purchased the brace and worn it a few times but so far am extremely happy with it. It will really get a workout when we go hiking in the Scottish Highlands later this year.
The important thing is that it gives you support while still giving you the freedom to do what you like.

“Comfortable and stable”

Reviewed by SlowRunner257

The brace is comfortable, and my ankle feels very stable in it. Can walk and cycle in it. Ankle not yet good enough to try running, but I expect taht it will be fine.

“Super, comfortable support”

Reviewed by Jay P

After fracturing my ankle this is a godsend. I was unable to wear the boot given to me by the hospital as it was giving me back problems because of the difference in leg height. The consultant recommended an ankle brace and I started combing the Internet. I found the reviews on this site very helpful as I had no experience of this product. I read that the ankle brace could be worn comfortably with orthotics and that was a huge relief to me as I cannot walk far without them. As soon as I got it on it gave me confidence that my ankle was being supported. It is comfortable, practical and slender. The whole support may be washed easily. I wear size 7 - 8 shoes and the medium fits well.

“Super, comfortable support”

Reviewed by Jay P

After fracturing my ankle this is a godsend. I was unable to wear the boot given to me by the hospital as it was giving me back problems because of the difference in leg height. The consultant recommended an ankle brace and I started combing the Internet. I found the reviews on this site very helpful as I had no experience of this product. I read that the ankle brace could be worn comfortably with orthotics and that was a huge relief to me as I cannot walk far without them. The brace was delivered very promptly and as soon as I got it on it gave me confidence that my ankle was being supported. It is comfortable, practical and slender. The whole support may be washed easily. I wear size 7 - 8 shoes and the medium fits well.

“Does what it says it will”

Reviewed by Judith Q

I bought one of these when my right ankle went (Ligaments - OUCH!) and it was really helpful in the recovery process.

Then my left ankle went - and I tried wearing the right on the left side, which didn't really work, but it wasn't as bad so I ignored it. Then my left went again ..... (family weakness these ankles) and still I didn't get a left one too ... they're not cheap.

But I've upped my exercise lately & my left ankle has been tired & showing signs of going again ... so, deciding that prevention is better than cure, and as I'm self-employed & need to be able to drive & walk ~ I've finally bought the matching on and I have to say I'm exercising more confidently because of it & the ankle is less tired.

Health = best investment!

“Excellent product provides the desired level of support.”

Reviewed by alpineman

Excellent product, provides good firm support to my right ankle and helps in preventing its tendency to roll outwards. Worn with orthotics I am more comfortable fell-walking and golfing than I have been for a good few years. I had developed a noticeable limp but this has all but gone. Brace is easy to fit, seems very well made and is comfortable to wear with most footwear. For me it has been money well spent as it has allowed me to return full-time to the sports and activities which are important to me.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Very good support. It's expensive but worth the money.

“no problem all ok”

Reviewed by Anonymous

very pleased with everything

“Item arrived quickly excellent service”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Item arrived promptly thanks

“Excellent ”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace, excellent support and confidence giver following broken ankle.

“God send!”

Reviewed by Holly

This brace is so strong, easy to use, and protective! It gives an incredible amount of support, and I feel much safer when it's on. Easy to walk in too.

“air cast ankle brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

It supports my ankle well& makes walking that much easier. Ease of putting it on is an important factor in my choice of product so I expect I shall be re-ordering soon.

“Very good”

Reviewed by Fernando

Light and easy to use it

“high quality spport”

Reviewed by ceri jones

This was recommended by my physio and what a great result.

“Great Product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

excellent support - perfect

“Comfy yet supportive”

Reviewed by Vixen Mortar

A great product- I would recommend it. I bought two - one for my normal ankle and one for my recently broken ankle which now has pins and plates in. The hard plastic on the support was REALLY painful against my protruding pins so I have had to return that one. Best to avoid if you're in the same situation. They fit brilliantly under roller skates.

“It works fine”

Reviewed by stefano

It works fine

“Excellent, High Quality Product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is very light weight but offers superb support. I use this when jogging and am not at all aware of wearing it once it is on. The materials used and general quality of the brace is a very high standard. I cannot recommend this ankle brace highly enough.

