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The reported Premier League injury history of football player Ross Barkley from August 2002 to the present day.

Ross Barkley Injury History

Injury Club Date Injury Reported
Hamstring Injury Chelsea Injuries 2018 February 2nd
Fitness Chelsea Injuries 2018 January 6th
Hamstring Injury Everton Injuries 2017 August 14th
Groin Injury Everton Injuries 2017 July 10th
Knock Everton Injuries 2017 May 21st
Back Injury Everton Injuries 2016 April 13th
Knee Injury Everton Injuries 2016 April 9th
MCL Knee Ligament Injury Everton Injuries 2014 August 15th
Calf/Shin Injury Everton Injuries 2014 March 30th
Ankle/Foot Injury Everton Injuries 2014 January 4th
Knee Injury Everton Injuries 2012 January 5th
Broken Leg Everton Injuries 2010 October 12th

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