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Whilst analysing the PhysioRoom.com Injury League Table database we've uncovered some interesting information which may be helpful to the hundreds of thousands of Fantasy Football team managers.

Top managers like Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson consider all aspects of a player's record before they decide to spend millions on a new recruit. What is the player's personality like? Can he adapt his game to the English Premier League? Can he handle the physical demands of playing up to 60 top level matches each season? Will he get injured?

Predicting future injury is difficult. The medical and physical conditioning staff who work at the top teams devote a large amount of time to identifying which players are at risk of injury, based on risk factors that have been shown to predispose a player to injury.

Frustratingly though, despite all the hard work and expertise of the team's medical staff, injuries still occur – there were 346 'significant' injuries (defined as keeping a player out of action for longer than 14 days) to EPL players during the 2003/04 season.

Of course, the loss is not purely financial. An injured player is unable to make a contribution to the team – a point recognised by fantasy managers who must use their transfer quota wisely to make sure their teams are operating efficiently by not carrying injured players.

Staying up to date by scanning the PhysioRoom.com Injury League Table is the surest way of keeping your team in top condition, but analysing past injury records is another helpful way of ensuring that injury prone players are not selected in the first place. We've trawled the PhysioRoom.com Injury League Table database to bring you some information that every fantasy manager should know.

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Article published: 7th August 2004