“Good support”

Reviewed by Sue White

On first examination of this product I noticed what appeared to be a tear in the material where it fits under the arch of the foot, I though it was damaged and contacted the supplier who assured me that it is supposed to be there. I was still not convinced as there is no stitching around this tear and so nothing to stop it tearing further, however I have started to wear it and so far so good. The support it gives is very good without being restrictive and has helped stabilise my ankle which is giving me more confidence. I have only been using it for a week so its still early days but have to say so far that I am very pleased.

“Not suitable for fallen arches.”

Reviewed by Craggie

I got this brace as a lightweight replacement for my usual air cast brace. As, due to an incorrect operation, I have no arch on my left foot and I thought that this would be less obtrusive than my usual brace. After all if it's good enough for Andy Murray, it's good enough for me! Unfortunately, it isn't strong enough to support a foot with no arch. It might, however, be fine for people with a less serious foot injury. It is easy to put on and less noticeable than the air cast foot support, and could be decent support for minor injuries such as foot sprains.
For me though, it's back to the more solid and reliable air cast foot brace, with the inflatable air cells, to support my none existent arch.
Sorry Andy. You're a great tennis player but your brace ain't for me!


Reviewed by Parsas

Excellent light weight brace. Ideal for raquet sports.

“A60 Ankle Brace”

Reviewed by Caroline

Since buying the ankle brace for my 16 year old son the rotten weather has led to all his training and football matches cancelled - including his training and match this weekend. I hope he will have the opportunity to try it out soon.

“exceellent product”

Reviewed by Nuno simao

i'm very happy with this product.

𔄛/5 for an ankle support/protection brace”

Reviewed by RobG

I brought this after a badly sprained ankle playing football. I wore this for 5 weeks after the sprain when i returned to work to help prevent and protect the ankle from over turning and further damage. Felt strange wearing it to begin with but you soon get use to the feeling and even forget your even wearing it at times. Quick and easy to slip it on and off and does protect the ankle for 'light' use like walking, driving etc. I've only given this a good rating for 2 reasons. firstly, the side webbing does begin to wear after a while if it's rubbing agaisn't your foot wear for long periods. Secondly, as mentioned it only protects the ankle for light use and I wouldn't recommend it for protection in sports like football or running as it doesnt fit so well in a boot or running trainer.


Reviewed by Anonymous

After an Achilles' tendon rupture and multiple ankle sprains this ankle brace allows me to exercise without worry.


Reviewed by Anonymous

After an Achilles' tendon rupture and multiple ankle sprains this ankle brace allows me to exercise without worry

“ankle brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

This is great on my left ankle but really uncomfortable on my right - not sure why but I guess ankles vary and it is very rigid so gives no room for movement.

“Good job murray doesn't wear shin pads”

Reviewed by JJ

Really needed to up the support for my ankle due to the twisting and turning i do through hockey. Saw this and the reviews and felt that this one was the right one to go for.

Having carefully measured the ankle as per the instructions i ordered what should have been the right size. But on trying on the item, i found that it felt loose in some areas, tight in others and felt very clunky and awkward to use. The awkwardness i felt would go away once i used it more. But it hasn't. Forget trying to use these with shin pads that just slot into you socks. They make them bulge out down the bottom and make them feel cumbersome due to the plastic support on the side of the ankle and they twist easily so causing the shin pad not to cover your shin easily.

I now wear this on the over the top of the socks i use and shin pads fit better. Still feels cumbersome and awkward and i feel that taping the ankle gives a more natural movement, so i tend to use this post matches and training to provide some additional support


Reviewed by Gordon smith

Having only one working hand this is nice & easy to put on

“review of ankle brace.”

Reviewed by frank gardiner

Put this on and it seemed ok,
however it did take about a week to see benefits.
My disappointment is on how easy the outer material wears when in contact with e shoe. The only way to stop this wearing is to wear another wool sock over the brace otherwise holes appear in the brace material . That why I have given this item good rating but possible leaning towards an average rating .
A bit over priced taking into account the material wearing quickly.

