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The whole point of the Core Strengthening Programme is to increase the support for your back and trunk in order to provide a more stable base for arm and leg movement. The best position to start these exercises is on all fours.

Photo of starting position on all fours

Commence by contracting the deep stabilisers (as described in Stage 1) and hold this contraction. Then raise your right arm straight out to the horizontal. Perform the movement slowly and in a controlled fashion - there should be no wobbling or unwanted movement of the trunk. Hold the arm up for four seconds and then slowly lower.

Photo of exercise

Repeat for the left arm.

Next, whilst maintaining the same position, contract the deep stabilisers and then slowly lift your right leg up straight to the horizontal. Hold it there for four seconds and then slowly lower. The movement should be controlled and there should not be unwanted movement of the trunk or pelvis.

Photo of exercise

Repeat for the left leg.

Once you have mastered these exercises, whilst maintaining a contraction of the deep stabiliser muscles, you can start doing the core strengthening gym ercises. When we move, whether it is walking or running, we use one leg whilst swinging the opposite arm in what can be described as an oblique sling system. Once the individual movements above have been mastered, in the same position, you can progress to contracting the core and practicing to move the left arm and right leg at the same time, hold for 4 seconds then return to the centre and repeat on the right arm and left leg. Ensure there is no excess movement or dropping of the pelvis as you move.

Increasing Deep Muscle Endurance   Core Strenthening Exercises