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Press Ups

Balance your knees on the Swiss Ball and hands on the floor. Slowly lower your chest to the floor then raise up.

Photo: press up exercise     Photo: press up exercise

Pelvic Lifts

Sit on the floor with your hands behind your shoulders and your heels on top of the Swiss Ball. Lift your pelvis up and hold for 6 seconds.

Photo: pelvic lifts     Photo: pelvic lifts

Shoulder, Trunk and Adductor Exercise

Position your shins on the top of the Swiss Ball with your hands on the floor. Slowly roll the ball round to your right, then over to the left.

Photo: shoulder, trunk and adductor exercise     Photo: shoulder, trunk and adductor exercise

Arm, Trunk and Abductor Exercise

Lay on your side on an exercise mat. Keep your hips pushed forward and legs and trunk straight. Push up on your forearm and hold. Steady yourself and raise your top leg up and hold for 4 seconds.

Photo: arm, trunk and abductor exercise

Trunk and Pelvis Exercise

Keep your hips pushed forward and the body and legs straight. Push up on your forearm. Hold for 6 seconds. If these exercises are too hard, the start position can be altered to having the knee on the ground instead of the foot. Roll over and work other side.

Photo: trunk and pelvis exercise

Trunk Circuit Exercises   Leg Circuit Exercises