“Does what it says it will”

Reviewed by Elly

Very easy to put on and wear in your normal running shoe. Has given me confidence to run again. Ive had a couple of cross country moments when my ankle wanted to roll but the brace limited the lateral movement and I was able to recover the step without any damage occurring. Only criticism is that you need to wear a high sock to prevent discomfort. Otherwise, I am very happy with it.

“W G Fox”

Reviewed by Walter

My Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is comfortable and very effective.

“Recovering from a Broken Ankle”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I bought this following a trimalleolar ankle fracture, 15 weeks in a cast, and then being allowed to walk with a boot. I found this beneficial in supporting my ankle after all that ( although not recommended by my physio), as I got use to walking again and I felt safe and secure from my ankle rolling or any other mishap. It really helped my confidence. The only problem was how quickly the fabric frayed and eventually got shredded on the sides by the top of my shoes exposing the plastic. It lasted about 3 months; just barely. I felt it should have lasted longer for the price.

“Great support”

Reviewed by Netballer

The brace is providing brilliant support without restricting movement. I feel so much more confident in playing wearing my support.

“Fantastic ankle support”

Reviewed by Rob Phillips

Bought the A60 to replace my tattered and slightly disintegrated Mueller lace up support (which did a great job for a good few years). I read reviews for loads of different supports and decided that even though this was about the same price as 2 of the Mueller supports (both of my ankles are kitten like after 25 years of rugby, football and twice weekly five a side for the last 17 years). The extra cost has been well worth the price. I've had no pain or turns in my left ankle since wearing this, which wasn't always the case with the Mueller, even when new. It fits seamlessly into my astro footy boots and the best bit is the fact that there's no laces!!! It's ridiculously easy to put on and is all velcroed up and ready to go in seconds. Highly recommended and will now be getting one for my right ankle too.

“Clever design but tricky with orthotics & not well made.”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Very clever design and easy to wear with normal trainers or lace-ups. I would have liked a bit more padding round my ankle but then that would have made the brace bulkier. I found it fairly easy to get used to the quite hard supports once I found the right position for my feet/ankles, though when I took the brace off I found the plastic had left a bit of a dent on each side of my leg (which is still a bit swollen as I'm recovering from a broken ankle). The dents did go away after a short time, though.

I did not expect the plastic to continue under the arch of the foot and found this a bit awkward as I wear othortics.

Choosing the right size isn't easy if you're a woman with typical UK size 6 feet - I found the medium worked better for me - but NB I take an EE shoe fitting.

I agree with other reviewers that though the design is good, the brace isn't very well made given the price. Some of the stitching came undone after I'd worn it half a dozen times and I had to repair it. I'd have sent it back but can't do without it at the moment.

“Forget Andy Murray, buy one because it works!”

Reviewed by Dave 'Fell' no more

I've been fell running for about 6 months and been over on my ankle twice.
I went over badly on my ankle one week ago and decided that I needed some form of support,
I did some research and the Aircast A60 seemed to be the way to go but another fell runner said it was uncomfortable, but forget that it's not it just takes 10 mins to get used to.

I am a size 11 and reading other reviews I decided to go for the medium 7-11 and must say I agree it fits perfectly, so if you are a size 11 and haven't got a foot like an elephant go for the medium, if you have a wide foot and ankle it may be the large you require.

I have been for a run one week after the bad turn with the brace on and was extremely impressed, I can't fault it.

“Great ankle brace.”

Reviewed by Debbie

An easy and quick to use ankle brace. I used this 6 weeks after breaking my fibula to enable me to play golf. Felt that the support the brace gave was great.


Reviewed by Giulia

The aircast ankle brace works perfectly and is very useful and comfortable. I have recommended it already too other Olympic athletes.

“Just Perfect”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Dose what it says on the tin. Very good product well made supports my ankle very well.

“Superb product”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Bought this for my son he is a keen rugby player but turned his ankle playing football I bought him a standard ankle strap but after 20 minutes turned it again. So bought this one for him he has now used it many times and it has helped him gain his confidence back and is back playing with no problems a great product well worth paying the extra for it.

