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Huddersfield Town Injuries

Huddersfield Town Injury History

The reported Premier League injury history of Huddersfield Town Football Club from August 2002 to the present day.

Player Injury Date Reported
Michael Hefele Injury Illness 2018 February 15th
Sean Scannell Injury Shoulder Injury 2018 February 12th
Aaron Mooy Injury Knee Injury 2018 February 11th
Chris Lowe Injury Hamstring Injury 2018 February 9th
Tom Smith Injury Conussion 2018 February 6th
Christopher Schindler Injury Foot 2018 February 3rd
Laurent Depoitre Injury Foot 2018 February 3rd
Terence Kongolo Injury Illness 2018 January 30th
Chris Lowe Injury Groin Strain 2018 January 30th
Scott Malone Injury Knock 2018 January 28th
Terence Kongolo Injury Knock 2018 January 27th
Daniel Williams Injury Dead Leg 2018 January 27th
Joe Lolley Injury Hamstring Injury 2018 January 13th
Colin Quaner Injury Hamstring Injury 2018 January 6th
Martin Cranie Injury Ankle Injury 2018 January 3rd
Chris Lowe Injury Foot 2018 January 1st
Florent Hadergjonaj Injury Knock 2017 December 30th
Chris Lowe Injury Bruised Foot 2017 December 16th
Elias Kachunga Injury MCL Knee Ligament Injury 2017 December 16th
Martin Cranie Injury Ankle Injury 2017 December 3rd
Scott Malone Injury Knock 2017 November 4th
Rajiv Van La Parra Injury Groin Strain 2017 October 28th
Elias Kachunga Injury Back Injury 2017 October 21st
Philip Billing Injury Ankle Injury 2017 October 14th
Michael Hefele Injury Achilles Injury 2017 September 26th
Rajiv Van La Parra Injury Muscular Injury 2017 September 19th
Colin Quaner Injury Calf Strain 2017 September 16th
Daniel Williams Injury Fractured Foot 2017 September 16th
Laurent Depoitre Injury Muscle Strain 2017 September 16th
Steve Mounie Injury Heel Injury 2017 September 11th
Kasey Palmer Injury Hamstring Injury 2017 September 5th
Colin Quaner Injury Knee Injury 2017 September 3rd
Aaron Mooy Injury Illness 2017 August 29th
Martin Cranie Injury Hip Injury 2017 July 27th
Jonathan Hogg Injury Ankle Injury 2017 July 26th
Tom Smith Injury Foot 2017 May 29th
Jon Stankovic Injury ACL Knee Injury 2017 March 24th

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