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The exercises of the Core Strengthening Programme are a progression from the previously described core stabilisation exercises. It is very important that a controlled contraction of the core stabilising muscles is maintained during all of these exercises.

What You'll Need

Essential kit that you'll need for these exercises are:

Progression of the Core Strengthening Exercises

The core strengthening exercises featured in this guide are suitable for most levels of fitness, but for best results it is always beneficial to do them under the supervision of a chartered physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will be able to monitor your technique and suggest appropriate modifications where necessary.

As a rough guide to the progression of the programme, the timescales below may be helpful. However, for exact sets, repetitions and their progression it is best to consult a healthcare professional or certified conditioning coach.


It's best to aim to do two different circuits (trunk, arm, leg, back and gluteal) per week, with three days between each circuit. Rotate through all the different circuits to make sure all areas of the body are worked over the course of a few weeks. If you are unaccustomed to this type of exercise then you can expect some general muscle soreness for a couple of days after exercise when you are starting out.

As an example,the following progression may be appropriate to do every Monday and Thursday:

Week Circuit Sets Exercise Repititions
1 1 4
2 1 4
3 1 6
4 1 8
5 1 10
6 2 6
7 2 6


After becoming familiar with the exercises, the feeling of muscle soreness after exercise should go away. Usually, it is then possible to do the exercises every other day by rotating the circuits to work on different areas of the body.

For example, this progression may be appropriate to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

Week Circuit Sets Exercise Repititions
8 2 6
9 2 6
10 2 8
11 2 8
12 3 6
13 2 10
14 3 8


By doing the exercises regularly over a period of months, it is possible to do more work with less rest time. However, remember to rotate the circuits to make sure all areas of the body are worked.

For example, it may be possible to do these exercises five days of the week:

Week Circuit Sets Exercise Repititions
15 3 8
16 3 8
17 3 10
18 3 10
19 4 8
20 4 10
21 5 8

Stage 3: Arm & Leg Movements   Trunk Circuit Exercises