“A Revelation”

Reviewed by Rich

Well, I ordered a pair of aircast A60s. Tried them on at home and the felt very strange. Played badminton in them for the first time last night. Felt a bit robocop like but for the first time in 18 months I finished playing with no ankle pain, and woke up this morning with none either. 10/10 I wish I had bought a pair a couple of years ago.


Reviewed by Sarah R

After wearing the mueller malleoloc braces for around 18 months, they finally give way! A lady on my netball team reccomended the aircast A60 and I was happy to snap them up at half the price of my previous pair! They are much simpler to put on, lighweight and less bulky in my shoe! However, the first few times I wore them my ankle bones were in agony and so tender to touch where the plastic parts held them in place! I was really worried that this would not go away...however I persevered and I am so glad I did! I would not be without them now! After the inital week or so of wearing them (4/5 times) they seemed to ease up and have moulded to the shape of my ankle now which is fab! I feel very secure and do not even have to do them up that tight! I don't even notice them whilst playing!

One thing I would say is that I am not sure sure how long they will last me... I do play on average 4 times a week and after having them only 3 weeks have already noticed some tears in the mesh that holds the plastic sides in! This is not a problem, I just hope they don't get bigger...there isn't much need for the mesh really maybe this material could be improved upon?!

Overall best product I have used to date and would definately buy again!! :)

“Ankle brace”

Reviewed by Phil

I brought a A60 ankle brace for my left ankle from another company. I have rather small feet (between 6 and 7 depending on trainer/boots etc) and was advised to get a size small. It was brilliant and a very good fit.
I've had problems with both my ankles for a number of years and was advised by my GP to get an ankle support for my right ankle while playing sports as a extra support.
I searched the web and decided to go with Physioroom. I new exactly what I wanted and they were generally very helpful on the phone while placing my order. The only problem being that I was advised to get a medium size brace.
I said that I have a small for my left foot and it fit perfect. I was than advised to get a medium as it was my stronger foot (I'm right footed) and it may well be slightly bigger than my left.
I use both braces on a regular basis as I do a lot of sport and I've had recurring ankle sprains with my right foot as the ankle brace is too big.
The ankle brace in general is fantastic and my left foot is brilliant. I've had to stop using my ankle brace on my right as it caused so much discomfort and pain that I had to leave it in my sports bag.
I just wish I had gone with the small size rather than listen to someone from the Physioroom and advising me on getting a medium which has caused nothing but grief.
The product is 5* quality when it fits but the advice received from physioroom was very poor.

“Excellent support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have suffered a number of ankle injuries playing netball over the years and have tried lots of different supports. Unfortunately, I have always gone on to injure my ankle again... until now. I bought a brace for each ankle and they have been excellent. Although i'm a size 7 I bought a small as my ankles are quite thin. They are quick and easy to put on and provide fantastic support whilst playing netball and tennis. Would thoroughly recommend.

“Great product”

Reviewed by Sam

This product really helps with my reoccuring ankle ligament injury. Provides amazing support and protection.


Reviewed by pat

The ankle brace was promptly dispatched, the instructions clear but would have wanted more guidance on how often it can be worn, for how long and with what footwear it was easy to fit and comfortable. This brace was the only one my podiatrist would advise me to use.

“Good product”

Reviewed by Jayne

Used this after a broken ankle to help support me going back to playing netball. I am very pleased and considering buying another to support the other ankle. Wish I'd considered using it before the injury. I think this is more useful for sports that stop you rolling over on your ankle.

“Light, supportive and versatile”

Reviewed by Jonathan

I initially bought this to support an ankle I had badly sprained playing tennis and wore it continuously during the healing process and subsequently when I returned to the tennis court. The light design made it extremely comfortable. But I have subsequently used it to support my damaged ankle while windsurfing last summer when water starting in high winds carried a great risk of repeat injury. Bit worn now but a brilliant product all the same and still going strong on the tennis court.

