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Injury Prevention - Expert Guides, Advice & Programmes

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Clearly, rather than dealing with treating injuries and rehabilitating athletes, it is better to avoid injury in the first place. But what measures can be taken to prevent injury?

Injury Prevention

The Guide to Taping and Strapping

Everything you need to know about taping and strapping! The guide reviews the published evidence on the effectiveness of taping in sports medicine, followed by a step-by-step practical guide to some of the taping techniques that are commonly used in soccer.

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Guide to Core Strengthening Programme

The Core Strengthening Programme aims to improve stabilisation and support to the spine, which provides a more stable base from which to then work the arm and leg muscles, improving support to the back, co-ordination and movement, endurance and the ability to hold off oponents in contact sports.

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Guide to Injury Prevention During Exercise

It's important not to overdo it when exercising, especially if you're not used to regular workouts. Our guide will help you avoid common pitfalls and stay injury free.

Read the Injury Prevention During Exercise guide

Guide to Stretching

Stretching is central to preparing for sporting activity and providing the body with the flexibility to take part in the activity without suffering injury. Find out why stretching is necessary, the benefits it provides and how it works, the degree of stretching that should be employed in different situations, and of course details of the stretches themselves.

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Guide to Warming Up

Prior to participating in sporting activity, the body should be prepared for the demands of the activity by working through a warm up programme. This will take the body from cold, up to the necessary level of activity, in a gradual and controlled manner. We'll tell you how a warm up benefits athletes and what a typical warm up programme for a professional footballer involves.

Read the Warming Up article

Guide to Cooling Down

Following sporting activity, the benefits of cooling down are becoming increasingly recognised by sports professionals. But how does cooling down actually help the body and what does it involve? We're here to tell you.

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Guide to Muscle Strain Prevention

In a survey of injuries at a professional football club, it was reported that 26.8% of all injuries involved muscles and tendons (Lewin,1989). We look at the mechanisms involved and how to help prevent muscle strain injuries.

Read the Muscle Strain Prevention article