“I’m satisfied”

Reviewed by pzivic

I’m satisfied. Finally I’m confident when I’m sliding and running during tennis activities. Unfortunately on the inside of the brace, fabric was torn because of friction with tennis shoes.

“Less bulky than the Airsport”

Reviewed by Nig

Returning to 5 a side after a bad sprain I was very cautious - specialist recommended one of these 'just in case' - cannot imagine playing without it now - tried the Airsport which was v. comfortable but hard to fit into any sports shoes and very obvious. A60 feels less comfortable (because of a reduced level of padding) to start with but as soon as you are playing you forget it. I have been taking knocks without problems that would have sent me hobbling off without it!

“painful to wear - caused longterm problems”

Reviewed by JoMo

I got this as support for recovery after a serious ankle injury - as a replacement for a mueller brace that I had liked, but thought was a little difficult to fit into my shoe.

I found it ok to wear at first, good fit, fits well into running shoe and is light. But during running it cuts into the inside of the ankle (which is not cushioned all the way down so you will have the edge of the plastic brace cutting into the ankle). Also the plastic braces sit loosely within their webbing so will shift around while running, again creating friction and discomfort.

I thought at first it was a matter of getting used to the brace and left it on for too long - ended up with quite a painful ankle - it got better immediately after taking it off, but I felt it set recovery back by about 3 weeks as I needed to rest the ankle after this trial (note: this was more than 8 weeks after the initial injury, so there is no swelling anymore or alike - also I had taken the recommended steps for early rehab before starting to run again - and I had done successful runs before that...). Also: the size is accurate, which is a shame as it is well made overall and nice and thin.

This might be a good brace if you just want reassurance and have no pre-existing problems -- and possibly it is more suited for playing sports than fell running - so I appreciate others really like it - but I won't wear this again! Back to the Mueller.

Additional comments from The Team

Dear customer, sorry to hear about this. Our customer services team have attempted to contact you but have unfortunately had no answer. If you get in touch with our customer services team we shall be happy to arrange a refund or discount.


Reviewed by DickyH

Having had very weak ankles and always spraining them playing rugby, I have yet to go over on it since buying this last year. The one and only time I have played without it I went over on it and tore a ligament. Can be a little uncomfortable but well worth it.


Reviewed by Sarah

Sprained my ankle quite badly whilst training for first triathlon and it didn't get better after a couple of weeks rest so bought this brace and it's been fantastic. Ankle still not fully better but I can run in this brace with no pain at all. I love it. Would highly recommend to anyone who may have a weak-feeling ankle.

“Fantastic product - Now running 40+miles no worries!”

Reviewed by Coette Mallabourn

Brilliant product - gives you fantastic support so that you can run without worries. I now run 40 miles plus per week knowing that I cannot go over with this total support. Fits in shoe perfectly but sometimes you may need a thicker sock underneath to stop the rubbing when doing long distance. The only downside is the price - as the product deteriorates with lots of wear - but overall a great product.

“Tried but not fully tested”

Reviewed by Anonymous

Having bought it to support a very weak ankle whilst walking in rough or unstable countryside I have only used it for a total distance so far of about 30 miles. It has supported me well and much to my surprise has not rubbed blisters within my boots. The real test will be in a few weeks time when used for the next 50 miles of the Coast to Coast walk over 4 days.
It is easy to fit and the side supports appear strong.

“Excellent ! Worn for 6 weeks-feels brilliant !!”

Reviewed by Coette Mallabourn

Very stable - I feel
Very comfortable - excellent support


Reviewed by Bob Watts

it works, I can now particapte in leisure & sport activities with confidence with the support of the ankle brace.


Reviewed by scottie bear

I am recovering from a severely broken ankle. After the boot was removed, I felt very unstable and feared my ankle rolling when walking. The A60 BRACE is an excellent bridge between the boot, walking with crutches then progressing to walking independently. It is lightweight, rigid and increases confidence in walking. I am not a young athlete but an active 'oldie'. I rely on the brace to give me back my walking freedom.

“Superb all round support”

Reviewed by Anonymous

I have one for each ankle now. They offer superb support, are easy to fasten and comfortable to wear after the initial weird feeling of there being something in your shoe.
After a while you tend not to notice you have it on.

“ankle brace”

Reviewed by Anonymous

My ankle feels so much stronger since I started wearing the ankle brace. very happy with it.

“Good Support - Being in between sizes hmmm”

Reviewed by Ryan

I purchased this support after tearing the ligaments in my ankle playing Netball. I found the brace to be of good quality, lightweight and offers excellent support. I can put it on quickly before games without any hassle. It is not bulky in anyway.

The only problem I have is that I am a UK11 the smallest size for the large brace and after a few weeks wearing the brace I feel it may have stretched a little and now is slightly too big and I cannot get it as tight as I would like. I probably should have gone for the smaller size (But then that might have been too tight). I have solved this problem by either a wearing thick sock or 2 socks on the require ankle.

Great brace, may even get one for my other ankle (still undecided as to which size !!)

“Good support but is very difficult to fasten”

Reviewed by csteel

it is a brilliant support that helps alot however the straps on the support are so short it would make it impossible to fasten for anyone with slightly large legs

“good support, wear with confidence”

Reviewed by Pink Lady

badley sprained ankle 3 months ago playing netball and it is now very weak and keeps 'giving way' on me. have not returned to netball as i'm so scared of turning my ankles again. Brought 2 Aircast A60 supports and wore them to netball tonight and palyed a game in the train ing session. They were a bit uncomfortable to begin with due to the support going under the foot as well but soon didn't notice it. I feel that there is no way my ankles would turn while wearing theses as the the support stays up the sides are really good. worth buying.

“a bit disappointed”

Reviewed by Cleomir

Good, strong supports on each side of ankle. My disappointment stems from the fact that, from first putting brace on, I could not align the two, velcro connected, material 'flaps' to join together without a fold in the material of one flap. This produces a ridge which can chafe in taller boots than tennis shoes, and just looks untidy. other braces I've used do have not had this, admittedly small, problem

Additional comments from The Team

Please double check the sizing as the brace normally produces a tidy, snug fit.

“Good product.”

Reviewed by Tig

The Aircast A60 is light and comfortable and give grewt support but i think it's more suitable for running shoes or tennis shoes. It's not very comfortable with football boots.

“Good but not for heavy usage.”

Reviewed by Charm

I bought this splint about 6 months ago and although it has served me well it isn't built for heavy use as it is already very worn on the sole, around the ankle and near the velcro. I use my splint every day walking on average 5-10 miles in hiking boots. It is now getting to the point where I am going to have to purchase yet another splint probably the sister product, Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace because it looks to be more sturdy. They are both very expensive items so I'm hoping my next purchase will last longer.

“Excellent Support”

Reviewed by Lorraine

These ankle braces really do protect you from turning your ankle. i play netball and have sprained both ankles a number of times and quite badly. the last time this happened i bought these ankle braces and i am so glad that i did. i have had no problems since wearing them (i wear them every time i play netball) - have had them for about 9 months. Dont believe the people that tell you that wearing ankle braces weaken your ankles - if your prone to spraining them then wear a brace when playing competitive sport. i run as well and dont wear braces then and my ankles are fine.

“Amazing Product, worth every penny!”

Reviewed by Andy P

Having had chronically unstable ankles since my mid twenties, I had resigned myself to occasional periods off sport with sprains. Willing to try anything I saw Andy Murray (in his 7stone weakling days) playing with these braces, and decided to invest. Not cheap, but the best £100 I ever spent, I've been wearing them now for over three years and haven't had a single turned ankle, playing football, rugby, tennis and badminton.
They're a brace, and as such can feel a little restrictive, but the benefits hugely outweigh the disadvantages, I can't recommend them highly enough.

“Total protection!”

Reviewed by Davialle

Recurring ankle sprain from netball so needed something to protect me during matches. Although it's expensive, I haven't had a single problem strain since I bought it. It doesn't feel like there's much compression but the support system is excellent - there's no way your ankle will roll either way and it's also extremely comfortable. I don't even notice it when I'm running around - highly recommended.

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